Thinking of having a baby

By Andrea Michelle for Blackmores


You’ve gone through all the umming and ahhing, you’ve got the baby daddy lined up, and you’re gearing up for some serious baby-making sessions. Congratulations! And while we all know how to fall pregnant – we learnt that when we were about 10, right?! – here’s a bunch of tips that might make the road to those double lines on a pregnancy stick a little bit smoother.


Get yourself an ovulation calendar

This was the first thing my friend told me to do when I confided we were trying for a baby. The idea is that you plug in the dates of your usual period, and it’ll show you the times of the month you should get busy in the bedroom for the greatest chance of making a baby. Check out the Ovulation Calendar Tool on the Blackmores site.


Keep sex fun

“How could it ever NOT be fun?” you’re probably thinking, especially when you could also end up with a bubba? Well listen up, sister: if getting busy all of a sudden becomes just about making babies (which is especially likely if you don’t fall pregnant straight away), one or both of you might start feeling as though you’re simply commoditised components in a baby-making machine. And that’s not sexy. So take some pressure off and try to enjoy intimacy at any time of the month (not just on days you’re ovulating). Flash a little lingerie to stoke the fires and indulge in some random acts of pleasure.


Feed your body the right stuff

If you’ve been a bit lazy about your nutrition, now’s the time to get on a health kick. Focus on eating fresh, unprocessed foods, cut down on your alcohol intake, and quit the ciggies. Better to get into these habits now before you fall pregnant so it’s not such a shock to your system when it has to grow your baby. And pop a box of Blackmores Conceive Well Gold in your trolley next time you’re in the supermarket. It’s a pregnancy vitamin with nutrients such as iodine and folic acid, which can help with ovulation, conception, and the early stages of your babies’ development. You can also buy Blackmores Conceive Well Gold online here.


Don’t listen to old wives’ tales

If you think that having sex upside down will help you conceive, forget about it. That said, maybe now is the time to experiment with a bunch of different positions in a bid to satisfy the earlier point about keeping sex fun.


Keep on shopping

It may seem counterintuitive to be buying new clothes given you’re hoping to become pregnant, but there’s no need to avoid the trip to the mall just yet. Instead, invest in high-quality items you can wear right now, during your pregnancy, and even afterward. Yes, it IS possible. We’ve listed our 8 favourite items here. And keep these three things in mind:

  • Look for items that graciously drape or skim across your body. They’ll look great on you no matter what shape your figure is in.
  • Seek out garments in basic, neutral colours like black, grey, beige, white and navy, then add colour through your accessories.
  • Look for fabrics like ponte, jersey or a fine rib knit, which will mould to your body but retain their shape.


Don’t read books about bringing up babies

When I was in baby-making mode, I stocked up on a bunch of the usual parenting best-sellers, wanting to get ahead of the game. Big mistake. I called my friend – who’d already had her first child – in a panic asking her about things I’d just read, because all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed by the whole idea of parenthood, and underwhelmed by the lack of sleep in my foreseeable future. She rightly told me to step away from the books, and stash them on the shelf, to only be opened on a need-to-know basis. Because good parenting books will cover off pretty much everything and anything that might concern you once you’ve got your baby in your arms, making them a great go-to reference. But they are not a shopping list of what can go wrong with your baby – so don’t obsess and don’t freak out.

Instead, if you’ve got a thirst for knowledge or are simply curious about elements of this stage on your road to motherhood, check out the information provided on reputable sites like the Mums Like You hub where you can get advice from other women in the same boat plus a bunch of professionals.


Understand the facts around fertility and seek professional advice where appropriate

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to visit a GP for a referral to a fertility specialist if you are:

  • Over 35 and have been trying to fall pregnant for over 6 months1
  • 35 and under and have been trying to fall pregnant for over 12 months1


Get a dog

Or some other kind of semi-demanding creature that you’ll need to care for – sorry gals, a goldfish won’t cut it. This’ll get you used to the idea of looking after someone else, and in the case of a dog, will get you used to cleaning up poo.


Work flats into your wardrobe

If you’re a dedicated heel wearer (like I was pre-kids), it’s time to invest in a few pairs of gorgeous and comfortable flats, and get accustomed to working them into your wardrobe. You don’t want to be like that girl who stubbornly wore heels throughout her pregnancy, then couldn’t get out of bed one morning at the 8-month mark after walking up the steps of the Sydney Opera House in her favourite pumps the night before. Yes, guilty as charged! Instead, cruise around Fox in Flats where we’re constantly serving up awesome outfits you can wear with flat shoes, or subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you style tips, ideas and inspiration each week.


Get moving

If you’re not already exercising regularly, pregnancy’s a great inspirer towards making it a habit. Low-impact exercise like walking, swimming or yoga will increase your fitness levels, strength and flexibility, making pregnancy and labour easier. The endorphins will help you stay positive, and being fitter will enhance your sex life. Win/win/win!


How did you prep (if at all) for having a baby?


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    • Thanks gorgeous. It’s the cleaning up poo bit about having a dog that has always prevented me from getting one. ESPECIALLY while the boys were in nappies. Eeek! xA

  • Great article! But sorry I have to disagree with the book thing. I didn’t read a single book and I was so out of my depth and overwhelmed when my daughter came along I had no idea how to do anything! So much for the ‘mothers instinct will tell you what to do’. It didn’t. I had a screaming mess – and that was just me! :p

    But don’t go overboard with books though or you will get confused, just find one and stick to it. Either that or spend a week with a family with a newborn and get educated that way. You don’t want to have no clue like I did, it’s not pretty.

    • Agreed, and great tips. I think it depends what the book is too. Must admit, I still peeked a bit at the books as I had absolutely no idea. 😉

  • I use the iPeriod app and it’s pretty good — even if you’re not trying to have a baby. Helps for planning what lady products to pack when going on business trips and such!

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