Confession Time: Reasons I didn’t exercise last week


Ever wanted to come clean about why you don’t exercise?

Here’s your chance.

We’ve created a ‘virtual confessional,’ a place where you can admit all the things that hold you back from exercising, without any guilt.

But I’m going first…


I know I should exercise.

I understand the positive impact it has on my physical and mental well-being.

And I know that if I persist, my body will look much, much better than it does now. My mummy tummy might become less wobbly and –  if there is a miracle – even disappear.

Yet lately, I find myself reaching into a grab-bag full of excuses for not exercising.

Some of these may or may not include:

I haven’t shaved my legs.

The kids are driving me nuts, so a glass or two of wine tonight will be much more beneficial to my mental well-being than my boxing class.

I’d just rather a glass of wine than a night-time trek to the gym. 

I just want wine. 

I’ll take the kids to the movies instead of going swimming with them.

My kids need the time with me more. 

I need more time with my kids.

Can’t find my ‘good’ gym pants.

‘Episodes’ is on TV.

I ate too much for breakfast.

My skin feels too dry to go outside.

It’s more important I write something for Fox in Flats.

It’s more important I prepare a nutritious meal for my family.

It’s more important I read the Sunday paper (…this gets more and more imperative the later in the week it becomes).

I haven’t been to a class for ages and I won’t be able to keep up.

What if that personal space invading chick with the flailing arms positions herself next to me in class …again?

It’ll hurt.

I’ve got a sore throat.

I’ve got my period.

My son has a cold.

It’s cold.

I’m feeling old.

 Any of these sound familiar?


I’ve been asking the other mums I know, and some common themes have emerged about what holds us back from getting active.

The top 10 excuses women make for not exercising:

1. No time

I’m balancing the kids, cooking, cleaning, making meals, a part-time job, my husband, and the odd social engagement. I’m struggling to find time to sleep, let alone go to the gym!

2. It’s boring

Oh please! Army commandos should add Pilates Classes to their list of torture techniques, under the heading ‘Bore Them Into Submission.

3. I’ve got the kids with me full-time

I tried putting Bella into the crèche at the gym, but she cried the entire time and I had to leave the session part-way through.”

4. I’m too embarrassed

I’ve never lost my baby weight, and become even fatter. I’m too ashamed to walk into a gym.

5. I’ve got health problems

I’ve had a bad back ever since I was pregnant, so it hurts to exercise.

6. I feel guilty

Taking that time out for myself just feels so selfish. The kids would end up missing out on something.

7. I don’t have the money

We have less money since we had kids as I’m at home with them and not earning anything, so paying for classes is out of the question.

8. It’s not safe

I like walking, but don’t feel safe in certain areas, and especially not after dark. I’m probably just being paranoid but still, it freaks me out.

9. I don’t have decent exercise clothes

My trainers are worn out, and my gym pants are wearing through.

10. I’m too tired

I’m getting by on about 5 hours of fitful sleep a night because of baby feeds and toddler nightmares. I think I’d fall asleep during yoga.

‘Foxes on the Run’

All of the excuses for not exercising are totally valid, justifiable, and OK. I’ve used most of them myself lots of times.

But the fact is, it’s really important to get some kind of exercise into your life.

Now I’m sure as hell not worthy to lecture or preach to you guys about getting motivated to exercise. So, given it is so important, I wondered if it might be more effective – and fun – if we came together to motivate each other?

Kinda like ‘Fox on the Run’ but with better hair than the guys in the band singing the song, here.

So we’ve made this article part of a series about sharing tips and ideas from other mums so we can all get more active. Because as mothers, we really do need to be healthy. If not for ourselves, then for the sake of our kids.


Need help to get motivated? Read how to find your exercise mojo now you’re a mum.


We’ve found the 3 essential things you must have when you exercise (and why they’ll make you feel hotter immediately).


And knowing that lack of time is one of the biggest things stopping us from getting active, we found 5 ways to find time to exercise when you’re flat out with the kids – but be warned, one of them might shock you!


And now it’s time to confess! What excuses have you used for not exercising?


