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Fox in Flats is a friendly place to drop by for fashion inspiration that’s tailor-made to suit this special, frustrating, magical, liberating, confusing and messy period in your life – motherhood.

Because when you’re a mum, there are a lot of things ready to come between you and a rockin’ outfit:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • A wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit your changed body shape
  • A drop in confidence because of your body shape
  • Less time to get ready
  • Less time to shop
  • Less money to shop with
  • The practicality you need when wrangling kids.

Any one of them are challenging enough. But put them all together and you’re looking at one mother of a fashion dilemma.”


Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Motherhood Style Summer


And it’s more common than you might think. When we surveyed 150 women with young children from Australia and around the world, an incredible 60% of them said they’d fallen into a fashion rut.

So what are the fashion magazines doing to help us dig ourselves out of it? Very little. Instead, they keep showcasing 20-year-old giraffes wearing achingly beautiful outfits that, alas, aren’t functional enough for the world of a mum.

That’s why we created Fox in Flats – a place to share ideas, tips and inspiration on looking stylish and feeling good, even while deep in the trenches of motherhood.”

All the content you’ll find here is created by mums who are going through, or have been through, the fashion challenges associated with taking care of kids. So we know how you’re feeling, and we speak your language – baby talk and all.


FOX IN FLATS Style Manifesto Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Motherhood Style

Categorised to make it super-easy to navigate, here’s a rundown of what you’ll find on the site:

Get Style Inspiration by checking out what other women are wearing.

  • While we’re out and about with our own kids, we keep an eye out for mothers who look fantastic – and they are not hard to find! We showcase some of the mums who are rockin’ the suburbs in the Playground Style section.
  • Celebrities always provide great fashion inspiration. Here, we showcase your favourites, in outfits you could wear when you are with your kids.

Fashion Filter is where we distil the latest looks and trends for maximum practicality and utmost awesomeness. To make it easier to find what you are after, we have categorised items like this:

Kids go through stages, as we know. Correspondingly, women go through style stages once we become mothers.

Style in Stages shares ideas and inspiration specific to some of the different stages of motherhood:

Tips & Ideas is full of clever advice from other mothers and the professionals, to make looking good a whole lot easier:

Mothers’ Group is where we discuss, analyse and debate the style and fashion issues that face us now.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Motherhood Style Lunching


For a full run down on how we roll click here.


The person behind Fox in Flats

Hi, I’m Andrea Michelle – a mother of two crazy-but-cute boys who struggles with the fashion dilemmas of motherhood on a daily basis. For more about the team behind Fox in Flats click here.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Motherhood Style

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or are just up for a chat, drop me a line here. I’d love to hear from you!


Just to manage your expectations…

We totally believe that a happy home makes one foxy, but this site isn’t about anything to do with your kids. In fact, it’s a kid-stuff-free-zone.

If you are looking for that type of thing Fox in Flats probably isn’t the right place for you. 😉


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