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 Sorry, this giveaway is now closed. But check out the comp section of Fox in Flats here to see the other great promos we have running.


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  • Despite initially being anti-the brogue, I’ve come around, and after seeing you wearing them, I’m going with the Malmo. Stylish, chic and comfortable. That’s one small step for man and a giant leap for this lady.

  • Katie Morton

    Yellow loafers are my 100% fav. Been into stores to find a pair to buy, but maybe ill get lucky. X

  • My favourite would definitely have to be the Malmo. Would love a pair of brogues!

  • I am so incredibly torn! I absolutely adore Kelly, being a massive fan of the ballet flat (I live in them) despite being kicked out of ballet school for cutting all my hair off, sticking my bum out and possibly (OK, definitely) ruining the end of year concert by stealing one of the props… during the performance.

    But I also love the Malmo brogue and Spin loafer for something different to the rest of my wardrobe, and something I can run to the bus stop in after herding cats (literally) so they don’t follow me without my shoes falling off on the way (which has happened).

    Look out ECCO I’m coming in store to try on shoes in preparation!

    • I’m so sorry! I clicked the vote down button thinking it would expand text! No comment intended at all in terms of your post! Mental note – get more sleep…

  • Spin Loafers they look so comfortable I could wear them around the home or on errands without worrying about blisters!

  • I adore the Sculptured Sign. Just gorgeous. I would have chosen the Malmo but I already have a similar pair.

  • I’m torn between the Bouillon (LOVE anything orange!) and the Sculptured 65 bootie, but I think for summer and with the days warming up, it has to be the Bouillon. The last pair of shoes I bought for myself (rather than the kids!) was a pair of ballet flats from Kmart, needless to say they have not worn well, you get what you pay for – especially when it comes to shoes! Now I just need to find a spare $200 out of the grocery budget…

  • Oh, dear Kelly, please come my way. You look so purdy and perfect for Summer!!

  • angela

    Bouillon the orange is simply gorgeous and reminds me of a typical long hot aussie summer day

  • It’s a toss between the Kelly Ballets or the BIOM Lite Sneakers. They are both cute shoes that’ll be so very comfortable to wear.

  • Nikola

    Definitely the Malmo brogues. Just love the look of brogues with cropped jeans or pants. Just need to win a pair now.

  • Megan

    I love the flirty bouillon – perfect for summer with a cute dress or cropped jeans

  • Holly Barlow

    Love the ballet flats, they looks so stylish but yet comfortable. And definitely the wedge sandals too, they are cute!!

  • Katische Haberfield

    ooh the sculptured wedges would be amazing with my new striped dress I bought on the weekend!

  • Ellie

    The Kelly flats for me – I have the Bouillon in tan and love them to bits – time to try something new!

  • Definitely the sculptured wedges for me. They are so cute and stylish!

  • sam

    Kelly flats – I have to face it, the construction around my work is not conducive to heels any more.

  • The shoes I’d like to win are definitely the Ecco Spin ;). Ok no more rhyming! These loafers would be the perfect spin on my wardrobe to take my favourite colour yellow into Summer 🙂

  • I love the brogues! So cute and a style that I haven’t tried before.

  • I have been dreaming of a pair of brogues for ages, so those Malmo brogues would do nicely thanks! 😉

  • Naomi Ellis

    What an awesome giveaway and so hard to decide. Love the blue wedges the best I think. Love Ecco shoes! By the way, you are looking totally hot in the magazine Andrea. N x

  • Heeled booties… They are hot! 🙂

  • Mel

    Love the bright summery-yellow spin loafers 🙂

  • Awesome competition. I’ve been a lover of Ecco shoes for many years because I have dodgy feet and legs and so use orthotics most of the time. I am loving the black Kelly ballet flats. Fingers crossed for me!

  • ooohhhh i lurve the blue wedges – great for summer!

  • Nic

    My hand’s up for the ballet flats – they look cute and super comfy!

  • Lara

    I have a boot collection and wear them with pretty much everything, no fear! The sculptured 65 would be perfect for me!

  • Sonia ElSheikh

    I love the ballet flats 🙂

  • Ooh, its such a hard choice – I looove the Boillon sandals, but in the end have to say the ballet flats – as I know I would get so much use out of them, and they fit my current wardrobe easily.

