Farewell GRAZIA Australia

By Andrea Zanetich

Back when my boys were babies, a new weekly mag hit the shelves at my local.

It was glossy. It was fresh. And it didn’t have Britney Spears on the front cover. Instead it was packed with up-to-the-sec fashion.

And when my spare change wasn’t being spent on double-skim flat whites to prop my sleep-deprived eyes open, I’d hand over a couple of goldies and dive into that fash-escapism. It was clever, fun, and would sometimes give me a good laugh when they’d publish shots like this:


Grazia magazine


And this week, it’s sadly their last edition.

I’ll always be grateful for the times I was able to comment on celebrity style as a regular member of their Fashion Jury.

They never seemed to mind when I drew outfit comparisons to the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, ‘Where’s Wally?’, or art smocks from my son’s kindy.


And I’ll always be grateful for Grazia publishing my interview with Dannii Minogue.

Fox in Flats in GRAZIA magazine interviewing Dannii Minogue

I met Dannii through our work with the Ovarian Cancer Research foundation, and finally mustered the guts to ask her for an interview. She graciously said yes (that interview is here), and after Editor Amy Molloy read it, she asked if they could publish it, and pay me for the honor.  Parts of the interview were published in GRAZIA, and I was then able to handball all the money I received to the research fund. Major Double Touch Down!

To Amy Molloy, Tamara Davies, Amy Nelmes, and all the dudes behind the scenes that did that magazine stuff that none of us really know about – inclusive of spelling Zanetich correctly – we will miss your weekly injection of gloss. And we wish you all the best.

I’ll miss you.

The local newsagent, who enjoyed the profits from my occasional appearances (where I’d purchase 6 copies each time) will miss you.

And I reckon a bunch of Fox in Flats readers will miss you too.

And as a final nod to the Fashion Jury Days, I invite you, the readers of Fox in Flats, to provide your own style commentary to the photo of the model with the pram above, circa 2010. 


baby hanger1 The 1 minute hairdo for thick, fine AND out of control hair

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  • Nin

    maybe she’s the nanny (new to the job!)? Or exhausted (pale face) and struggling with the reality of motherhood (the heels, and fashion get up…)….

    • FoxInFlats

      LOL Nin!

  • She’s obviously on her way home after a big night and has merely clutched at the pram for support as she teeters her way along the footpath.

    Will miss Grazia. It’s the only mag I occasionally buy 🙁

    • FoxInFlats

      The walk of shame 😉

  • mary_j_j

    Looks like she realised that the cocktail dress and matching heels needed a little bit more, as her preschooler helped by doing both her hair and make up! A certain style but not a fox in flats today!

    • FoxInFlats

      ha ha this is the kind of outfit a kid would come up with!

  • Louise

    Here we have the love child of Vivienne Westwood and Rod Stewart out for a stroll with her beautiful new bub. She could not decide if it was a tartan or animal print kinda day in her sleep deprived new mum state so she went with both. Realising she had better not go to Woolies in her knickers she grabbed the tablecloth on the way out the door to use as a skirt. She will learn in time that stilettos and bark chips simply don’t get along.

    • FoxInFlats

      Oh those bark chips! LOL x

  • You can never wear too many patterns or be too prepared. On a big night out that may or may not end with the walk of shame, be prepared with a stroller. You never know what the end results may be.

    • FoxInFlats

      Classic! ‘walk of shame’

  • Nell

    I think this has been inspired because she’s read fancy nancy so many times to her child who has then decided mum needed to take fancy lessons just like fancy Nancy’s and then mum decides to show their kid some love and allow child to offer fashion advice and then gone fancy to the park with her for a mummy daughter date.

    The things we parents do for our kids. Meanwhile those heels are the enemy and I hope mummy got a well earned foot rub and soak in the tub after 😉

    • FoxInFlats

      So cute! Yup, the things we do 😉

  • Anna

    I’m just going to put it down to baby brain!!

    • FoxInFlats

      Yup 😉

  • Fi

    that’s obviously not a baby in there, that nappy bag is WAY too small. She has just upgraded the transport for her handbag dog!

    • FoxInFlats