Averaging 5 hours sleep yet my skin looks younger. Wait, what?!

my skin looks younger

By Andrea Michelle for RENU28


In the last 28 days I’ve averaged five hours sleep per night. And no, I don’t have a newborn. A few weeks ago I went on a child-free girls’ trip to New York where I existed mainly on Margaritas and Bloody Marys, so the sleep deprivation was kinda self-inflicted. And back at home, I’ve had a couple of kids who’ve committed to stealthily creeping into my bed each night, waking me at odd times with a body little limb poking into my belly or a teeny tiny foot in my face. So right now my skin deserves to look like crap. But instead – amazingly – my skin looks better than it ever has.


During the last month my basic skin care and cosmetics have remained the same (you can read about them here) but I’ve added a new product to my routine that has made a significant difference to the quality of my skin, called RENU28.

RENU28 skin revitalizing gel Fox in Flats

When I was sent this product to try I’ll admit I was a little bit sketchy about it, because the idea is that you smooth the gel over cleansed skin, and follow with your regular beauty routine day and night. Basically I loathe the idea of adding another step into that process, as who has time for extra fussing?

Also, I’ve trialled a bunch of other serums, potions and gels over the last three years as a beauty blogger that not only don’t make a difference to my skin, but can leave it with that kind of wet-bread-crumby finish that you get when you’ve used too many products.

But, RENU28 absorbed into my skin quickly (so didn’t eat into my precious morning-coffee-gulping time, or my before sleep read-in-bed time), and despite the sleep-deprived beating my face has been given over the last month, my skin actually looks fresher and younger.

The easiest way to demonstrate is by sharing a few random selfies taken over the last 28 days. Obviously the lighting and angles are different, but I think you can easily get the gist from these un-retouched, un-filtered, and un-glamorous snaps that I grabbed off my phone.


Week 1

Walking the kids to school I took this selfie to send to a buddy of mine who deserved a big “thumbs-up”.

RENU28 Fox in Flats week 1

Skin diary: Dryness on forehead so skin looks uneven. Pronounced wrinkles under my eyes. Uneven skin tone around chin.


Week 2

A few days into my holiday in New York, trying to pretend that jetlag doesn’t exist and backing up from a big night with my girlfriend with a lunch time Bloody Mary.

RENU28 Fox in Flats Week 2

Skin diary: Despite the 30 hour flight and a few too many cocktails the night before my skin looks plump and moisturized. Colour around my chin and forehead still uneven.


Week 3

Scoffing maple caramel popcorn in bed, I took this selfie for my kids in Australia to show them some of the treats I was bringing back home to them. Sadly for them I ended up eating the other two bags also (bad Mummy!)…

RENU28 Fox in Flats week 3

Skin diary: Texture is smoother, especially on my forehead and chin. Wrinkles around my eyes seem less pronounced (but may be due to the dorky face I’m pulling – seriously need to work on selfies).


Week 4

Back in Sydney climbing trees with my little monkeys the day after the long-haul flight home.

RENU28 Fox in Flats Week 4

Skin diary: Fresh, renewed, glowing, and despite celebrating my birthday while in New York I reckon I look younger! Frankly, given how exhausted I was at this point my skin did not deserve to look like this.



How it works

RENU28 contains a unique technology called ‘Redox Signaling Molecules’ that encourage the repair of skin cells. It increases the elasticity of skin and reduces the signs of aging (and lack of sleep!) by ramping up your skins natural renewal process – so it basically emulates the way our skin repairs itself, but makes it all happen much, much faster.


How to use

Cleanse, shake the tube of RENU28 like a Polaroid picture to ensure the consistency is perfect, apply the Skin Revitalising Gel by rubbing in until absorbed, and follow with your favourite moisturizer. Note: I used Rose Hip Oil after applying the gel and before my moisturiser for an extra boost of moisture.


Where to get it

Buy online at www.asea.net, RRP $50 for an 80ml tube.


Now, if only we could buy some extra sleep in a tube, then we’d all be sorted, right?!


How many hours of sleep have you been averaging lately? 


baby hanger
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  • Oh sweet baby cheeses, I think I need this in my routine. My skin has decided to pull a houdini on me.. a houdini on good skin. Current in shit-fest stage 1 .. hoping it doesn’t last long – it ain’t nice (probs doesn’t help I am stressed ha!)

    You have such perfect skin my dear. I am all kinds of jealous!

    Luc x

    • FoxInFlats

      Oh it’s funny how our skin can change so fast, right? I was getting a bunch of pimples under my jawline a few months ago – was horrible. Theyve all disappeared not. Sometimes hormones or stress can have a big role in it. xxx

      • Alana

        Foxy is your price quoted correct at $50 a tube?, the links on-line only show AU$129.80 for 2 tubes + Postage. Can you recommend where to buy just one to try it?

  • merliyn

    your skin looks radiant andrea!
    thanks for sharing the product seems good.
    and you are very photogenic too! love m:)X

    • FoxInFlats

      Thankyou lovely. And yes it’s worth a try for sure. xA

  • Eleni Karagounis

    amazing! your skin looks incredible!
    after the nights R has been giving me lately, my skin needs every bit of help it can get!
    time for some online shopping methinks…

    • FoxInFlats

      Yeah it’s hard when you’re up all night with little ones – this is def worth a try. x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I think I had better buy a bucket of this ,thank you Andrea xx

    • FoxInFlats

      It’s lovely Lisa. xA

  • Eleni Karagounis

    hmmm… how exactly do you order a tube? the website doesn’t give you the option 🙁

    • I’ve been trying to find this out myself! All sellers seem to only sell a minimum 2 tube pack and not sure I want to commit to 2 tubes. Oh and Andrea, your skin looks amazing!

