The 7 Day UNISEX Style Dare

Fox in Flats Style Dare UNSEX

By Andrea Zanetich

Oh how I swoon when I see a man in a well-cut suit, a perfectly half-Windsored tie, crisp cuffs, or even in his favourite band T-shirt when it hugs his muscled arms like a lover that won’t let go.

But what’s even more potent than the image I’ve just conjured up?  When a women wears men-style clothes.

That gender-bending blending of traditionally masculine clothing spun together with feminine touches like a bright lip or perfectly coiffed hair is an age-old way for the fairer sex to show who really is boss.

Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, Madonna and Dianne Keaton are all style icons who have taken over the closets of men, rattled through the racks, and run off with the best parts.

Style Icons rocking mens clothing

And now it’s your turn.

Introducing the newest Fox in Flats Style Dare: The 7 Day Unisex Dare.

Designed so that both female and male foxes can participate, this Style Dare will encourage you to step out of your everyday comfort zone, perhaps try something new, and get more creative with your daily wardrobe.

And single ladies, don’t feel left out. This dare is not about stealing ‘his’ clothes (although that’s always a handy way of expanding your wardrobe if you’ve got a guy to pilfer from – some sneaky tips on how to do that are here.). Instead, this dare – as are all Fox in Flats Style Dares – is about using the daily prompts below, then being inspired by them to do it your way. We’re providing the framework, but you are the stylist.


Ready to shake off your day-to-day uniforms and spice things up a little?!”

Unisex Style Dare

Psst!  The daily prompt-list is custom-built for Instagram so you can share with your followers so they know why the heck you’re suddenly posting selfies every day.



How to join the 7 Day UNISEX Style Dare

Style it!

Simply check the style challenge from the list above, and create an outfit with your own unique spin on that given day.

TIP: Print out your own copy of the 7 Day UNISEX Dare, or save it to your computer or phone to make it easier to access the daily prompts.

TIP: If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll be sharing tips, ideas and inspiration on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for that day’s challenge.

Share it!

Share your daily styling handiwork on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #FoxinFlatsStyleDare @FoxInFlats.

TIP: Keep an eye on the #FoxinFlatsStyleDare hashtag each day, as you’ll be guaranteed to get some amazing style ideas from people all around the world. You’ll also meet some cool new Instagram peeps. It’s a huge part of the fun of the Style Dare.

We’ll be sharing some of the photos from each day on social media too for your sartorial enjoyment, so keep an eye out as it just might be you! Take a look at some of the galleries we’ve built featuring participants of past Style Dares – it’s so inspiring!

But the most important thing of all, is to wear the Dare your way.”


Tips, ideas and inspiration for each day of the 7 day UNISEX Style Dare 

Monday – Tie

Sure, you could wear it hanging loosely ’round your neck in the tomboy-chic Annie Hall kind of way, or why not tie it around your waist as a belt? Don’t be afraid to think outside the square.

women in mens ties


Tuesday – Slick

What do men always do when they want to look polished? They slick their hair. Take their cue and do the same today.

The laziest way is to do it with wet hair like THIS, the fastest way is to do it like THIS, or if you wanna get all fancy try the ‘Quick, Slick Clip Trick’ HERE (and then say that tongue twister fast!)

slicked back hair


Wednesday – Blazer

Because whatever your gender, this is one wardrobe essential no one can do without. Need styling inspiration? Check out 8 ways to take your blazer from the Boardroom to the Playroom.


Thursday – Cuff

Shirt cuffs, cuff-links or jeans cuffed to show a hint of ankle. Just no fisti-cuffs please 😉


Friday – Waistcoat

It’s the cheat’s way of looking polished. Don’t have one? Hunt around the menswear section of department or thrift stores, keeping your eyes peeled for one that can be cinched in at the waist. Be prepared to pay a few more bucks and have it tailored to fit if need be. You will never regret this addition to your wardrobe. Click HERE for 5 easy ways to wear a tailored waistcoat.

 women in waistcoats


Saturday – Bond

Do ‘Dapper Bond’ or your take on the infamous Bond Girl. It’s Saturday so grab a martini and accessorise with a rye/wry smile.

 Famous Bond Girls


Sunday – I’m with the band

Get your rock on and work it like you’re on gonna go big on stage. If you’re brave enough to sneak off with his favourite band T, work it with piles of blingy bling, a bright lip, and a bit of rock n’ roll mama ‘tude. Click HERE for more tips and to see how I workshopped his vintage Ramones T, or HERE for some ‘Gunners Chic.

Need more inspiration for this dare? Next week we’ll be sharing a special video interview we did with one of Australia’s all-time favourite rock chicks, Sarah McLeod, from multiple ARIA award winning band The Superjesus. She’ll be giving us some awesome insider tips on ‘How to dress rock.’


“It’s that easy!”


white shirt


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Fox in Flats Style Dare

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And in keeping with the standard rules of any good Dare, if you’re too afraid to join in with this 7 Day UNISEX Dare, we’ll call you ‘Chicken’!” 


Here’s to 7 days of styling fun!  


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