  • I used to make all the excuses in the world.  I bit the bullet and joined a gym that is open til 10pm, and I drag myself there at 7.30pm every second night as my Little Miss goes to bed.  We’ve also got Foxtel IQ so I can’t use the that excuse – I tape whatever I want to watch and catch up on Sunday mornings (right now I’m watching Real Housewives of OC – don’t judge me!!)  So I’m not entering the competiton as I don’t have an excuse anymore, but looking forward to reading more on this in the coming weeks – exercising has made all the difference to how I feel, especially as a Mum, and it’s a real passion of mine.

    • Awesome Shelley! I’m hoping you can really chime in over the next few weeks when we look at making time and finding your exercise mojo. What changed to make you so motivated? x

  • Fiona @ My Mummy Daze

    Apart from being chronically tired (my standard excuse), I almost didn’t go to the gym last week because I couldn’t find the right underwear. Not one to have a VPL, I desperately searched for some clean french knickers or some boy-leg undies. This is not an easy task when I’m perpetually behind in washing! Eventually I found a clean pair and my excuse evaporated. I was able to lunge and squat with the knowledge that no-one would be standing behind me checking out my VPL on my rotund behind.

    • I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only one with an exercise-undie issue. I once wore a g-string with my gym pants. I won’t go so far as to paint a visual but it was a) uncomfortable and b) embarrassing. 

  • Bushbelles

    I’m way too tired because I have a very low iron level, it takes at least 6 weeks to build it up again IF I remember to take my tablets, remembering is very hard because I am so tired.  The other one is that I live in a very, very cold place and the frost outside my front door is very thick most mornings atm and sometimes does not melt at all.  Way to dangerous for me to venture out.

  • Kimbalikes

    My excuse this week is that my son has an ear infection and I have a sinus infection. Boo hoo! 🙁

    Tweeted as @Kimbalikes

  • Kimbalikes

    My second excuse is that I don’t get a day off in the school holidays!

    Shared on Facebook as Kim-Marie Williams

    • Yeah, how do you fit it in around the kids???

  • Kookla123

    I am always blaming the weather- it’s either too cold (“What? If I go out there I’ll freeze!!”), too hot (“I can’t exercise outdoors today, I’ll sizzle!”), too windy (“I can’t go for a jog in that wind, it’ll ruin my hairstyle!”). Even on the ideal weather days when the temperature is mild, I find myself looking for reasons why I don’t need the exercise. It’s tragic. Ps I have shared on twitter With my twitter name @queenofcomps

  • Ella

    Ive just recently purchased a treadmill. For some reason i thought id have no excuse to exercise but ive mananged to find many. This week its been: im too tired, the kids are home on holidays so im too busy, i have my period. Im so pathetic!

    • Not pathetic Ella, many of us are in the same boat! Next week we’re gonna start working out how we can overcome some of these…but without making ourselves feel bad about it 😉  x

  • Ella

    *No excuse to not exercise

  • Al

    They say that at a certain age a women has to choose between her face and her butt.  I have very obviously chosen my face.

  • For the first time in months, I am actually motivated! I exercised 6 out of the last 7 days, and I’m pretty happy with that. However my excuse for not exercising yesterday was I just felt too sick. I would have vomited all over the Wii Fit Balance Board. LOL. This MAY not have been the case. That’s why they call them excuses, I guess!

    Tweeted (username @ShinyGlitterBug) heres the tweet

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

    • Yeah, vomit is kinda hard to get out of the Wii ….

  • Christine

    I usually don’t go either because I am tired or I am busy with my kids schedules!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

    • Christine

      I forgot to say that I shared on facebook as Christine Hellewell Jensen

    • Sometimes I think the kids have more variety and hobbies than us..

  • Barbara
  • Erin Smith

    What an amazing prize!
    Once I had my baby, my biggest excuse was that since I was breastfeeding, it was never a good time to go to the gym. I hid behind that excuse for many months before hubby told me I needed to go back to have some me-time.
    I have loved the physical and mental benefits of exercise for years and think I explain my motivations best in this post 
    Shared on Twitter as @eatplaybond

    • Me time is good. So important x

  • Bakedbybelle

    I think you summed up all the reasons I’ve ever used. Also, I hate sweating.
    New subscriber to newsletter.

    • OMG sweating! It’s so, like, wet..