      • We can discuss an option, so you can start with 1 tube if you would like. It’s all about what works best for you.

        I would love to be your ASEA Associate. I’ve studied our science for a couple years now. We are just loving our new product, Renu28. If you want, you can go to my website, TriciaO.TeamASEA.Com to order. If you have any questions call anytime.
        I also have a FB site, Renu Yourself, that has many pictures on it…they are amazing. My info is there too.

        We’re putting it everywhere; tummies, legs, scars, etc…you’ll see. “:>))
        Kindly~ Tricia Olson

      • FoxInFlats

        Thanks darling, this is really worth a try. x

    • I just copied the same thing for you.

      We can discuss an option, so you can start with 1 tube if you would like. It’s all about what works best for you.

      I would love to be your ASEA Associate. You can go to my website, TriciaO.TeamASEA.Com to order. If you have any questions call anytime.
      I also have a FB site, Renu Yourself, that has many pictures on it…they are amazing. My info is there too.

      We’re putting it everywhere; tummies, legs, scars, etc…you’ll see. “:>))
      Kindly~ Tricia Olson

  • I agree, you skin looks fabulous. I’ve gotta learn to get into this “blog” world. Funny how we are so critical of ourselves. You’re so cute…calling yourself a dork and I thought you looked FAB! Glad you too are liking our new product.

    Anyone can go to TriciaO.TeamASEA.Com…but you can always call or email if you have any questions.
    Let’s get all of us “Hard Workin’ Mom’s” looking & feelin’ better.

    • FoxInFlats

      LOL yeah, I do think of my self as a big dork though! ha!

      • Well, that makes you likeable! “:>)) I bet you’re real fun…I love hagin’ around fun people.

  • Tawnya

    You can buy a tube of Renu 28 from me too at http://www.nelson.teamasea.com it is $35 a tube plus shipping and tax. Renu 28 is amazing . I also have some great before and after pictures on my blog http://www.simplyeverythingilove.blogspot.com

  • Nicole Dennis

    Aussies you can contact me [email protected] or justinandnicole.teamasea.com.au. So everyone is clear $35 is the US pricing and does not account for tax or exchange rate. You can also get on,one at justinandnicole.teamasea.com. Get in touch on 0423 196 889 and I can answer any questions for you. I have a live Renu 28 party on the Sunshine Coast today so get in touch if you want to connect in person.

  • We LOVE how we’re getting out in the world! We can work with anyone as we’re in 28 countries now.
    You can go to my FB page, Renu Yourself, if you would like to see more results…fabulous results, of many people using Renu28.
    I’ve worked for 2 years learning & understanding our science. Now we have this wonderful NEW product that is about more than just your skin. I’d be honored to be your Renu28 representative.
    BIG HUGS!!

  • Danielle Armstrong

    Wow!! Andrea, how amazing! Mind you, I thought you looked pretty good in pic one my dear!

    • FoxInFlats

      Thanks Dannielle, youre too kind!!! Really! xA

  • Jen

    Thanks, Andrea, for blogging about Renu 28. I like your style – new follower. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how your skin looks in the next couple months. I hope ASEA gave you plenty to experiment with.

  • KillerChic

    Work stresses have meant that my skin seems to look 10 years older than it is. Definitely going to give this a try! Thanks Andrea x

    • FoxInFlats

      Well worth it!

  • Did you have any dryness or skin flare-ups when you first started using it? I tried it for a few days and had issues so gave up, I’m wondering if I should give it a second chance.

    • FoxInFlats

      Hi Lila, no, I didnt have any skin flare-ups – what sort did you get? Redness? Pimples?

      The gel on it’s own left my skin feeling tight, but once I applied my usual skin care over top it was fine. There are areas of my skin that tend to get quite dry, but I find that using Rosehip Oil under my moisturiser combats this. I didnt see results overnight (as you can tell from the pics) but over time it was really good.

      • Mostly dryness, not just initially but a layer of dry skin and a bit of pimple issues but that could have been unrelated. Unfortunately I can’t use rosehip oil (people with certain blood conditions shouldn’t) but might switch up the moisturisers I use and give it another shot.
        Thanks for the sharing how it has been for you!

        • FoxInFlats

          Hmmm, that’s no good. If you’ve still go the tube it may be worth trying again and using a richer moisturiser over top? Worth a try. x

  • Barbara J

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been a user (not twice a day) of Renu 28 since
    May and I rarely use anything else on my face (even makeup). I just
    love the fresh, clean look these days. If you break out from it, it
    means your pores are cleaning out and so I would definitely give it more
    time. I see my upline who have used it religiously since April and
    they look Amazing! Each month they look younger than the month before.
    If you think this is great for the face think about what a liquid form
    of this (ASEA) can do to help your body heal from the inside out.
    http://www.thekey.3minutepeek.com for more info. Spread the word, these are
    life changing health supplements that will also positively impact your
    financial life. 100% non toxic as it is native to the body. Zero
    competition. (ps drink ASEA, one of the benefits is better, more restful
    sleep and more energy…forget the coffee)

  • Barbara J

    PS..Renu,,,is not just for your face, neck, any part of your skin, sunburn, arms, burns, cuts. good for your animals too.