The Beret: Not just for Mimes

Rachel Zoe – über stylist – was seen out with her newborn son Skylar at the farmers market to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Two things stand out for me about this photo of Rachel:

1. Her 10 carat diamond ring ‘push present‘ .

2. Her beret.

The ring, because when I looked at the photo it nearly poked my eye out.

The beret, because until I saw this picture I had relegated this type of hat to the realm of the street performing mime.

5 steps to avoid looking like a mime in your beret.

1. Distribute some dry shampoo through your tresses.

2. Slightly tease your roots for some volume.

3. Mist with hair spray.

4. Position the beret an inch or two back from your hairline.

5. Angle toward the back of your head.

Easy, tres chic tresses.


Push present: did you get one?

Beret: will you wear one?




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