Overall update

By Andrea Michelle

A pair of overalls are a cute and practical addition to your wardrobe whatever your age. But there’s a real risk of looking like you’re auditioning as a host for Play School if you’re not careful.

Loving this look spotted on the street at NYFW the other week where a simple pair of dungarees was made oh so grown up with the addition of a sheer, ladylike blouse, a peep of lace bra underneath, layers of rings, wrist action, and a deliciously accessorised tote.

Tie a length of black grosgrain ribbon around your neck for a look all the cool kids are wearing. Less than a buck from your closest crappy rif raf place.

Update your overalls with a sheer white blouse and statement accessories

I’m not shopping this stuff for you, as you’ve got that junk in your wardrobe already. 😉


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