  • Nellie

    Sculptured Sign. Siiiiiiigh. Beautiful, funky and so blue. The humble wedge it is.

  • Moi

    It’s so close! I can’t decide whether I need the Sculptured 65 or the Bouillon more. They are both gorgeous

  • Lizzy Cox

    Ohhhh I would love love love the flat sandals

  • Lauren Dean

    Definately the Ballet Flats. Just LOOOOOOVVVVEEE them. They suit anything and would be so comfy to wear.

  • Definitely the Malmo brogues. They are inspirational.

  • Oooh I have been coveting the blue wedges ever since I designed the mag for you!!

  • It’s time to head outside and breathe in and out. Tragedy has made me look at my life and realise it’s time to watch the sunrise and the sea lap at the shore. So, I’d choose the Biom Lite shoe.

  • Well since it’s
    winter here and I have recently come to the revelation that the US is
    perpetually a season (fashion wise) behind Australia, I am going to opt for
    something more practical for this freezing weather we are currently having
    here. At first I was convinced I needed the Kelly flats but I’m pretty sure
    rain and the Kelly’s wont be great friends thus my second and third picks,
    because I am indecisive, would have to be Malmo
    brogue and Spin loafer. While they’re definitely made for spring style I am
    pretty confident that I can work either one into my winter wardrobe, plus who doesn’t
    love a sassy brogue or loafer ;). Either one would look amazing with my spring wardrobe
    and I’ll be ahead of curve with my fashion picks!

  • Nikki

    How quickly can I say wedges, wedges, wedges. Anything that elongates my short legs (thanks for these Mum!) is a must have!

  • Melinda @ Shop Me Chic

    The orange sandals! They are simply divine.

    On another note, I don’t think I’ve known any mum to look at stunning as you while she waits for the school bell!

  • Mary

    Ooohhh I love my Ecco shoes! And I would love those blue wedges! So cute for summer!

  • amelia

    I would love to win the Ballet Flats, they look super comfortable and great to wear to work.

  • traymona

    Sculptured Sign by Ecco sandals are my favorite.

  • JicyJac

    I would choose the Spin yellow loafer. I love yellow, but being a fair skinned red head I need to keep it well away from my face, so yellow shoes is a perfect idea.

  • Raeleen

    I suffer from ducks disease…so I love the booties and the blue wedge.But for summer it definately has to be the blue wedge to lengthen the short legs!

  • Shelley

    Definately the Kelly ballet flats!! They are gorgeous

  • I am loving the Kelly ballet flats – so stylish and I own two pairs of ECCO shoes and they are so comfy !!

  • Bronwen

    Red, yellow, orange, blue I love them all I cannot choose. Spring is here its time for fun please let me know, that I have won!

  • Sunny like a summer’s day. Sensible for someone nearly six feet tall! Suiting a foot with a bunions too!

    It’s the yellow SPIN loafers for me!

  • I am also torn between the blue wedges and the yellow loafers. Since I wear mostly dresses or skirts during the warmer months I would go with the blue wedges.

  • kerry santillo

    comfort all the way baby!!!!!!!! The ballet flats are gorgeous and my must have wardrobe essential ♥♥

  • Mick

    Love the “Spin” shoes and the yellow colour is divine

  • Katherine

    The Kelly ballet flat will keep me partying the night away while other girls have their heels over their shoulder as they walk barefoot home early!!

  • I like the Biom Lite – they look super comfortable!

  • J Walton

    The Kelly ballet flats are gorgeous, perfect for this summer!

  • Felicity Ray

    Its the heeled Booties all the way. Tried them on instore after reading about them here. Love love love them. Dressy or casual, wear them with trousers or skirts – these are a versatile little shoe.

  • melissa

    I was in the process of finding this summer’s shoes – for walking the kids to school, working in a florist (so covered in shoes), comfortable and stylish. The Spin loafer looks like to one for me!

  • Rhonda G

    Fallen in love with Sculptured Sign wedge sandals – I would LIVE in them, and look stylish too. Fingers crossed.

  • claire evans

    walk to school in a comfy stride, kelly ballet flats will come along for the ride

  • Sculptured 85 for the wife…

  • OOOPS thats 65…..

  • Sculptured Sign wedges are my #1 pick! So adorable and I love the blue colour. I love Ecco shoes!

