Tattoos for mums?

For the past 9 years I’ve been contemplating a tattoo….clearly I have issues with decision making.

I’m keen to cross this off my bucket list within the next 9 years, but am grappling with how cool it would really be to have one now that I’m a mother.

A number of celebrity mums have tattoos, which look gorgeous on them. That said, they also have stylists, personal chefs, soft lighting, and their own yachts….


Heidi Klum, arm tattoo


Should we know better?

It is one thing getting inked when you are in your early 20’s, but does this fall into the category of ‘should know better’  once you breed? Because, let’s face it, we are all ‘adults’ now (even if we sometimes blink and wonder ‘how did I get here?‘).

'Early adopter' with a thirst for ink.

And what sort of example will it set for our kids?

Will a trip to the beauty parlour to get their ears pierced, as a standard rite of passage, be replaced by a trip to the tattoo parlour to have their name written in Sanskrit?

For now, I’m still chicken.

To tide my thirst for ink, I’ll be buying random tattoo motif things, like these, that can go double duty for when I’m with the children:

Tote Bag $16.99
Bandaids. $6.61

And this one for the kids, just in case:

'Mommy has a tattoo' $16.95 for the book from

What do you think? Should mums with tatts know better? Is it still cool to get inked once your main haunt is the playground?

baby hanger