How to find summer sandals that’ll be comfy for play, all day

The perfect summer sandal not only looks stunning, it feels as good as an icy gelato on a hot day.

In this excerpt from our FREE Essential Spring Shoe Guide (which you can download here), we’re sharing:

  1. How to choose sandals that suit your style,
  2. What to look for when buying sandals to ensure they’re super comfy, and
  3. Tips on what to style them with.


3 things to look for when buying sandals

TIP 1: Be extra critical about how the positioning of straps, buckles and embellishments work on your body. Everyone’s ankles and calves are built differently, so experiment till you find a pair that flatter.


TIP 2: Sandals lined with cotton, leather or absorbent linings are great for warmer months – especially if your feet tend to perspire a lot. Avoid sandals made of plastic, rubber or faux leather.


TIP 3: To prevent your heel from slipping out the back of the shoe, look for styles like this with heel cups and ankle support.


Sandals to suit your style

  • Love to glam it up? Look for metallics with bling.
  • Wanna be on top of trends? Get neon brights that pop, or squeeze on juicy citrus shades.
  • If in doubt, invest in a beautiful pair in light-tan leather – you can’t go wrong.

For ECCO stockists and product details click here

Styling tips

Think ‘flowing, romantic and hippy-esque’. Long maxi dresses and skirts, or breezy kaftans teamed with easy, free-range hair plus jangly accessories.

Team above-the-knee tunic dresses with a long pendant and oversized shades for a chic, boho look.

Crisp shorts, topped with a 3/4 sleeved striped Breton T-shirt channels Riviera chic. Just add red lipstick, black sunnies, and a large straw tote.

Wear with a short flowy dress – an inch or two above the knees and belted at the waist for a classic, feminine silhouette.

Try lightweight baggy pants that taper in at the ankle, ending an inch or so before the top of the sandal, for a dreamy genie inspired look. Top with a fitted tank and finish with metallic accessories.


Love wedge sandals? Click here for 6 more ideas on how to style them.


For more tips and ideas on how to wear this year’s Spring/Summer Shoe Trends, download the Fox in Flats Essential Spring Shoe Guide.

front cover1 How to wear loafers


Here’s to playing all day!

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  • yojo

    good ideas!! those ecco sandals look uber cute too!!

    • FoxInFlats

      Yes they are comfy!

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