At home hair removal

Before I had kids, I had a standing appointment with my local wax-ition (I could try to be all fancy and say it was a beautician, but it was more of a wax-factory where you’d get in & out asap with a quick couple of warm, waxy rips courtesy of a backpacker). My quick-sticks wax job suited me just fine, as hair removal is not something I like to linger over, and I’m not a huge fan of the Enya-style tunes that’re usually piped around a day spa.

Yet once I had my babies, hair removal in a salon became much more complicated. My pram didn’t fit into the tiny waxing room, so I couldn’t bring the baby with me. And on weekends when there were extra hands on deck, I’d rather spend time as a family doing fun stuff instead of getting ripped, stripped and plucked.

And so my adventures in at-home hair removal began.

Here are 4 options that’ll have you hair-free in the comfort of your own home, with the added benefit of no small talk to the person who’s doing the de-fuzzing, and you can choose your own soundtrack. Just be sure to hook the kids into the TV before you get started…


The razor

Schick Hydro Silk RRP $14.25

Pros: Quick, cheap, painless, provides instant smoothness, and if you’re desperate it can even be done in the shower accompanied by two slithering, giggling kids.

Cons: Stubble in a couple of days. If you’re not too careful, you’ll nick yourself and the blood can be pretty extreme.

Good for: Legs & underarms – especially if you’ve got dark hair like me and you don’t want to grow your leg hair long enough for waxing. Chewbacca I ain’t.

Kid factor: Keep away from curious little fingers – see point re: blood above.

TIP: Look for a razor with a pivot head to get into sneaky corners like around your knees. But don’t be fooled into thinking you need to buy a pink, girly razor. The men’s razors do the same job, are often cheaper, and coordinate better with most bathroom decor than a garish pink one.


The wax strip

Pros: Inexpensive, fast, and you get that curious satisfaction of seeing exactly how much hair you’ve managed to pull out. You’ll be hair-free for a couple of weeks.

Cons: Takes a lot of guts to pull off the strip. Can be painful, especially if you’re doing a really quick upper lip wax and you remove part of your lip at the same time. Ouch!!!

Good for: Upper lip, bikini line.

Kid factor: Don’t let the kids see you do this: I’ll never forget the look of horror and concern on my 3 year old’s face when he walked in on me doing a bikini line wax. I’ll be paying his shrink bills in years to come over that childhood memory.



Warm wax

Veet Easy-Wax Electrical Roll on kit RRP $ 39.99

Pros: Same pros as with the wax strip, but with arguably more precision. Hair-free for a couple of weeks.

Cons: Again, same as per the wax strip, but with the added complication of needing to heat the wax to the right temperature (but, try the Veet Easy-Wax system as it does that job quickly and automatically)

Good for: Upper lip, bikini line, or anywhere you have enough guts to try.

Kid factor: Keep your tub of warm wax away from the little ones as they might mistake it for Pooh’s Honey Pot. “Glug, glug, ooohhhhhhouch!”



Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Philips Lumea Precision Plus RRP $1,299.95

Pros: After about six home sessions (at about 1-3 mins per area) you should be hair-free, which means not having to worry about all this hairy business ever again!

Cons: The initial outlay is exxy. The light pulse can feel a bit like a tiny electric shock (but turn down the laser if it’s hurting). You need to shave the area in between sessions which can feel kind of freaky if it’s an area that you wouldn’t ordinarily shave, like your upper lip. It can take more than six sessions to get results which means more time spent on hair-removal in the short term.

Good for: Any area you’re comfortable to shave in between sessions.

Kid factor: If you’ve got boys, they’ll probably think it’s a laser beam gun and try to run away with it, so keep this weapon of hair destruction away from their beady eyes!



What’s your favourite at home hair-removal option, and how do you distract the kids while you’re at it?

Or do you still ‘dine out’ for hair removal, and if so, what’s your preferred method?

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Fox  in Flats was given each of the products mentioned above  to try.

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  • Marina

    Thanks to my European heritage – I’ve tried all of the above apart from the laser – which looks interesting. I tend to lean towards to strips – but dream of the Wax Factory experience, time allowing. Summer’s here – I’d better make an appointment!

    • FoxInFlats

      Ah yes, the in-n-out wax factory is awesome. Get booking, these places get busy! x

  • I usually shave my legs and use wax strips for everything else. I’m a little lazy though and probably should do both more often. Rachel x

    • FoxInFlats

      Me too. Me too!

  • Adele

    Epilator for the legs – best invention ever! No pain (after the first couple times), no messy wax, relatively quick to do and lasts ages. Don’t know why these are never mentioned?!

    • FoxInFlats

      Adele, honestly forgot all about these! I think I missed the boat on them and slipped my mind. Great tip. Thanks for the memory jog!

    • Teegstar

      I’m an epilator fan too — no need to wait for weeks like you have to do with waxing. They do seem to give me more ingrowns than waxing though for some reason.

  • jacki

    Very interesting! I’ve always preferred to get someone else to do it for me, but lately it’s been harder to get into a salon so I’m considering my options! The warm wax or the IPL sound pretty good. Thanks for the info!

    • FoxInFlats

      Pleasure Jacki – I’d never considered it before kids that’s for sure. Not so bad once you get used to it. Cheers,. A

  • Srivani

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    Thank you very Very Much For The Post.It Is

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  • I’ve moved to using a home laser system. Much better results than anything else I’ve tried. Getting permanent results in many places.

    Much more affordable than going to a clinic and you don’t have to do such large areas at any one time.