  • Kieren

    The Sculptured Sign wedge sandals are a celebration of sexy sisterhood, a round of applause to your fabulous self.

  • Serene Paul

    I am also torn…. between the SPIN and the BOUILLON. I think I am going to have to go the BOUILLON as I could wear those with anything and everything in my summer wardrobe and I just love the colour!

  • Karly

    The spin loafer – thank you for the fab giveaway

  • Liz B

    Love the Sculptured Sign – cool and comfy but still remaining that little bit of style. And I definitely need a pair of blue shoes!

  • Kristine

    Firstly you modelled all the shoes beautifully but my pick is Bouillon. They look so comfortable and a fabulous choice of colour, tangerine! Perfect for summer I just love them!

  • the biom lite flats looks so great and comfortable and can be worn anywhere for those active people

  • Mel O

    The Kelly Ballet flats are perfect for staying cool, stylish and keeping up with my gorgeous toddler

  • Ellen

    I think I may have to go with Kelly ballet flat, it’s a tough decision though! Thanks 🙂

  • Would love to win a pair of Bouillon. I normally stick to pretty plain colour shoes, especially Melbourne black, but think it is time I tried to mix it up a little bit.

  • Kirsten W

    The wedge sandles are my classic favourite shoe style. There’s nothing like a funky vibrant wedge to brighten an outfit and brighten my day!

  • Aimee Varga

    The gorgeous Kelly Ballet flats are perfect this summer for staying cool and in trend. . Thanks for the fab giveaway. Kids Ecco’s are also to die for!

  • sukehairy

    Sculptured Sign. They’re a sign from heaven that I need a pair of wedges this summer. I always suspected it, but now I know for sure.

  • I am in LVOE with the Malmo design! The beautiful cut, the leather, and of course, the Man-style! I would love to wear these with a pair of cuffed denim, black blazer and stripey tee. Pick me! xx

  • Averil

    I just have to have a pair of Bouillon sandals for my summer wardrobe! Perfect to go with my new summer frocks!

  • Biom Biom Chicka Chicka Biom Biom
    While all the shoes here make me drool
    The sandals, flats and brogues
    There’s only one pair that fits the bill
    For a mum of two young rogues
    Biom Biom Chicka Chicka Biom Biom

    From dawn to dusk I’m on the move
    Dodging laundry, mud and slobber
    I need a shoe that can take the heat
    Without the hot and bother
    Biom Biom Chicka Chicka Biom Biom!

    So I choose the sneaker in disguise
    To build my legs and muscles
    They’ll keep me fit (haha) and balanced
    And looking hip I hope, not tousled
    Biom Biom Chicka Chicka Biom Biom!!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I would love to win the Bullion shoes as I am such a fan of orange and they look oh so comfy and chic as well.

  • Sarah Higgins

    Spin for me! With working full time, a son about to start school and a 10 week old puppy, I’m constantly in a spin!,

  • Swang

    Wedges for sure! I need a comfortable small heel with flair!

  • Amy

    Definatly the flat sandles for me mine are falling apart 🙁 these are so cute. Really need to find the time to get some new ones but being a mum on the run like all of you its not easy!!

  • Biom Lite look fabulously comfortable and insanely good looking. Definitely the ones for me.

  • Alyra

    The Loafers – can see them being versatile and wearing them with so many different outfits for all different occasions. Love the yellow – not something I would usually go for but would be good to be a bit more daring with shoes!

  • kathy

    I’d love to wear the Kelly flats, please!

  • Hannah

    Love the Kelly ballet flats. They are what I live in and would be amazing to have some that
    are actually good for my feet!

  • helen

    My favourite is the Kelly because I love a good pair of ballet flats, being stylish enough to wear to my smart-casual workplace, but practical enough to navigate daycare drop off and pickup, the supermarket.
    They would also look lovely while picking up my mandatory morning coffee and fruit fix.

  • Linda Clark

    I love the Bouillon sandals they look so comfortable and practical they will go with any summer outfit

  • Spin loafers are the yellow ray of sunshine to keep me instep and heal my sole to boot!

  • Sharon O

    Sculptured Sign by Ecco sandals are my favorite they look summer ready!.

  • Kelly all the way. While I love all the potential new shoes, the Kelly ballet flats manage the holy trinity of shoes… look gorgeous, go with everything and comfort.

