How to use the internet to style yourself (using my zippy red jeans as a case study)


Ever bought something and wondered what to wear it with? Or looked in your wardrobe, thought…

“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

…when clearly you’re staring at a shed full of well made, perhaps even colour coded garments?

If you’re stumped as to how to make awesome outfits out of what you’ve got on hand, it’s time to turn to the internet. No fancy apps, no ‘online stylists’ or special forums. Just try these easy steps and you’ll be rich with outfit inspiration in less time that it takes to change a nappy.

Thought I’d use my new zippy red jeans as a bit of a case study to show how amazingly easy this is.


Red Jeans on the Manly Ferry, Sydney Harbour, and sightseeing around the Sydney Opera House with my little boy. Jeans bought at Zara, Copenhagen for about $15. I know I’m ‘retail bragging’ here but if this were your website, you’d probably do the same. It was an awesome purchase. I also bought a pair in orange 😉


How to use the internet to style yourself

Step 1:

Go to Pinterest. If you’ve not already joined up, do so stat. It’s free.

Step 2:

In the search box at the top left corner of your Pinterest screen, type in key words relevant to your item e.g. red jeans.

Step 3:

Press enter and prepare the Ark for a flood of styling ideas to float away on.

When I searched under ‘red jeans’ I found a bunch of outfit ideas that I loved using blue, white, black, camel, nautical stripes, and with touches of green and yellow. And these are now my go-to colours when I’m thinking of wearing my red jeans.

A snippet of the @FoxInFlats red jeans file on Pinterest. 
Step 4:

Either take mental notes of the looks you love, the colours that work best, and the silhouettes that are most flattering. Or simply create your own Pinterest board – like I did – to refer back to each time you’re stumped for a new combo to wear with your garment.

Some of my favourite red jean-spiration using images from Pinterest.


Too easy, right?

For more tips on how to use Pinterest click here, and for more red jean-spiration check this out.


Where do you turn for outfit inspiration and ideas? Do you ever use Pinterest to help style your outfits? And if you have red jeans, what do you like to wear them with? 

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