Top 10 fast favourite hairstyles

When we asked Fox in Flats readers to share their favourite fast hairstyles, our Facebook, Twitter, and website went into a frenzy. Here we’ve compiled the top ten quick hair-do’s for women in a hurry:


1. “…a side ponytail for a quick hair fix. It always looks glamorous with any style.”



2. “Some curl boost spray, in go 5 rollers, a 2 minute swoosh with the hair dryer, and by the time your make up is on, you’ve got bouncy locks!”



3. “When I don’t have time, I quickly straighten the front and put the rest up with a pretty clip.”



4. “I have long, naturally wavy hair. So I add a little volumising mousse or powder and then do a messy side plait. Volume is the key to make this look good and not like you’re on your way home from school!”



5. “Nothing beats a fast HIGH PONYTAIL with large earrings to add to the drama!”



6. “…a quick version of the classic french twist. Brush all your hair straight down, grab all your hair together at the base of your head and twist upwards to the middle. Place 4 pins in the sides to keep the hairstyle in place and there you go. Takes 2 mins. Love it when I have to take kids to school and this is neat and tidy enough for work and is great for summer time as well.”



7. “…loose, flowing, with 2 little plaits joined at the back.”



8. “Scrunched up with some sea salt spray for a fun, tousled look. Looks like it takes a while, but could not be more simple!”



9. “I have extremely curly hair that sometimes just seems like a big ball of fuzz! So my quick fix is a bit of mousse and 10 bobby pins – and I pin the entire thing into a messy piece of art work! Soft and relaxed around the front of my face and funky and loads of curls pinned anywhere at the back. Great for the day at work or teamed with a funky headband/clips for night.”



10. “Straight up, high on you head in a loose bun with a few stray bits. Always looks great whether you’ve just washed or need a wash. Great for curly or straight hair too. Bobby pins help out for shorter hair.”

Ally L


And a big congratulations to all of the women featured in this article – your responses each netted you a Schwarzkopf Hair Styling Pack, valued at $34.95. Please email us at foxinflats {at} hotmail {dot} com with your postage details by January 3rd, 2012 to claim your prize. {Additional note: we’ve had to draw a few more winners of this promotion as there were some unclaimed prizes. Happily, there were loads of great entries to choose from. Congratulations to Melinda, Sonia, Ingrid, and Jamie!}


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Got a favourite?

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