  • Pam Eberstadt

    I have tendonitis and bursitis in my left upper arm and shoulder from breastfeeding. Rest is apparently the only guaranteed cure. I have a 10 month old. hahahhahhaah! I have sold my gym membership on this back of this excuse. Obviously a sore shoulder prevents me from using a treadmill. Hee.

    Thanks for the chance, some nice adidas wear would be fab for taking our long walks in the afternoon 😀

    • Ouch! Have you tried acupuncture for that? 

  • Pene

    Love the article Miss Fox!  I am a Mummy of three and I know that when I am even a little bit fit I am better able to manage all the running around I do with them.  Also I know that I am setting a good example when they SEE that I actually try to take care of my health on a fitness level.  My little Master 7 said to me recently “Mum when I get bit I want to be fit and strong like you”  God bless his little kneee-caps!!  But hey isn’t it great that he see’s that, and that Miss 17 and 15 wil have grown up with an example of balancing life for them AND for me..  My excuse these last two weeks is pretty good if you count pneumonia as a reason not to exercise – but I will cross my fingers to be a winner because that stuff made me kind of drool and want to get back into it!!  (I know I know – I am nuts!!!)  Good job luv xx

    • Pene

      PS -Shared on FB  xx 🙂

      • Oh that is so cute! Do you guys compare muscle sizes? My little ones say: “Mummy, check out my guns!” As they flex. Tell me, where, o where do they get this from?

  • Meegs

    Those damn Caramello Koala fundraising chocolates are staring at me at work saying “Eat Me! Eat Me!” and everytime I work up the gusto to get going to the gym, they form a barricade in front of me & refuse to let me go!!!!

    Perhaps the only way to break through that barrier is to chew their ears off first & insist just how important exercise is for me, but because they’ll no longer have ears how will they listen to me.

    And around & around we go!!!! There are 40 of those little buggers in a box, at this rate I’ll never get to the gym – eerrggghhhhhh.

    • Meegs

      P.S. Shared on facebook x

      • Don’t you just hate it when a Caramello Koala actually talks to you? They have such funny voices…

  • SB

    I’m too tired.
    I’m too bored (doing the exercise).
    I’m too busy.
    It’s too cold.
    It’s too hot.
    It’s too windy.
    It’s too rainy.
    It’s too sunny.
    I’m too hungry.
    I just ate.
    So many excuses… so little time LOL

    • All the seasons covered there SB! 😉

  • I’ve been really good lately but I do skiv, it’s usually because it’s too cold. Or I’ve had a few beers. Eeek.   False Economy. 

  • Tat

    I’m too tired,
    I have a sore throat
    I’m too busy blogging (yeah right, I haven’t updated my blog for more than a week)
    the City2Surf is not for another month, there’ll be plenty of time for training later. 

    • Wow you’re doing the City2Surf! That’s cool! 

  • I am not going running my bum jiggles too much! 

    Ironic and bad enough for you?! 

    • Between us we could have a jiggle-off 😉

  • Sharni_montgomery

    oh and tweeted as @sharnanigans:twitter 

  • I have two.  First, I’m a single parent which means I cannot go out to the gym (can’t afford it) and I have no one to help out with the kids whilst I go out for a walk/run.  The second?  My boobs are too big!  I have two wear 2 sportsbras otherwise it can be painful.  These 2 excuses are more than enough to send my scurrying to the couch… sad, because I desperately need to exercise!

    • Oh Alice! Gyms are expensive huh! 
      2 sportsbras? What size are you??

  • I tweeted as @shawdaily on Twitter!

  • I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks because its school holidays and the creche can’t fit my kids in! Anyone would think I had a bus load … :

    • Whoa Karen, how many do you have?

  • My reason this week is my mouth was to busy eating chocolate, my bum was to busy sitting on the couch and my fingers were to busy blogging. hehe!

    • Sounds like me Kym…x

  • Mandachic84

    I’ve never got anything to wear!

    • Exercise clothes = a whole new retail opportunity

  • Mandachic84

    tweeted competition – @mandachic:twitter 

  • Monique

    I didn’t exercise this week as on Tuesday my husband was made redundant so I drank wine. Wednesday i still wasn’t motivated to get back on the treadmill nor Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
    I am not sure if redundancy is the greatest excuse in the world but it is the best I have.
    I was listening to the radio though and heard the ad to go back to uni to become a personl trainer and thought since one of us needed a job it might be a good Idea, I ate chocolate instead.

