3 lessons in leggings from the loaded.

Around Sydney people refer to the suburb Double Bay as ‘double pay’. It’s thought that everything costs more there as, apparently, its residents hold about 65% of the entire wealth of Australia.

Yet, as I cruised around the (reasonably priced) organic market, sipping a (reasonably priced) skim flat white, I noticed a significant proportion of women wearing leggings – possibly the most inexpensive item of clothing you can buy to cover your legs.

And man, they worked those babies.

Let’s take some legging wearing lessons from the loaded ladies of Double Bay.

Legging lesson number 1: Tailoring and leather makes leggings luxe.

Luxe leather with leggings


Legging lesson number 2: A mixed up mash makes leggings magic.

Statement leggings


Legging lesson number 3: Long layers make leggings lush.

Long and layered over leggings1


Learned the lessons from the loaded? Now pick up a pair of leggings for as little as $10, and you too will look a million bucks.


Do you have lessons or rules for wearing leggings?