  • i love the BIOM Lite, they are awesome

  • AshMmisforMe

    Oh goodness the choices! Those Kelly are just adorable and would replace my current flats that are falling apart after a few months! The Bouillons are beautiful and the Bioms would make me feel bionic – they’re brilliant. The Spins are superb and the Sculptured 65 are serene, the Malmos are more than marvellous, the Sculptured Signs are swoonworthy, but the Kellys are killer and have captured my heart!

  • carmel

    Definently the Kelly all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel T

    It’s been more than 3 years since I’ve chosen a special pair of shoes, I’ve been the boring mum with white flip flops and sneakers. Ballet flats, I’ve had my eyes on you for many years so, I’d choose the Kelly’s – It’s time to put my best foot forward!

  • Tess Eames

    Love love love the Kelly!!! Would be amazing to buy a pair <3

  • Mary Preston

    With the gorgeous Kelly Ballet Flats I could trip the light fantastic, without tripping over my own feet. I do go for comfort first, but there is no need to compromise on style.

  • Olivia

    Sculptured 65 for sure. I’m certainly not feeling ‘sculptured’ at the moment, but these cool shoes would certainly give me a boost!

  • melissa gale

    i absolutely love the sculptured signs , they are amazing light weight , i already have one pair , i have weared them out , needing another pair, so many people comment on them!!

  • I’d have to go with the BIOM Lite! I love a stylish, comfortable shoe that can take my anywhere. Need these in my life!

  • Alice C

    I love the look of the sculptured sign wedges, very “mum chasing after two littlies and a baby” friendly… right?!

  • Isobel Clarke

    I am totally in love with the spin loafers! Let’s face it – with Christmas just around the corner and all those yummy nibblies we can’t resist – as much as we wish, the dress doesn’t always fit the body!! Thank goodness with Ecco, the shoe must fit the foot! 😉

  • Sue Bou

    Just love the Sculptured 65 but seeing as summer is almost here I’d adore a pair of Bouillons, they look cool, casual & comfy.

  • Jasmine1485

    The sneakers are my pick – I walk everywhere and they look adorable, and comfortable! I’m subscribed using the email below 🙂

  • I love the red sandals, they are perfect for Summer

  • Jamie Bond

    I love the Blue Wedge Sculptured Sandals – favourite style and favourite colour too 🙂

  • adriene

    I would love the Malmo by Ecco because it’s a classic design that goes with everything.

  • Jane

    I love the blue wedge sandals ‘sculptured sign’ they exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • Bella

    I love Heeled Booties because they look very sexy and stylish. They also look good with most outfits and can be worn to many occasions. Heeled Booties definitely all the way.

  • mysecretangel

    I HATE shoe shopping, I can’t ever seem to find something that fits right. Looking through the lookbook I’ve been drawn to the Bouillon – I don’t own any shoes like that and the styling tips pretty much describe my whole waredrobe – all that’s missing is the shoes xx

  • Nicole

    I would love to win the Bouillon shoes! perfect summer sandals

  • Elly Chen

    I love the purple sneakers. They are perfect to go for long walks or a catch-up walks with girlfriends.

  • The flat sandals are so stylish and also cool and light for summer. Following serious family illness last summer we are planning this to be a summer of family picnics, sandy beaches, trips to the zoo and playing in the park – perfect.

  • Wow…how does a girl choose Andrea? I do love those booties though. Sculptured 65 all the way honey. Very nice. You’re awesome…when is the next dare my dear?

  • Bouillon sandals, trendy and modern, these colourful little beauties would certainly clock up some miles with me.

  • Kane

    Scuptured Sign for my Gorgeous Girl 🙂

  • Cali

    It is almost summer…so the colourful flat sandals are my fave at the moment ! “Bouillon” is the winner for me! I will have to try these foxy sandals out throughout summer 😉

  • The Ecco Kelly Ballet flats are my favourite, they look sylish and comfortable.

  • Jodie

    Ballet Flats, they are the general all rounder. I love a pair of shoes that go from casual to stylish, makes it easy to pack for weekends away.

  • melliemoo

    ECCO BIOM Lite is my favourite

    the school mums will savour it.
    The kids will try it,
    the dog will hide it,
    I must have it.

