Fox in Flats Style Dare {July}

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By Andrea Michelle

Introducing the Fox in Flats Style Dare for July 2014: a style challenge for every day of this month.

We’ve been laying down Style Dares on Fox in Flats for nearly three years. What started as a weekly challenge, soon changed to sets of daily challenges wrapped up in little blue bows that can take you through a whole calendar month.

And since then, there’s been a groundswell of women from around the world sharing photos of their interpretations of each daily Style Dare on social media – in particular Instagram at #FoxinFlatsStyleDare

And this month, we’re at it again.

As lots of us keep discovering, Style Dares are a fun and easy way to inspire the way we dress each day.

They challenge us to try things we might ordinarily dismiss.

They push us to rummage through our wardrobes and rediscover items we haven’t worn in ages.

And they force us to be more creative.

In just 31 days, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have rejuvenated your wardrobe (without necessarily spending any money!), and you’ll feel more confident about your personal style.”

Indeed this interview that appeared in Melbourne’s The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald cited evidence where a month was viewed as the ideal chunk of time to practice new behaviours that ultimately become positive habits. The article included the Fox in Flats Style Dare as an example of the difference a month challenging yourself can make.

As I told the journalist, Amy Molloy: ”It’s a fun and manageable way to put a little focus back on yourself, even in the midst of a busy life.


Style Dare Fox in Flats July


How to join the July Style Dare

Simply save your own copy of the Fox In Flats Style Dare list (above or below) onto your computer or mobile device – somewhere easy to access.

Or, print out a copy and pin it somewhere that you’ll see it every morning before you get dressed – such as the bathroom mirror, the fridge, or even above the baby’s change table.

Then, simply refer to the calendar date daily, and wear the item listed for that day. 

If you take pics of your daily #FoxInFlatsStyleDare efforts, share them with us on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram using #FoxInFlatsStyleDare @FoxinFlats – and have fun with it!


But the most important thing of all, is to wear the Dare your way.”



Why join in?

The Style Dare is about stepping out of your comfort zones and experimenting with fashion, beauty, and hairstyles. But it’s more than that.

The Style Dare made me feel: Funny. Awesome. Loved. Inspired. Crazy. Shiny. Adventurous. Sexy. Creative. Smiling. Happy and much more.”

This is how Andrea Koster, aka @icadoo on Instagram, described her time doing our recent March style challenge.

And she wasn’t alone in her sentiments.

I asked a few of the amazing community of women who joined in with our last Style Dare to share what they loved most about it, and also to select their favourite photo of themselves that had been taken and shared on Instagram #FoxinFlatsStyleDare.

Check out this gallery of gorgeous women to see what they said, and be inspired by their personal style and creativity.



Tips, ideas and inspiration for each day of the

Fox in Flats Style Dare for July



1. Neck party

Want some quick and easy ideas on how to modernise your look using jewellery you already own? Let us count the 13 ways to create a stunning necklace stack here.


2. Red lipstick

A swipe of red lippy is a quick and easy way to feel more glam and confident. For tips on how to apply red lipstick so it lasts and to choose a shade that suits you, click here. Plus, we’ve got over 100 smiling ruby-red lips to inspire you, here.


3. Tuck it!

A simple way to look pulled together and preppy.


4. Americana

It’s the Fourth of July, so pull out your stars and stripes, fake that you know the words to The Star Spangled Banner, and extra points if you super-size your hair.


5. Sparkles

Get your glitter on and shake those sequins in the sun! Because we’ve all got glitter in our veins, and we’ve gotta let those sparkles out! Here’s a bunch of ideas for working winking, glinting, twinkling things into your outfit.


6. It’s all white

Get all Like a Virgin, even though we know you probably aren’t. 😉


7. His

His shirt, his jeans, or his tie. Steal it, work it (and if you love it, keep it!). Tips for rockin’ his favourite band Tee here. Inspo and ideas for owning the unisex look here. And 5 things of his you should steal here. Now, work it like a boss.


8. Curled

Whether it’s embracing your natural curls or creating them with rollers, tongs or a GHD, it’s time to get your kink on.


9. In-Jeanious

Rock your most in-jean-ious look. Find tips on how to take your denims up a notch here. Double points for double denim!


10. Gives me great…

Now’s not the day to be shy. Whether it’s your boobs, your legs, your confidence – pull out whatever it is in your wardrobe that makes your heart sing and flaunt it baby!


11. Re: BOOT

They’re more evergreen than you’d think. Put ‘em to work regardless of the temps ’round your place. If it’s hot where you live – no excuses! Here’s 15 easy ways to wear boots, whatever the weather


12. Party girl

Grab a glass of champers, don your favourite frock, those killer heels, and gloss it up. Then dance.


