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Everyone's favourite hairstyle gets a new lease on life with these pon...
3 quick, easy 'dos that look 100% fabulous, with 5% effort....
Katie shows how fresh out of the surf hair can 'Hang Ten' in the offic...
Curls, clips and creativity....
7 different hairstyles for the week ahead....
Short hair-styles for when you're short of time. ...
Fox in Flats readers share their favourite quick hair-do's - and we an...
A handy hair solution for when you can't quite fit your hairdressing a...
For real. ...
Great hair products for awesome hair....
OR Top 5 Tips On How To Not Look Like Crap When Pushed For Time...
Want great hair but have no time? These hot hair tips from Fox in Flat...
I went a record 5 days without regular shampooing on this stuff! ...
All-weather hair tips....
Top tips to shave time off your getting-ready routine. ...
Easy, fast do's that look better when your hair is dirty. ...
What can you say? The knot is hot! ...
A.J. trials a Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment from Orga...
Quick, easy & fabulous ideas for dressing up your head, as suggested a...
Instantly long hair in minutes for less than $50. That's magic!...
Two minutes, two twisty hands a bunch of pins, and you've got yourself...
Tips from other mums to help you look your best, regardless of whether...

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