106 ways with a summer scarf

By Tegan Taylor

Scarves are one of those winter staples that make you look instantly more put-together. But here at Fox in Flats, winter isn’t enough for us! We reckon scarves are stylish all year round. To prove it, here’s a round-up of the internet’s best when it comes to making scarves work for summer, plus a couple of tips of our own.


The loopy-loop

A classic for a reason. Fold a square scarf in half diagonally and loop it around your neck with the largest part of the triangle in front. Creates instant colour, it’s great camouflage for baby-spew, and distraction from whatever body-image issues you have going on. What a winner.



Scarf on bag

A small scarf casually trailing from a statement bag somehow screams “expensive”, even if neither the scarf nor the bag are. Just be sure to flick the scarf inside the bag before setting it down on floors or other dirty surfaces.



Scarf in your hairdo

Refresh your memory on how to wear a scarf in your hair without looking like Captain Feathersword with this previous Fox in Flats post.



Best of the net

The internet is teeming with tips on how to mix up your scarf-wearing techniques. Here are some of the best:



Have a dearth of scarf?

Pick up one of these:

Diane von Furstenberg scarf, $121.97 (pictured)

ASOS Sketchy Llama Scarf $27.79

Steve Madden splatter print scarf $19.35


Keen to give your scarves a run?

Why not join in the fun of DAREcember?

Day 3 of the month-long style challenge is Scarves. Get going ladies!

DAREcember Fox in Flats How to wear hot pink lipstick without looking like you’re going to a 90s retro party



How to you wear your scarves in summer? 

baby hanger1 DAREcember: Putting style back into the silly season

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