  • Sara Mackie

    I love the Biom lites! They will go with anything and everything. Something every girl must have 🙂

  • Bernadette S

    Loved your story ”
    27 dresses for 12 body shapes, sizes and stages!” Made me change my mind about what I was planning on buying, and my partner now looks at me with those suggestive eyes, ha ha

  • love them all but really like the wedges and sneakers. Wedges for dressy look and sneakers for casual. Love it!

  • Trish

    Would definately have to be the Kelly – really comfy

  • Audrey

    I really like your shoes! Very nice! I would LOVE to win the Kellys! 🙂 Thank you! Have a lovely day!
    – Audrey –

  • Lee Matthews

    Sculptured 68 Healed Booties, these shoes look amazingly comfortable for a heel, I would love to win these to give me a little extra height. They look very chic and sophisticated.

  • I love Bouillon, they look so comfortable.

  • All the shoes look great. But from all of them, my favourite are the “Sculptured Sign” shoes 🙂

  • Kate

    I wish I’d had the Biom Lites last weekend when I had to sprint after my just-learning-to-ride-a -2-wheeler-bike son. He forgot how to use the brakes and took a big tumble. I bet I could have reached him in time if I’d been wearing those shoes!

  • Sara

    Wedges are always my wardrobe staple, and I’m sticking by them! With big feet & long legs, it’s nice to actually feel like I can show them off & not hide them. They work so well with tailored shorts for school pickups (I live at school pickup zone!!), and then going out at night in some bootleg jeans, I pop them on for some colour and flare. Hint: Always paint the toenails, as people will look at your feet with these shoes on!!!

  • De1

    I was torn between Sculptured Sign and Kelly – but my daughter’s getting married in the UK in July (so, summer there) and Kelly would just be soooo terrific with the outfit I’m wearing ….

  • Unestel

    I love the ballet flat. So elegant. If I win it, surely it’ll be the best gift for summer ^^;.

  • NicolaP

    I love the sculptured sign – gorgeous and cheerful, perfect for work and play – everyday!

  • brenda brenner

    definately the wddges

  • Tracy O’Farrell

    New shoes, new shoes,

    Pretty new shoes.

    Tell me, what should I choose,

    If only I’d win?

    Beaut, wonderful shoes,

    Pretty pointy-toe shoes,

    A-little-too-tight shoes;

    Let’s have some to try.

    Summer shoes,

    Ecco shoes,

    Sexy shoes,

    Like some? So would I.


    Flat shoes, comfy shoes,

    Stump-along-like-that shoes,

    Wipe-them-on-the-mat shoes,

    That’s the sort I’d buy.

  • emjay

    my first pair of ballet flats i would love to win

  • mim

    Love the SPIN shoes, great colour for summer, look light and easy to slip on and off.

  • Mary

    Love those Kellys!!

  • amanda

    I would ‘shoes’ the Kelly Ballet Flats!

  • Bevyanne

    I would choose the Kelly Ballet Flats, great for summer with the handwoven leather, breathable and moisture absorbent , look so comfortable and compliment many outfits.

  • sanaz









  • Lisa

    THE KELLY SHOES ARE SOO DARLING! I could imagine being comfy in these all day at work always on my feet as a primary teacher! My little kids would love them as they are always fascinated about the shoes I wear!

  • Rachel K

    With summer coming up I’d love the Bouillon flat sandal. They would be the perfect accompaniment for my feet as I enjoy all the pleasures of summer – the sun, the water, sitting under the stars sipping a nice cool drink, fishing, road trips, waiting for the cool change, the pouring rain and the smell afterwards, swimming and the sound of children running, jumping, loving and playing! Oh! What summer stories they would be able to tell afterwards!

  • Love the BIOM Lite sneakers! These have to be my favourites!

  • linda brooks

    The Kelly shoes!

  • Sneakers because they look so comfy

  • Sandy Holmes

    Living in Far North Queensland and about to “enjoy” summer, I am drawn to the gorgeous Kelly flats, but then I saw the gorgeous Bouillon flats, oh oh, which to decide, they are all so gorgeous…… Kelly….. Bouillon……. Kelly……. Bouillon it is!!!! Wishing myself loads of luck 🙂

  • RosslynT

    The ‘Bouillon by Ecco’ flat sandals for me so classy and comfortable the perfect combination. Foot and style friendly.

  • stephanie

    Yellow Loafers are my choice,
    I think they’re kinda fun,
    And even if I’m stuck indoors,
    I’ll look down and see the sun!

