Ditch the pram and wear your cutest accessory with these 5 stylish baby slings

By Tegan Taylor

Take an outing to any hipster-parent hotspot – weekend farmer’s markets, cafes with herb gardens, you know the places – and you could be forgiven for thinking baby wearing is the latest fad. But we humans have been carrying our babies in slings, backpacks and papooses for thousands of years. It’s convenient, provides lots of baby-head-kissing opportunities and, importantly, is much easier to navigate through the aisles of cramped boutiques than a pimped-out pram.

The Earth Mother look isn’t really your thing? Don’t worry. The latest generation of slings and baby carriers are as stylish as they are functional. Here’s 5 of our faves:


1.     Luxurious ring slings

Ring slings are a versatile, adjustable option for babywearing in that they can accommodate anything from a newborn to a 15kg toddler. But where these slings really come into their own is the variety of fabrics to choose from. Try the Rockin’ Baby Reversible Sling pictured below, check out the array at Etsy, browse a local baby shop stocking handmade items or if you’re feeling crafty, try putting one together yourself with the help of the many tutorials online.

Rockin’ Baby Reversible Sling $82



2. Beach-friendly mesh sling

Ideal for the Australian climate, great for introducing your little one to the beach or swimming pool, or just for making being bundled together more bearable on hot days. They even come in a rainbow of colours, so you can buy one to match your bathing suit.


Breeze Baby Carrier $79 


3. Wrap carrier

Wrap slings like this one can be worn in multiple ways – and come in loads of different prints. Because they cover most of your top half, you can make the pretty fabric the focus, and the rest of your outfit quite basic.

Infantino Wrap Carrier $37



4. Soft structured carrier

For parents not so sure about all this slinging and wrapping business, a more structured carrier can feel like a safer choice. ERGObaby makes carriers in adorable fabrics, and whispers in mum-dom say they are some of the most comfortable on the market.

ERGObaby Designer baby carrier $145



5. Classic structured carrier – with a twist

If you need a final push into the world of babywearing, here it comes: a Union Jack print baby carrier! Sure, you could go all safe with a charcoal or black or some beigy colour that is designed to hide baby vomit stains… but why would you?

Evenflo Front Snugli Vented Baby Carrier $39.99


Pushing a pram? So yesterday.


Are you a babywearing mama? What’s your favourite sling or carrier? 

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  • Brooke – Littie Miss Moi

    Yep, I sure do wear my baby (14 months) – ergo sport (not pretty but is very lightweight and thus cool for baby) is my choice. I live in the tropics and more recently in a country without footpaths so taking a stroller is impossible! Also being an expat means lots of travel back home, and strollers are IMPOSSIBLE in airports. Ergo all the way for me. The slings killed my back once my babies hit more than 5.5kg!

    • FoxInFlats

      It really makes such a difference travelling with a baby carrier once you find the right one doesn’t it?! And am hearing you about how hard some slings can be once the kids get bigger – ouch! It’s all trial & error till you find what works for you (and your baby!)

  • I wish I was a babywearing mama! Unfortunately my little 4 month old refuses to go in one. His preferred mode of transport is in my arms, held high over my shoulder so he can watch the world go by.

    • FoxInFlats

      Oh, a little curious one! It’s funny how some babies just adore carriers and others won’t have a bar of it isnt it? My first hated them too, but my second? I’d even sweep the floors with him in a baby bjorn! Enjoy your cute baby! x

  • Kelly @ kiwiwomensstyle

    I wore my babies in a ring sling and then a manduca for years. My four year old still sometimes wants a ride! I bought a red sling and then black manduca thinking they would go with everything (and they did) but I wish I’d had the budget to buy a whole rainbow. If you’re only going to buy one – make it an ergo or manduca!!!

    • FoxInFlats

      How nice is it to carry the bubs like that?! Thanks for the tips x

  • Hugabub organic wrap for me! Absolutely loved it and it saved my sanity during colic too

    • FoxInFlats

      You my friend are the model for baby-wearing mamas. In fact, I’d hardly recognize you without one 😉

    • Teegstar

      The hugabub looks so comfy but tricky to put on — I was too scared to try it with my first! I think I would give it a go next time though, as the backpack position looks handy (and so cute).

      • It can be intimidating when you see it at first! But after a couple of tries of putting it on it was super easy. If we were going out I’d often put it on before hopping in the car so it was all ready to go when we got there.

  • Jessica Buurman
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