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It’s been nearly two years since I first hesitantly clicked the ‘Publish’ button on Fox in Flats.

The idea for the site came after I was out with my two little boys and I noticed a mum in the reflection of a shop window. She was pushing a pram with one hand, her other hand was being yanked by a shaggy-haired child, and she was wearing a grey velour tracksuit. Her hair was scraped into a quick pony-tail.

We locked eyes for a moment… and then I realised it was me.

My reflection left me feeling as deflated as the sagging knees in those tracky dacks.

Things had to change. So I promised myself I’d find a way to dig myself out of the motherhood-induced fashion rut I’d found myself in. As part of my mission to do that, Fox in Flats was born.

I soon found out that an incredible 60% of women with young children felt they were in a style rut too. I wasn’t alone!

So I decided to create a place where we could all share tips, ideas and inspiration to make it easier to look and feel better while we’re wrangling our kids.

Since Fox in Flats first began, there’s been a lot of different articles posted about all sorts of handy stuff. But if Fox in Flats were a school, the following articles would all be part of the ‘cool group’, because they are the top 21 most popular posts published on Fox in Flats, ever:


13 wardrobe essentials every mother can’t do without

…closet classics from $200 – $2.



5 pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for your daughter

There is something so fresh and innocent about pigtails. Yet as a grown up, if you’re not careful, wearing pigtails can make you look like either a porn star or like Mary-Ann from Gilligan’s Island…



Top 12 tips for looking good when you’ve got little kids

Mothers share what really makes a difference.


Everything in the ‘Playground Style’ File

We showcase mothers who are rocking the suburbs!


Toe cleavage: too sexy for the playground?

The debate continues. Are you for or against?


9 hot hairstyles for when your hair is totally dirty

Easy, fast do’s that look better when your hair needs a wash.


Mothers reveal their top 5 fashion issues

150 women share their biggest fashion challenges since they became mothers. 


What real mummy tummies look like

We know they can be stretched, lined, puckered, marked and saggy, yet it’s rare to see another mother’s tum. Until now.


Dare you to wear Red Lipstick all week! 

Could you wear red lipstick every day, from when you get dressed in the morning till you brush your teeth before bed at night?



How a white shirt could save your life

My mum Jan, and the mothers of my dear friends Bec and Jackie, all had Ovarian Cancer. And they all found out about it after it could be successfully treated. This post aimed to raise much needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation so they can continue to find a way to develop an early detection test.


How to get awesome hair overnight with an old stocking and a stiff drink

Pene Turner demonstrates how you can do it in your own backyard!


From milk machine to style machine. Part 1: Nursing Tops

In Part 1 of our special series on breastfeeding, a group of women share their tips and advice to make it easier for the rest of us to transform from milk machine to style machine.

nursing tops breastfeeding tops


Saggy breasts? One woman bares all about her post-baby boob job

Disgruntled with the condition of your post-baby breasts? You’re not the only one.

Minogue Mothers’ Group

Dannii Minogue chats post-baby style, pregnancy cravings, and nursing backstage in a ball gown.


Yummy Mummy, MILF and now, Muttony Mummy?

Fox in Flats gets ranty on discovering that yet another name has been coined to describe the way certain mothers dress: ‘The Muttony Mummy.’


39 ways to rock your frock!

Probably the most practical list ever on how to make the most of the dresses you’ve already got.


5 things I learnt the night I met Princess Mary

This was no ordinary Tuesday night!


12 ways to fake awake

Struggling to keep your eyes open after yet another fitful night’s sleep? Try these tips for looking good when you’re tired, by mothers who know.


Confession Time: Reasons I didn’t exercise last week

The top 10 excuses mums make for not exercising, PLUS a truckload of fitness inspiration tailored especially for you.



5 back to work essentials for every working mum

Foxy finds to have you sartorially sorted for your return to (paid) work.


How to look awesome after the big delivery

Tips from other mums to help you look your best, regardless of whether you have a sweaty 40 hour marathon birth, or a neat scheduled caesar.


Want more? Check out the Top 5 posts of 2012.



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