The Hair Dare


Do you have a basic, quick hairstyle that you fall back on day-in, day-out simply because it’s convenient?

If you answered “yes”, you’re not alone.

Of 150 women we surveyed, a whopping 77% said they had a ‘uniform’ of sorts they wore regularly – and that uniform was most often topped off with a pony-tail.

Sound familiar?

But, making more of your locks doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or a hassle. So to encourage more of us to break out of a hair style comfort zone, we’re continuing our series of style Dares by laying down a hair challenge:


Wear your hair in a different style every day for 7 days in a row.


5 reasons to try the hair dare:

1. It’ll be a great way to bust out of a hair-style rut.

2. You’ll probably discover a bunch of new, easy hair-do’s to add to your daily repertoire.

3. You won’t have to buy anything new to participate.

4. We’ve got loads of tips, ideas and inspiration to get you going.

5. We’ll call you “chicken” if you don’t join in. “Burk, Burk, Burk!


The rules:
  • Join in whenever you like, but to complete the Dare you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Each hairstyle must be distinctly different from another.
  • Choose any hairstyle you like, but challenge yourself to try styles you’ve not done before.


Tips & ideas:

Check out our file of hairstyle ideas on Pinterest. It’s a catalogue of awesome hair photos, with links to articles and how-to’s online.


For super-easy-to-follow hair-style tutorials, grab a packet of bobby pins and click over to Hair Romance. Christina will have you braiding and twisting your hair into swoon-worthy do’s like this in no time.


Browse the articles we’ve done on Fox in Flats.

We’re all about sharing tips and ideas, and our hair file is bursting at the seams. Click here to see them all, or click through some of our favourites, below:

Top 10 fast, favourite hairstyles

5 quick ways to dress up a ponytail 

9 hot hairstyles for dirty hair

messy bun 9 hot hairstyles for when your hair is totally dirty

5 ways to take your ponytail from everyday to runway

5 pigtail hairstyles you can wear without getting confused for your daughter

How to get awesome hair overnight with an old stocking and a stiff drink

The 3 minute knotted bun

all in knots In knots about this easy alternative to the mega messy bun

And the list goes on… Click here to browse all of our quick hair tips.


What’s a dare without proof that you’ve done it?

We wanna see which hairstyles you’ve added to your repertoire, so upload your photos in the comments section below, or share them on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, using this:

#hairdare @foxinflats

We will then showcase our favourite reader photos and hairstyle tips on site over the next month or so – drop me a note if you’d like your hairstyles to be included on the site.


So…Are you in? Or are you ‘Chicken’?

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  • Any tips for short hair? 🙂

    • Clintsue

      Yes just had my hair cut, any ideas, its a bit harder

      • Anonymous

        Sure! Check out Hair Romance she’s got loads of ideas for short hair 😉 x x

    • beauty in a bottle

      Lena and Clintsue
      Play around with your part, add accessories like headbands/scarves, spike it up, twist it. There’s so much you can do! Google celebs with hair your length to get ideas from 🙂

  • I think I can do it, count me in!!

    x jody {} 

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! can’t wait to hear how you go!

  • Lindagcollard

    I don’t think I’ve worn seven styles in my *life* let alone a week… I’m in.

    • Anonymous

      Linda, you’ve got gorgeous hair – this should be an easy one for you…!

  • Love this!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Christina, we love your hair ideas. I’m going to be using your ebook a lot this week! 

  • I’m in! I’ve been growing my hair so it will be great to get out of the twist and clip and ponytail rut and have some fun 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      Great! It’s going to be a fun way to get us trying new things I think. I’m really excited!

  • Beebeejaybee

    I had a plait rut for a while, so I cut my hair …. now it’s a pigtail rut….. I’m in ::-)

    • Anonymous

      We’ve all got our funny hair ruts huh! For me, if I wear my hair in a ‘high bun’ again I might gag. Going plaits today 😉

  • Fantastic initiative! I love it! I’m currently wearing my hair out. As I do most of the time. Can this count as Day 1? 😉

    • Anonymous

      OMG I LOVE your colour! Yep, that counts – but you gotta mix it up for the rest of the week…! x

  • Anonymous

    Day1 A few side plaits & messy up do for a day playing in the sun.

