The easiest braid for a complete novice

I’ll admit, braiding is something I tend to avoid. Fine hair, zero time for fussing, and a dislike of getting achey arms from intricate plaiting will do that to you.

Yet my friend Christina from has shared this super easy hairstyle that’ll have you looking all fancy in no time. My excuses for avoiding braids are now shot. As she told me:

Braids (or plaits) aren’t just for your daughters. They are perfect for keeping your fringe off your face, or taking your ponytail from ordinary to extraordinary.”

The Triple Tied Braid 

Plaits twisted and tied together create an effortless half up, half down hairstyle.

What you’ll need:

Bobby Pins
Small clear hair elastics (optional, but useful)


1. Take a piece of hair from just above your temple and braid it. Secure the end with a clear elastic or a bobby pin.

2. Repeat, creating a second braid just below the first. Secure the end with a pin or elastic.

3. Repeat on the right side, creating the third braid.

4. Bring all three together and twist. Weave a bobby pin through the twist and pin to the hair underneath. Or if your hair is too thick to pin, tie them together with a clear elastic.


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What’s your go-to braid-do?

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  • Christina makes everything look easy 🙂 My girls are obsessed with her braids, so I have become quite the expert lately. Rachel x

    • FoxInFlats

      Doesn’t she?! But I would never to have bothered to try if not for her.

  • Teegstar

    What a cute style! I think blonde/highlighted hair works particularly well with braids, because you see the lovely light and shade. Braids tend to get lost in my dark hair (but I’ll be giving this one a go anyway).

    • FoxInFlats


  • I absolutely LOVE braids but I cannot braid to save myself. I am definitely going to try this one! x

    • FoxInFlats

      I can’t believe you think you can’t briad? You’ve got hair just WAITING to be woven together – go girl!

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