Big news! Shoe news! Someone just won new shoes!

We’ve just drawn the winner of the $250 shoe voucher from ECCO shoes.

Yet before we announce it, have a little laugh at some of the funny, clever and awesome Dr. Seuss-style poems people included as part of their entries.

WIN ankle boots

Dr. Seuss-inspired-ode to our love of shoes.

By the Foxes in Flats.

I would wear them on a tram,
I would say “I’m glam I am”

I would wear them in a whirl,
I would wear them doing a twirl.

I would wear them to shop and bop,
They’ll really make my wardrobe pop!

I would wear them to school,
My son would think I’m really cool.

Never in my shed,
Never in my bed.
Never in the water,
even if I really oughta.
Never in a chicken coop,
Or jumping through a fiery hoop.

I would catch a plane or a train,
To go and party in a lane.

I would wear to basketball,
then afterward on a pub crawl.

Out shopping with my mum,
it would be heaps of fun.

I would wear while driving,
I would wear while jiving.

I would wear them in the air,
I would wear them anywhere!

I’d even wear them to bed,
in fact I’d wear them anywhere I tread.

I would wear them in the bath, just for a laugh.
I would wear them when I eat, just for a treat.
I would wear them in the garden, without pardon.

I would wear them splashing in a puddle,
I would wear them proudly in my footy huddle.

I would wear them to playgroup,
And while I’m eating soup.

And wearing them I’d always look cute,
so much so all the cars would toot!



And in the words of Dr Seuss himself:

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.”

Congratulations Natasha Andrews
You have won the ECCO shoes!


Thankyou to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for the next great subscriber giveaway at Fox in Flats.

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