  • C W

    I’m in! Found you through hair romance 🙂 I can’t do pictures easily, but yesterday I did two french braids and tied them in a knot at the base of my head. It didn’t look so hot by the end of the day :P. Today a sock bun, tres cute, down low and sturdy for work!

    • Anonymous

      Hi CW – and welcome! the french braids sound fab! Sock bun…like a bun doughnut? I think I’ll try that this week – thanks for the inspiration! x

      • This is a sock bun:

        Bonus – it will give you curls for the second day! 

        • C W

          Thanks Miss T. for answering that! My curls went flat. I went with a simple ponytail for a day of running and then long and loose for my 3rd and 4rth days. Today I created my own version of the 3 twist bun….4 twists marching down the back of my head french braid like. Tomorrow….who knows. This is fun 🙂

          • C W

            Oh and Yesterday was a frenchbraid sideways….from my left ear to my right and tied off.

          • Anonymous

            CW those ‘do’s sound awesome! x

  • Sue

    So far with short hairI have worn a fringe, no fringe.  hair off the face with head band and tonight have put darker colour in my hair. Does that count???????????

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that’s a fab effort! 

  • Anonymous

    Meeting hair. Trying a serious face 😉 Day 2 #hairdare ”

  • Anonymous

    Day 3 of The hair dare, sleek and tucked. Would never have tried this if not for the dare! Off to another meeting, and then taking the kids to swimming lessons & play date. Maybe beach later. I think this’ll hold up! The Hair Dare –

  • LE

    I’m in too!  My hair’s a shoulder length bob. Day 1 was loose with one piece pinned to the side, Day 2 was a quiff and the teeniest pony tail ever. Today is loose, blow dried and straightened. This is fun! I was just complaining to a friend that “you can’t do anything with short hair” so it’s a good challenge.

    • Anonymous

      LE that’s great. It’s fun to band together and have fun with something like this. Would love to see some pics if you’ve got the chance – I’ll be it will inspire others x

  • Anonymous

    Day 5: Pigtails. 
    Perfect for a day jam-packed with swimming, groceries (wish me luck!) library and more beach!  How-to tips here: 

  • Anonymous

    Day 4: Hair extension ponytail! Am in love with this – will do again for sure! 

  • LE

    Day 4 I did a plain ol’ ponytail but with a deep side part.  LIked that a lot and will definitely go there again. Today I cheated a repeated the Day 4 style – a day swimming and doing other active stuff called for a practical style. 4 out of 5 ain’t bad though… right?

    • Anonymous

      Any chance to mix it up is awesome! Well done! x

  • Anonymous

    Messy extensions and giggles with child photographer!

  • Anonymous

    Hair Dare Sunday! I’ve tried loose Heidi-esque braids, and messy up-do. Off to the movies with the little ones… 

    • LE

      This is my favourite – so pretty!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Le, and it was super, super quick too! Will upload a how-to over the next couple of weeks. x

  • LE

    Day 6 I did blow dry and pinned the front into a quiff and Day 7 I used the GHD to make waves.  Thanks so much for this – it ha been really good fun and made me more conscious of how giving my hair a bit of love can inrcease my inclination to wear something nice too. x

    • Anonymous

      LE your hairstyles sound awesome! Thanks for joining in. Was a fun week! x

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  • beauty in a bottle

    I started it today! I just did a half up/half down by twisting and pining up the front and curling the rest of the hair. I’ll put up a new picture on my blog every day XO
    Here is todays 

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  • Ooh I’ll be keeping an eye on this – what a great idea. I definitely I’m one of those in a bit of a hair rut – I’ll keep you posted!

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