    • Monique, I am sorry to hear about your husband. Wine and chocolate are good for this. xxx

  • Bianca Wordley

    I’ve run out of excuses. I  just need a new adidas hoodie to get me motivated to get out of the house!

    PS: I shared on Twitter with my [email protected]:disqus me @bigwordsblog

  • Bianca Wordley

    I’ve run out of excuses. I  just need a new adidas hoodie to get me motivated to get out of the house!

    PS: I shared on Twitter with my [email protected]:disqus me @bigwordsblog

  • Bianca Wordley

    I’ve run out of excuses. I  just need a new adidas hoodie to get me motivated to get out of the house!

    PS: I shared on Twitter with my [email protected]:disqus me @bigwordsblog

  • Bianca Wordley

    I’ve run out of excuses. I  just need a new adidas hoodie to get me motivated to get out of the house!

    PS: I shared on Twitter with my [email protected]:disqus me @bigwordsblog

    • That’s what I like, Bianca. You’ve exhausted all the options x

  • Bianca Wordley

    I’ve run out of excuses. I  just need a new adidas hoodie to get me motivated to get out of the house!

    PS: I shared on Twitter with my [email protected]:disqus me @bigwordsblog

  • Raelenegraham

    The excuse I always use is I’ll go to the gym when I lose a little bit of weight!,I guess I think everyone who already go to gym have fab bodies and I don’t want to be noticed with my untoned,flabby,fat body
    I also tell myself that when I mow the lawns that it equals a gym workout!

    • Mowing lawns is hard! 

  • kadydid

    I didn’t exercise this week because I sprained my knee and can’t be on it at all. 

  • I didn’t exercise at all last week because I was sad that my Mum had left to go back to South Africa. I slept in each morning instead of getting up to run and managed to talk myself into a head cold that I then used as an excuse not to go to my Saturday morning Bootcamp session. Because I was feeling sorry for myself I also made bad food choices and ended up in a spiral of negativity that I am now going to have to work hard to break. Sigh.

    • Oh Sarah, you need a mummy cuddle. Big hugs 😉 x

  • I shared on twitter using @supersarahwhite:twitter 

  • Gr82do

    Exercise? I pushed a lumpy toddler in a stroller though a very large park, mostly over grass and rough ground. I didn’t exercis? Ya reckon?

    • You’ve got it going on Gr82do. I think you tricked yourself into exercise! x

  • I have 2 active boys aged 2 & 4… do you think I need to excercise?

    *Shared on FB

    • Snap! I’m stealing this one 😉

  • sue

    ive got no boobs to bounce

    • Be thankful you are not Alice (below) – she’s needs 2 sports bras! x

  • A Field of Dreams

    Because I AM LAZY!

    • Hey, we’ve got a blunt one! x

  • Mum of 5 and many excuses

    Ok so here is last weeks list of reasons. (Sad to say but all true) Monday – I needed to cut my toenails so my runners fit. Tuesday – Attempt to locate giant toe cutters as baby finger nail ones would not do the job. Husband gone to snow so i deserve a rest. Wed – purchase cutters and do the job. Wed – hmmm brothers birthday, so cant use the indoor treadmill in my loungeroom at my leisure as he lives in a nother house in another town but none the less it is someones birthday so that’ll do. Thurday – I have to find a nursing home to put my dad in. So surely exercise will not help this happen. Ok so lets not do anything. Friday – shit I am still fat, so cant possibly work out as the undies I have chosen are the “too small if I just lose 5kgs they wont roll down” ones and nothing annoys me more than working out with rolling down undies. And finally the weekend came so I am having a rest !!!! I am officailly full of sh!t ! Get a go at the crap, me myself and I conjured up to avoid it….  LOL  So this week will be better. Note to self buy bigger runners and toenails can be longer ! Ciao chicks

    • Wow, I’ve never considered long toenails as an excuse (she says as she scribbles that one down for later….)

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday, I didn’t exercise because I was depressed about not exercising the day before.  The day before I didn’t exercise because I was depressed about not exercising the day before that.  Shall I go on!

    • Holy moly that’s sooooo depressing. x

  • Anonymous

     “I shared on Facebook as Karen Freeman.”

