10 ways to use my new favourite $10 beauty product: Coconut Butter


A couple of weeks ago I was whingeing to my friend Jackie about how dry my skin gets over winter. Instead of falling asleep at such an inane detail about my life, she suggested I grab a jar of Coconut Oil or Butter. Then she got off the phone as fast as she could, and no-doubt made herself a strong coffee to wake herself up after my drone on the phone.

Since heading to the local health food store and popping some Coconut Butter in my trolley, I’ve been thrilled at how versatile this $10 jar of oily goodness is, and feel it’s only fair to share.


10 ways to bump up your beauty with Coconut Butter:

1. Run a mega-bath and swirl the butter into the water. A soak in this will have your skin feeling dewy soft.

2. Extra thirsty skin? Slather on instead of your usual body butter.

3. Mix with sea salt for a rejuvenating body scrub.

4. A small amount applied to the ends of your hair smoothes split ends.

5. Instead of your regular night-cream, apply a thin layer of Coconut Butter to your face and decolletage before you hit the hay. Not only will you wake up with soft, supple skin, you’ll increase your chances of dreaming you’re on a tropical island.

6. Mix with warm water and a little mixed spice and coconut milk for a rich foot bath. The lauric acid in the coconut oil may assist with fighting fungal infections, and it smells divine.

7. To strengthen hair and add shine, massage into damp hair, cover with a shower cap or glad wrap (I know, I know, it’s daggy but it works!) and leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo out.

8. Combine with brown sugar for a gentle face exfoliant.

9. Cleanse your skin by massaging into your face and removing residue with a warm flannel.

10. For the ultimate moisturising boost, mix 2 teaspoons of coconut butter with one teaspoon of olive oil, and apply to extra-dry spots – knees, elbows, hands…even lips.


Coconut Butter is also a healthy alternative to butter, margarine and oils for cooking.


I’ve been using Melrose Organic Coconut Butter as that’s what my local store had on shelf, and you can buy it online for around $10 here. Other Coconut Butters for around $10 online are Artisana Coconut Butter $10.99, Kevala Coconut Butter $9.98, Healthy Additions Coconut Spread $8.75.


Do you use Coconut Butter already, and if you do, how do you use it? And is it just me, or does the scent of coconut take you back to your first Malibu & Coke? 

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