September Style Dare a Day

Style Dare Fox in Flats September

By Andrea Michelle

Confession: I have a pair of black jeans that I wear most days.

Before you call me “Stinky Pants” let me explain: they’re comfy, they make my butt look presentable, and most nights they are left strewn across the chest near my bedroom window (yeah, I’m kinda messy too, but we’ll save that confession for another day), so they end up being front and centre when I’m getting dressed.

So often in the morning rush when I’m trying to get the kids clothed, fed, and lunches made, it just feels too epic to dig deeper into my wardrobe to find something else to wear, and I reach for these old friends.

I’ve fallen into a style rut – again!”

But “Hallelujah sisters!” our Style Dare is back again for September.

Designed for people like me who need a bit of inspiration for when we’re getting dressed each day, these daily challenges are going to kick us out of our fashion ruts, force us to try new things, and encourage us to rummage into our wardrobes and experiment a little. And it’s going to be a whole lotta fun.


Here’s how to play:


Fox in Flats Style Dare September

Tips, ideas and inspiration for each daily Style Dare


1. Red lipstick

Because it’ll make you feel more confident and more glamorous – what we all need for a Monday, right?!

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2. Up do

Pull it back, pin it up, twist it, braid it, or roll it – whatever you choose, try something you’ve never done before.

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3. Off the cuff

The short-cut to nonchalance, a couple of simple folds of fabric on a sleeve or pant can create a whole new silhouette. So get folding.

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4. Swishy

A skirt that floats and swirls, hair that bounces and swings, what a joy to wear, what a joy to see!

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5. Extravagant
Because day-to-day life can be a little same same, it’s fun to lavish yourself with some luxury – and you deserve it, right?

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6. Faux
Fur, leather, nails, hair, eyelashes – the challenge is to go fake, but make it look real.


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7. Inspired by Dad
Can you work one of his signature looks into yours?

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8. Going straight

No, we’re not asking you to become some kind of puritanical nerd. Instead, see if you can straighten out your locks, or style up your classic pencil skirt with an edge like I did here.

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9. Wooden

Accessories made of wood add a natural warmth to any outfit. Showcase yours, and make your Tech Studies teacher proud.


10. Safari

Because animal prints are the new neutral.

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11. Ladylike

Cross your legs, act like a lady and think like a boss.


12. Check it out

Plaids or checks are always in style. Work yours back with wardrobe classics, or if you’re brave, try mixing prints.

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13. Fresh face

SO many mornings I thank The Make Up gods for hiding my sins. But today, let’s freshen up and let our natural beauty shine through.

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14. Lazy chic

It’s not like you’ve not been bothered, it’s just that you look so cool that people won’t think you’ve tried.

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As comfy as a tracky but with a dash of Va Va Voom!


15. To the max

Go long, go big, go over the top!

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16. Nautical

A boat shoe or a Breton stripe whispers of sunshine and lapping water. Drop your anchor and dive in!

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17. Fringe benefits

Haute hippie fringe is one of the key trends for Spring 2014 as seen on the runway at Miu Miu, Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bottega Veneta, but we’re not talking cowboy or flapper inspired. Think accessories and embellishments, and flick ’em when you walk. 


18. White out

Get all Like a Virgin, even though we know you probably aren’t. ;)

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19. Layers

Yeah it’s practical for adjusting your thermostat throughout the day, but smart layering will add an element of luxe to an everyday outfit. Up the ante by trying a bustier over a shirt or tee as seen in the Balenciaga Resort 13 collection.

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20. LBD

Like a reliable husband, the Little Black Dress can easily be taken for granted. So take yours on a hot date – even if it’s during the day. Try dressing it down for a change with flat sandals or ballet flats and a casual ponytail.

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21. Bright

Break out your brightest, most colourful outfit today and dance – because I’ll betcha it’ll make you happy!

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22. Marilyn

See if you can channel Monroe’s potent combination of innocence and sex appeal, and act like a legend.


23. Borrowed

Have some fun peeking into the wardrobe of another, and borrow something of theirs for the day. Just be sure you’ve got the nod from them or you’ll come off all Single White Female!


24. Sport luxe

It’s a trend that’s been doing a marathon it’s been around so long. Combine athletic-inspired elements with chic tailored pieces to work it well. No sweat.


25. Foxy flats

French style icon Inès de La Fressange went on the record to say “Finally, people understand one doesn’t need to wear high heels to look sexier.“ But you already knew that, right? So today, flaunt your most fabulous flats, you fox.

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26. Braid

Because your 10 year old niece is better at this than you, and that’s not cool.

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27. Sparkles

Lady GaGa said “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” Change yours today by sprinkling yourself liberally with glitter.

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28. Talking tops

One of the hottest trends on the street right now is a slogan top. So today, hold your tongue and let your top say it all for you.

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29. Sentimental

That gift from a Special Someone, your Grandmother’s brooch, a bracelet your child made for you at Pre School, or something that holds memories of a beautiful day – showcase them, and savour the love.

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30. All black

Chic, slimming, and a great camouflage for bumps, lumps and Vegemite stains.

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So, who’s ready to shake off their day-to-day uniforms and spice things up a little?!


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