The perfect layered outfit

layered outfit

By Tegan Taylor

Hasn’t it been gorgeous these past few weeks to wake up with that nip of cold in the air, pull out the scarves and jackets that have been languishing in the back of the wardrobe and rug up each morning? I am a major fan of cold weather fashion and I hate being cold, which means I wrap up big time on chilly mornings. And I’m pretty sure I look totally cute in my winter woolies… at least for a few hours.

But where I live, in Brisbane, by 11am I’m tugging at those heavy knits which now seem stifling and wishing I had a lighter layer on underneath. The answer? Layering. By wearing a series of layers, you can adjust your thermostat throughout the day by adding or removing items. As an added bonus, layered outfits look pretty cool. Case in point:


Want to play along at home? Make sure you keep the inner layers relatively snug, and go for a roomy outer layer to make sure you don’t end up feeling too constricted. Here’s a bunch of items perfect for layering.


Shirt or tunic dress

Add a singlet as a base layer if it’s extra chilly where you are.


Plus sizes: Love Your Wardrobe mixed media tunic $59.95

Allie large grid check oversized tee $24

Sweet Treat dress $50

Jeans, tights or leggings

With all the bulk of layers on top, you’ll want to make sure you keep things slimline on your lower half.



SABA coated jegging $159

Comes in 3 lengths: ASOS legging in pleat effect $35.29

Jeanswest Mollie curve embracer super skinny jeans $89.99


Cardigan, lightweight knit or light hoodie

This is your in-between layer for when you want to shed your coat but it’s still too cold to be rocking around in a t-shirt. Choose something in a fine weight so it doesn’t get bunched up under your outer layer.


SALE: Rag & Bone Azra cardigan $206.50

Daisy Street sleeveless hoodie $31.35

Boohoo Aliyah boucle cocoon cardigan $40


Coat, jacket or parka

Go for something roomy — but not shapeless. The most flattering length will tend to be somewhere between the mid-hip to mid-thigh, depending on your body type.


Supports charity: Penfield weatherproof mountain parka $160

Princess Polly Winter Fever coat $80

SALE: ASOS waterfall coat $95.10


Shoes: boots, brogues or sneakers

Don’t make the classic Queenslander mistake of rugging up on top, only to slide a pair of Havaianas on at the end! If it’s cold enough for a jacket, it’s cold enough for closed-toe shoes.


Adidas high tops $130

Tony Bianco Danya ankle boots $189.95

Jo Mercer Punch lace-ups $149.95


Scarf or snood

Of course! It finishes the outfit while also keeping you that extra bit toasty.



ASOS Aztec tassel snood $39.22

SALE: Alice by Temperley Sylvia scarf $66.02

Urban Originals foxy scarf $29.95



Maybe it’s too cold to leave the house without something on your head, maybe you’re being sunsmart or perhaps you’re just disguising a bad hair day. We say any excuse to accessorise with a hat is a good one.



ASOS felt fedora hat $39.22

Roxy ruby beanie $19.99


Gloves or mittens

Ok, here in Queensland there are about three days in the entire year when it’s cold enough to even think about gloves. But on those days I really wish I had them! (It’s usually the same days I wish I owned a nose cosy… aaand I just searched that and it turns out it’s actually a thing. Scary.)



SALE: G-Star RAW alpine mittens $36

SALE: Morgan and Taylor leather gloves $62.96


How cold is it where you are these days? And what are your tips for layering up?


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