DAREcember 2016: Putting style back into the silly season

DAREcember 2016

By Andrea Michelle

Introducing DAREcember 2016

DAREcember is the culmination of over five years of Style Dares on Fox in Flats – the original style challenge online – where we’ve been encouraging ourselves to step out of our comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of our fashion ruts, shake off our day-to-day uniforms, and spice things up a little.

The idea is simple: to experiment with hair, beauty, and fashion and rock a different style every day for a month.


Why DAREcember?

December is such an exciting time of year, filled with loved ones and the tingly anticipation of The Big Day.

And it’s also a month where it’s easy to get caught up in the silliness: the social engagements, the menu plans, the shopping, the wrapping, and OMG the diplomacy!

Diplomatically navigating away from tipsy Simon from Accounts at the work Christmas party; diplomatically explaining to little ones why they may not get that elephant they really want for Christmas; and diplomatically navigating social obligations with our well-meaning relies.

And so, more often than not, the focus is on everyone else, and there’s little time for ourselves.



DAREcember is a fun way to put the focus back on you, in little ways, each day throughout the silly season.


Here’s how to play:

To join in, simply check the daily Style Dare from the list below and wear it your way.

Share your styling handiwork on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #DAREcember @FoxinFlats

DAREcember 2016 list


Tips, ideas, and inspiration for each daily style dare


1. Red Lip

Nothing creates a centre of power and sex appeal like a bold red lip. A little gun shy? Check out these tips and tricks and don’t look back:

How to apply red lipstick that lasts through a drink, a feast and a kiss


2. Stripe

There’s a reason why the stripe has real staying power. Horizontal, vertical, wide or narrow, it all adds up to a winning look. Get some nautical inspiration here:

Coastal chilling {without looking like an extra in The Love Boat}


 3. Relaxed

No matter what you got up to during the week, it’s time to slow the tempo. From your fave boyfriend jeans and tee to cuddly soft knits, hit the cruise button like Frakie said and relax.


4. Buns Hun

Whether it’s a sleek top knot or a relaxed chignon, this ‘do is a great time saver that’s fashion friendly.

In knots about this easy alternative to the mega-messy bun

The 1-minute hairdo for thick, fine AND out-of-control hair

 5. Brights

Start off the week with your most colourful outfit. Colour block or one big pop, go bright and create some positive vibes.


6. Arm Candy

The odds will be stacked in your favour when you mix bangles, cuffs, and watches. Get inspired with these tips on how to throw the perfect arm party:

How to throw an awesome ‘Arm Party’


7. Black Out

From smoothing bumps to camouflaging flaws, go from day to night with this great neutral. Not sure how to go head to toe, check out these style inspos:

How to wear black without looking like a mama in mourning


8. Swishy

From hair to skirts, get things moving. Nothing makes you feel more fun, flirty, and fierce.


 9. Killer Heels

We’re talking the take no prisoners kind of heels you’d be willing to kill or die for. To keep on dancing all night, try a few of these tricks:

Surviving Heels: How they do it at the Oscars


10. New ‘Do

Ever scanned a magazine and thought you might like that style? Whether you chop and change or move your part, now’s the time to try something new with your ‘do.


11. Tuck ‘n Roll

Tuck in your shirt and roll up your sleeves, show us how you do it. Find some ideas here:

Pull yourself together with this EASY styling trick


12. Vintage

Whether it’s a treasure from your Nan or a pre-loved bargain you snatched up, time to dust off that special something something. Here’s a few tips on finding the perfect catch:

5 tips for bagging a thrift store bargain


13. Orange Kisses

A bit unsure of straight up red? Slick it’s gentler cousin on your lips to brighten your smile and add a little sun to your pout.


14. Print Mix

Florals, spots, or stripes? All of the above! Get happy and get mixing with these tips and tricks:

How to mix prints without looking like you got dressed in the dark


15. She’s a Lady

Class things up with a string of pearls or a lady-like silhouette. Channel your inner Grace Kelly or Princess Kate.


16. Neck Party

Mix things up with necklaces of varying lengths and materials for some serious chic. Need a little style inspo? Check this out:

The ‘dress code’ for the perfect Neck Party

7 ways to wear a statement necklace without looking like you’ve raided the dress-up box


 17. Big Hair, Don’t Care

Pump up the volume! Go big or go home.


18. In the Navy

A great go-to neutral, blue hues go from desk to dinner in a chic flash.


19. Safari

From greens to neutrals, hunt big fashion game.


20. Foxy Flats

There’s a reason why French women have cornered the market on this staple. Nonchalant sex appeal.


21. Forgot I Had This…

Reunited and it feels so good! Pull out an old fave that’s been languishing in your closet and rekindle your romance.


22. White Hot

Everyone needs crisp white in their wardrobe. Show off your tan or dress to impress with this quintessential neutral.


23. Solid Gold

Golden hues add instant warmth and volume. From eye-shadow to dresses or sandals, make like a Bond Girl and glow.


24. Holiday Glitz

Be both naughty and nice with something shiny or a little bit fancy. And if you go a bit over the top, just blame the sparkling darling.


25. Something New

If Santa was good to you or you’ve had that special item on hold, now’s the time to wear it, live it, and love it.


26. Lazy Days

Time to unwind and spend much needed quality time with friends and family in something that’s whisper soft or snuggly. How’s the serenity?


27. Hats Off

With all the frazzle of the holiday lead up, your hair might be going on strike. That’s where a good hat comes in; it’s chic and hides the abuse from products or styling implements.


28. Hair Bling

A twinkly headband, metallic hair cuff or sparkly barrette sets the tone of the week. It’s almost party time and it’s time to shine!


29. Animal Instinct

Work it like a neutral and wear it with a snarl.


30. Dramat-eyes

From rock stars to princesses to sexy sirens, nothing sizzles like dramatic black eyeliner. It’s further proof that where’s smoke, there’s fire!


31. Sparkles!

What better way to say Hello 2016 than with something shiny and fun. Add a glass of bubbly and get this party started.

Ring a ding ding and Happy New Year!



We’ll also be sharing handy tips, ideas and inspiration on site on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for that day’s challenge throughout DAREcember, so if you’re not following us already on your go-to social network, hook up with us now.



We love to see your styling handiwork!

Seeing how everyone interprets the daily style challenges, and getting a peek into the day-to-day lives of women around the world, is a huge part of what makes the Fox in Flats Style Dares so fun.

That’s why we’ll be sharing our daily faves around the interwebs for your sartorial enjoyment. Click here for some fun galleries created with photos other’s have shared while doing our Dares over the last four years.

And don’t be shy!

You’ll find that in doing this Style Dare and sharing your photos you’ll get so much more out if it than just style inspiration.

See what one of our past participants said about her experience in this touching post: 10 things I’ve learnt from uploading selfies on Instagram.



Share pics of your daily Style Dare efforts with us on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram using #DAREcember @FoxinFlats


This prompt-list is custom-built for Instagram to share with your followers so they know why the heck you’re suddenly posting selfies every day this month.

DAREcember 2016 list


For Bloggers:

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DAREcember button


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And in keeping with the standard rules of any good Dare, if you’re too afraid to join in with DAREcember, we’ll call you ‘Chicken’! (or maybe ‘Turkey’ given the season and all) 


Here’s to putting style back into the silly season. Have fun and good luck! 



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