7 Style Strategies for Women with Small Breasts

Style strategies for women with small breasts

By Andrea Zanetich

“Look Mummy, now I’ve got boobies too!” said Molly bounding out of her pink fairy-land of a little girls bedroom. She was wearing her teeny bikini and had clumsily jammed two rolled-up socks  behind each triangle. “But, why don’t they look like yours?” she asked, confused.

My friend Rachel was regaling me with this tale over a glass of crisp New Zealand Sauv Blanc and a shared mezze platter recently. She continued, cringing at the memory: “I suggested she try a little less sock. And perhaps something softer.”

Seven minutes and a number of different bra-stuffers later, her Molly was happily dancing around the kitchen with just two crumpled tissues propping out her bikini top. “See, I’m just like Mummy!” she squealed with glee.

If you’ve been navigating your way through womanhood with small breasts, you’ve probably found that they’ve become smaller, flatter, and maybe even saggier after having babies, especially if you’ve breastfed. If that’s you, here are 7 ways to maximise your assets that’ll have you dancing ‘round the kitchen too.


1. Fancy up your rack

Tops or dresses with ruffles, frills, pleats, pockets, zips or embellishments placed in the chest area will add the illusion of size to your chest  They’re also perfect for days you’re feeling too lazy to accessorize.

 enhance small breasts by wearing a top with ruffles

2. Flash your other erogenous zones

Shoulders and backs are sexy, so get them out there! Halternecks and one-shoulder tops reveal a smooth expanse of skin, while backless or cut-out tops and dresses give a hint of flesh without telling the whole story. And because you don’t have to fuss with a bra for support, you’ve got much more flexibility than your more well-endowed buddies.

 halterneck jumpsuit perfect if you have small breasts

Aqua Laurent Backless Halterneck Jumpsuit ASOS $206.34


3. Style icon-spiration

Some of the most iconic fashionistas of all time have had small breasts – think Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Onassis and Twiggy. And more recently, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, and Charlize Theron. Look to them for style inspiration.

Kate Moss adds layers to flatter her chest

 Kate Moss adds layers 

4. Accessorise

A scarf looped around your neck and hanging low on your chest will add extra volume, as will a statement necklace that hangs to where your bustline begins. And if you’re going out, choose a small clutch and tuck it under your arm – it’ll add a little extra perceived weight to your chest area.


5. Go deep and low

Gwyneth and Kate have successfully flaunted their small chests at awards shows by wearing couture gowns featuring slashes on the front that go down all the way down to their belly buttons. But that look would be a little out of place at your local grocery store. So take a cue from a regular trick they use in their off-duty looks: a collared shirt unbuttoned deep and low. The fabric of the shirt will give your chest a visual enhancement, and the deep expanse of skin injects a little subtle sexiness. Team with a bra that has crisp clean lines to avoid entering Trashville.

 Gwyneth Paltrow nubottons her shirt low to flatter her smaller chest

Gwyneth Paltrow buttons down

6. Call in the reinforcements

Padded bras, push-up bras, and silicone ‘chicken fillets’ are your friends for those days and outfits when you feel you need something extra. Some of these will even bump you up another two sizes!


7. Crew or Boat Necks

A higher neckline will draw attention toward your neck and face, whereas a V-neck will draw attention to your chest. Be inspired by Jacqueline Onassis’ signature shifts, short-sleeved tops and turtlenecks.


The classic style of Jacqueline Onassis



So what happened with my friend Rachel? Last time we spoke, she was considering breast enhancement – and she’s not alone in her thinking.

A study by mamamia revealed that 48% of women would have a cosmetic procedure if money wasn’t an issue, and 22% would choose to have a breast enlargement.

If you’re considering surgery to go up a size or two, check out this chat with a mother of four who opened up to Fox in Flats about her post-baby boob job.

Looks like little Molly may be able to stuff her bikini with socks one day after all.



What are your tips and tricks for making the most of your small breasts? And would you ever consider a boob job? 

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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I have had large breasts and small ones,these days they look like wet footie socks when I bend over ,but I had a DD bust when i had my son a long time ago and I looked stupid all boobs and no body,I could have used them as a table they were so huge,and I could not find a dress that fit that I didn’t look fat in, so I will take my small breasts I have ended up with,I would never have surgery on them ,I may be chicken but a bra does a great job of making them bigger,higher and younger and I have had too many operations on things I had to have done so I’m happy with my little boobs they have fed 2 children and I am not at an age where I show them off so I’m very happy with what I have left.

    • FoxInFlats

      I agree Lisa, bras can do wonders! So pleased you are happy with where you are at. x A

  • Laura

    Love this article! After 4 children and racking up beyond 8 years breastfeeding, my already small boobies are saggy baggy and just sad. So this advice “And because you don’t have to fuss with a bra for support, you’ve got much more flexibility than your more well-endowed buddies” would be a hilarious look for me!

    I have found bathers need to be really supportive and tight fitting, triangle bikini tops and the like do not provide enough support or shape enhancement. Where as more structured bikini tops provide lift and can make you feel years (or is that a few children) younger.

    It is such a crazy journey to live the changes in our bodies after children.

    • FoxInFlats

      Am hearing you Laura, thank goodness for bathers with inner-shaping! It is amazing how our bodies change from having kids – at least we know we’re all in the same boat! x A

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