13. On your head

Cowboy, beanie, baseball, fedora – pull it onto your noggin’ and wear with a grin. Need more inspo? Check out 7 ways to wear a baseball cap without looking like you’re in the Little League, the fedora I wear on a bad hair day4 ways to wear a floppy felt hat, and style it all up with these classic hat & sunglasses combinations.


14. Comfy chic

Yes, these words can co-exist! Show us how you do it.


15. Ear bling

Adorn your lobes with a grab-bag of delicious sweet, shiny things. Need inspiration? Check out the statement earrings worn by other Style Darers in this gallery.


16. Hides 1000 sins

We’ve all got a go-to sneaky style secret that we enlist to camo our perceived flaws right? And we all like to play hide and seek – that’s a given. Well today, get sneaky, and be sure to share your style secrets!


17. Forgot I had this…

Rummage in your drawers. Search deep into your wardrobe. And dig into that jewellery box. Guaranteed you’ll rediscover a favourite treasure you’d forgotten all about that’ll make you smile. Now work it like it’s new.


18. Rock star

Backstage pass at the ready for an outfit that screams “I’m with the band!”

Stuck for ideas? Check out these easy tips for a rock chic look from one of Australia’s favourite rock chicks heresteal his band t-shirt like this, or work one rockin’ statement item back with classic tailored pieces like these.


19. Sexy tresses

‘Swishy.’ ‘Shiny.’ ‘Bouncy.’ If the Seven Dwarves ever expand their clan to include three height-challenged females with beautiful hair, that’s what I reckon they’d be named. Tips on how to recreate those looks here. So today, make the time to create your sexiest ‘do. Whistling “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go” optional.


20. Flashback

Choose your favourite style era and add a modern twist.


21. Textured

Find something tactile, and prepare to be touched.


22. Pins with a punch

A mini, your skinnies, or coloured, patterned tights. Let those legs loose – Hi Yah!


23.  Wrap, twist or fold

Little details can up the ante on the everyday. Get creative and think of today as Style Origami.


24. Fabulous flats

French style icon Inès de La Fressange went on the record to say “Finally, people understand one doesn’t need to wear high heels to look sexier.“ But you already knew that, right? So today, flaunt your most fabulous flats, you fox.


25. The orange lip

If you’re yet to tango with tangerine, today’s the day to do it. An orange lipstick will whiten your teeth, and wake up your whole look. Our faves? Revlon Orange FlipMAC Morange, or AVON Tangerine Tango.


26. Black out

Chic, slimming, and a great camouflage for bumps, lumps and Vegemite stains. Here’s how to wear head-to-toe black without looking like a mama in mourning.


27. Romantic

Build it and they will come. Try a fresh face, silken hair, floaty fabrics, or even a garland of flowers in your hair. *swoon*


28. Hairdo I’ve never done

You know that hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to it? That.


29. The eyes have it

Focus on those peepers, and be BOLD!


30. Mixed prints

A stripe with a floral? A check with a spot? Get creative and create a fashion mash-up! Need help? There’s 6 easy tips for mixing prints, here.


31. I just love this…

Forget saving your awesome stuff for a special occasion, today’s the day to wear your all-time favourites!


We’ll also be sharing handy tips, ideas and inspiration on site on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for that day’s challenge throughout July, so if you’re not following us already on your go-to social network, hook up with us now!


We love to see your styling handiwork!

Seeing how everyone interprets the daily style challenges, and getting a peek into the day-to-day lives of women around the world, is a huge part of what makes the Fox in Flats Style Dares so fun. That’s why we’ll be sharing our daily faves around the interwebs for your sartorial enjoyment.

Here’s some of the pics I’ve taken over the past couple of years – you can see I’ve had a bit of fun with it, as do most participants. And check out a bunch of reader photos that we’ve published here – it’s so inspiring.


Share pics of your daily #FoxInFlatsStyleDare efforts with us on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram using #FoxInFlatsStyleDare @FoxinFlats


Here’s a daily prompt-list custom-built for Instagram to share with your followers so they know why the heck you’re suddenly posting selfies every day.

 Fox in Flats Style Dare July 1


For Bloggers:

Here’s a button to pop on your sidebar to show you’re up for the Fox in Flats Style Dare, and to encourage your readers to join in too. Simply right click to save and link it back to this post.

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If you blog about your #FoxInFlatsStyleDare efforts, let us know so we can read your posts and share the love around, and send trackbacks to



And in keeping with the standard rules of any good Dare, if you’re too afraid to join in with this month-long challenge, we’ll call you ‘Chicken’!” 



So, who’s ready to shake off your day-to-day uniforms and spice things up a little?!


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