Wardrobe essential: The Grey Tee

The Grey T-shirt

By Andrea Michelle

We all know that a white t-shirt is a staple in every wardrobe. But a simple, well-cut grey t-shirt is just as essential. And arguably cooler. Think of it as a slightly edgier younger sister – like Leather Tuscadero was to Pinky in Happy Days, Elisabeth Olsen is to her older twin sisters, and Kendall Jenner is to the rest of the Kardashian clan.

I love my grey tee’s because they don’t require a nude t-shirt bra underneath like a white t-shirt does – so the lingerie options are infinitely sexier; they’re easier to ‘seem’ clean – because I’m bound to have dirty finger marks from my boys on me on any given day;  and best of all, a light grey hue can easily be worked back with most colours like a neutral.

inspiration from my photo albums

and around the ‘net:

Grey t and leopard print

grey t and sequins

grey t and white jeans

grey t and leather skirt

Grey t blazer and green

grey t and green

grey t and floral

grey t and an oatmeal


grey and grey

grey t and jeans

grey and sequins

grey t with camo

Where to shop:

V Neck Tee @Glassons $19.99 (stock up: it’s one of my faves and recommended by a stylist friend)

Cote t-shirt by: Petit Bateau@Atterley Road (UK) $26.75 SALE

Nique – Womens Studio Tee @TheIconic $55 

What do you like to wear with your grey t-shirt? And what other famous little sisters can you think of that are cooler than their big ‘sis?

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