Confession: My ‘body-contouring’ underwear drawer is better stocked than my sexy & scanty drawer

body shaping underwear

By Andrea Zanetich

There I said it.

Over the last few years, I’ve packed a fair bit of supportive Lycra and spandex into the second drawer down.

Don’t get me wrong. The first draw in my wardrobe has more than it’s fair share of lacy delicates and sheer, saucy numbers.

But it’s the second drawer down, where I store my shape-wear that’s packed tight as the change rooms at a Sass & Bide sample sale.

My first real shapewear purchase was back in 2006, a few weeks before my son’s christening. I’d bought a pretty dress that was a total departure from my usual style, but which looked like the kind of thing I thought I ‘should’ be wearing as a mother*. Think Alannah Hill, florals and ruffles**.  It was 5 months after having my baby, yet as I was ever-so-slowly working off the 20 kgs I’d piled on, I still looked at least 5 months pregnant. A quick trip to the department store between feeds, however, and I was the proud owner of a pair of tummy-suckers that would’ve made Grandma M proud.

And I’ve not looked back.

Brilliant for sucking, smoothing, squishing, and flattening, these garments are every woman’s wardrobe essential, regardless of shape and size.

And happily, these days, form and function are having a party, and old-school shapewear is making a swan-like entrance.

These body-shapers are on high-rotation in my lingerie drawer, and are all available online now.

Body Shapers

Great to wear under a t-shirt and over the top of your jeans to smooth out a touch of ‘muffin top’.

Will smooth out underwear lines, flatten lumpy bits, and the streamlined design means it won’t detract from the fab action happening on your favourite dress.

The panels smooth the bod, and the padded cups shape the boobs. Love!

This high-cut thong pulls in the tum, without leaving a visible panty line. Great under jeans.


Now, I’m keen to expand my second drawer down with more body-sculpting goodies (am such a cheater!) so spill:

What kind of shapewear do you swear by? 

Vintage lingerie ad via The Lingerie Addict

baby hanger1 The 1 minute hairdo for thick, fine AND out of control hair

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* I’ve since realised there’s no such thing.

**Love this look on everyone else, but I feel more comfy in a monochrome streamlined kinda get up.

  • Thank you! Just got the Yummie Tummie. Awesome discount! 🙂 xoxo

    • FoxInFlats

      Pleasure Rani!

  • Kymmie

    I’ve been addicted to your site for some time now and been quite shy but this is a subject more mummies need to fess up to! we’re all doing it! I too have a drawer full which also started developing since 2006 after having twins and now 3 yrs after having another, it’s an absolute must. I’m at peace with my body now but will absolutely not accept a muffin top or lumpy legs. Thank goodness there’s an industry to support us yummy mummys. Nancy ganz I love you 🙂

    • FoxInFlats

      Hi Kymmie, I’m so pleased you commented! And I’m glad you are on the same page as me… I was s little nervous about writing this post to begin with, but then figured ‘meh!’ I reckon we all do it! It is amazing the impact some of these garments can have on the line of an outfit. Thanks for stopping by x A

  • Shoes and Yoga (Caveat Calcei)

    Other than corsets (which I prefer to put on as outwear) I am a HUGE fan of Rago – girdles, panty girdles corselettes – it is all about getting a sleek line under clothes and keep a pair of seamed stockings straight! Not sure if I’ll get spam bounced for posting this link but here are my thoughts on the topic.

  • Erin

    Shapewear is the only way to go!! I, too, have a drawer full of it!! Love it!!
    Erin x