  • Tamlyn

    Definitely the ‘Spin’ by Ecco – so bright and perfect for summer. Just like wearing a pair of sunshine 🙂

  • renee hermansen

    i love wedges. any wedges will do thank you.

  • So in love with the wedges. I’m 39 weeks pregnant and all I can manage is loafers- buckles and bows and shoe laces are all a bit beyong me right now but I can’t wait to see my feet in pretty shoes sometime soon!

  • I would like wedges

  • Sculpture Sign wedges will suit me, they are so sweet. Now I can turn up to School looking rather stylish, no more hiding my feet!

  • Pretty Kelly: they look ladylike and neutral with enough holes to air my feet this Summer…ahhhhhh

  • v

    Wedges, those strappy snappy wedges.
    Add a splash of colour and a bit of length to my legs.
    Cast off the grey Melbourne days.
    Welcome spring. Hello summer.
    Let me enjoy feeling the sand in the sandpit as I try not to think about how many toddlers have ducked in for a quick wee behind the digger.
    Let me show off my newly painted toes and bask in the sunshine I bring with me.
    Let me feel snazzy at the prep picnic while I wrestle with rice crackers and chase crazed honey joy-fueled children.
    Or at least help me not look like my mother in the chemist-friendly sandals.
    I NEED those wedges.
    I need to get out more…

  • mari

    Id Like to win Kelly by ECCO please.

  • ewhatley

    I love the yellow loafers. Perfect for beach living.
    sub to emails as mybeachylife at gmail dot com

  • kstar

    I’ve fallen for her now, Kelly is her name, she’s sleek and sweet and stylish, I’ll never be the same. How Kelly she can move, through cafes and down the street, with elegance and grace, Oh Kelly! we must meet.

  • Nomi


  • wendy

    Heeled Booties are for me,
    Nothing flat will do.
    Anyone who’s five foot tall,
    Could see my point of view.

  • sharne

    I am not kidding when I say I have worn one pair of shoes all year! Ecco Groove Gladiator. When we decided to go without a car at the start of 2012, I knew I needed good shoes to walk in. And I tell you, these shoes have not let me down! My three year old and I have covered some serious miles on foot this year and even when we’re both spent, my feet have never tired. So, massive thank you to Ecco. I am your biggest fan. I have been eyeing the black Ecco Moki for the last few months. I like the idea of having a comfortable heel I can walk in. I tried them on at a store and have been dreaming about them ever since.

  • liv fast

    Brogues. always wanted a pair but as i had a bung knee i could only wear sneakers. NOW ive just had the final operation on my knee so im so excited to beable to wear beautiful shoes soon!

  • Cheryl

    Wedges are absolutely my favourite! They can look casual or smart, it’s up to you how you dress em up or down. In fact dress to fit the shoe instead of the shoe fitting the dress. 🙂

  • First time I’ve ever seen ECCO and I love these shoes! So hard to choose but the ballet flats are so cute….and I’ve never heard of toe cleavage …..ROFL

  • kelley roach

    i like the yellow loafers
    [email protected]

  • Heeled booties for me please trying to broarden my horizon and wear heels.

  • Sculptured Sign are my choice. I’ve recently been “styled” and am building up a casual wardrobe and these are simply perfect!!!

  • kerry santillo

    Ballet flats for me, love that they look hot for summer. Please ♥♥♥

  • I like the spin , looks super comfy!

  • ooooh.. I’d love the Biom lite’s to get my feet jumping!

  • looks good

  • Guest

    Kelly –

  • Kelly! Perfect for those running around town, these gorgeous ballet flats will have you looking like you have put in more effort than you actually have!

  • amberty

    ‘Spin’ because they’re the coolest flats going round this summer!

  • TravelGenee

    Sculptured 65 booties looks like the dream pair for me.
    I plan to wear them on a trip overseas.
    It might be cold in Europe in the winter time
    So they’ll keep me warm, look great when I am inside or out
    And my friends will be jealous of my fashion comfortable look!

  • Ray

    Flat sandals they look great and comfy and love the orange

  • Kathleen M Smith

    Sneakers – biom lite

  • Spin by ecco – love the simplistic but stylish design

  • I am a subscriber cameosilver at hotmail dot com

  • The brogues are darling!

  • I like the Spin Loafers, they look so very comfy!