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Skin Therapy Age Perfecting Treatment Review

By Andrea Michelle for Skin Therapy

…at least that sounds better than “Dragon Face”, because my boys have been cheekily calling me both over the last week or so. And it’s not because I’ve been limiting the amount of time they can spend online.

Recently our bathroom shelf has been crowded with a product range from Skin Therapy, each containing either Jellyfish Complex or Dragon’s Blood.

Products containing wacky-sounding ingredients like this have been around for a couple of years now, and glam celebs like Angelina and Elle have been said to use super expensive variations of them for their anti-aging benefits.

Now, Skin Therapy has a range that’s stocked at our local supermarkets, each product containing similar formulas and under $30 a pop. But do they work? And what in the world is really in them?


What is Jellyfish Complex?

You can pack away your tackle box, as the Skin Therapy products containing Jellyfish Complex have no actual jellyfish in them. Also, we can exhale, because that would be kinda fishy.

The two products in the range – Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Crème $29.99 and Eternal Jellyfish Miracle Gel Exfoliator $19.99 – contain formula called JuvelevenTM that’s inspired by The Immortal Jellyfish. If that sounds like it could be a character in one of your kid’s books, you’re not far off the mark. Except instead of hitting up the fiction section, try their science books, or even The Guinness Book of Records.

Because The Immortal Jellyfish (aka Turritopsis dohrnii) has the unique ability to rejuvenate itself, and is the only creature known to do so. I won’t go into the details here because as my Year 10 Science teacher Mr Hopkins wrote in my school report card “It’s a good thing Andrea has skills in other areas, because after the incident with the Bunsen burner I strongly suggest she does not choose this subject going forward” Instead, if you want to delve deeper into The Immortal Jellyfish, check out how Dr Karl Kruszelnicki explains them here.

But some of those who did do well at Science in school went on to work for Skin Therapy, and came up with a formula that, when applied to your skin, helps to protect and rejuvenate. Meaning, you’ll look more youthful.

Does it work?

Used daily, the Eternal Jellyfish Miracle Gel Exfoliator $19.99 gently polished my skin (without the use of micro beads which can be too harsh and cause inflammation), prepping it to drink up the other treatments.

The Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Crème $29.99 felt lightweight on application, but plumped my skin with hydration. While it can be used both day and night, I primarily used this before bed time. The combo of the active peptide in JuvelevenTM, the collagen boosting ingredients in the Jellyfish Complex, and Pro-Vitamin B5 left my skin looking more radiant each morning after use.


What is Dragons Blood?

There’s a tree in the Amazon called Croton Lecheri whose red sap is known for it’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen-repairing properties. This extract has been combined with Hyaluronic Acid (known to be the key ingredient for turbo boosting skin hydration), and Saccharide Isomerate which strengthens skin and locks in moisture for up to 72 hours.

The scientists at Skin Therapy developed a concoction using these ingredients, but because they sound a bit techie and are also hard to pronounce, some clever nut in marketing came up with a cool name to put on the packaging, hence, Dragon’s Blood. Sweet relief huh? Because slaying dragons sounds kinda messy and I feel queasy at the sight of blood.

The Dragon’s Blood complex comes in a range of three products: Dragon’s Blood Multifunctional SPF Day Lotion $29.99, Dragon’s Blood Wrinkle Repair Eye Crème $29.99, and Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum $29.99.

Does it work?

Even though it’s an extra step in a beauty routine, I never skip a serum. Applied after cleansing and before moisturizer day and night a good one will turbo boost hydration, lift and firm. Not only does the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum $29.99 deliver on all that, but unlike some serums I’ve tried it’s lightweight and non-greasy, meaning you don’t need to wait for it to soak in before the next step. Slaying. It’s also especially handy during summer as it keeps the skin looking matte. I’ll definitely buy this product again.

Combined with the eye crème and day lotion (which includes essential SPF 15) my skin felt hydrated, and looked smooth.


All of the products in the range contain no Parabens, no GMO’s and no Phthalates.

Unlike most cosmeceutical skincare, they’re available in grocery stores, so it’s easy to pop some in your trolley next time you’re in your local Coles or Woolies, or buy online.

And happily, no Jellyfish were caught nor Dragons slayed in the process of making them.

For more info head to the Skin Therapy website.

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