  • My hair is perpetually horrible…but for some reason this week it behaved itself and looked freakishly straight and glossy. So what am I going to do – get it all sweaty?

    • Too right! As if! x

      • And I’m hearing you about the hair. Why do you think I wear mine in rollers???!

  • Sue

    its been raining; i have no exercise equipment at home and i’ve been running around after the kids…that’s exercise isn’t it

    • Kids are FAAAAAAAAAAAST!!!! 

  • amber J

    I didnt excersice this weekend because I drank too much.  This has been one of those weekends where a cocktail party was right after the other.. 🙁  Thankfully those are overwith.

    • You have to have fun, right???!

  • Leesa Cav

    “I blew a shoe”

    (… no seriously the entire tread of my shoe peeled off !  I suppose I could hop for exercise ?!  LOL)

    • Leesa Cav

      shared as Leesa Cav on facebook 🙂

      • “Blew a shoe” Love it. x

  • Kristy

    I need to have quality time with my hubby. On the couch. Eating. 

    Shared on Twitter as Kristy_Sch

    • It’s all for the sake of your marriage, right?! x

  • gilly

    I’m the slackest personal trainer in the world. (by ‘slackest’ I mean both laziest and literally ‘she of slack skin’)  I qualified in late 2006 and a week after our graduation celebration discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant. I’ve pretty much been pregnant ever since and find this has worked nicely as an excuse to avoid intensive exercise. Even though there are many gentle exercise options which are encouraged for preganant women I’m more from the camp that believes if you’re not going to do it “properly” then put your feet up and eat another donut. Between baby 1 and baby 2 I went back to instructing for approximately 6 weeks and then discovered I was pregnant again. Between baby 2 and baby 3 I climbed back on the spin bike and even though nobody showed up for lessons taught by a spin instructor who turned purple half way through the warm up track I continued to show up at the gym for 4 weeks before I discovered I was pregnant again. We’re now pretty sure it’s the  exercise which is causing these pregnancies…   either that or those spin bikes need a good cleanin’ !

    • Ha ha gilly that made me laugh. The purple spin instructor! 

  • gilly

    ps. shared on FB as gilliankennedy

  • I can’t afford it and I’m far too fat and unfit. The irony huh?

    • For sure. Gyms are expensive! 

  • I don’t have legs or hips like the model wearing the exercise pants in your post.

    And I’ve got laryngitis.

    • Kirrily, I reckon it’s one of those plastic mannequins. Or Elle MacPherson.

  • Tracey Byram

    I need to water the lawn.
    My bunions hurt.
    My panties are giving me a wedgie.

    • Wedgie! Ha ha ha! 
      By the way, anyone know what knickers you are meant to wear while exercising??? 

  • Deluxefloors

    I ran out of ventolin and am a chronic asthmatic….or another good one is…im WAY  to hung over for excersise!

    • Oh yes, the old asthmatic excuse…;) Ran out of puff huh! 

  • kattie

    Well i intended to do a workout until i realised i forgot to put my deodorant on :/ that wouldn’t be to pleasant for the other gym goers!

    • For sure! Who wants to exercise next to little miss stinky?!

  • crissy

    had to do my laundry

    • Me too. Never ending..

  • I’m too busy commenting on blogs 😀

  • Anonymous

    I have used many of them excuses myself. The main one is my knees I have arthritis in both of them making it hard for me to do any exercises
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I subscribed to your newsletter
    [email protected]

  • Cardprincess

    I didn’t exercise this week because my boyfriend gets slightly jealous when I go to the gym (he doesn’t have a membership) but he’s right, I am friendly and flirtatious by nature.  If a cute guy smiles at me at the gym, I’d probably smile back.  So I tell myself that I should stay home rather than workout because it’s “good for my relationship”.  I now realize that was seriously a lame excuse since I am not the type of woman to let my BF keep me take care of myself.  Does that mean my “real reason” was laziness??

  • Cardprincess

    I tweeted
    and I subscribe to your email newsletter!

  • t.boult

    My dog is suffering from depression and does not want to go walking with me lately

  • t.boult

    tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • t.boult

    shared on facebook   Tracy Boulter

  • Madgurl9

    Everytime I exercise it makes me too hungry afterwards, so now I don’t bother!

    Shared on facebook as  Mary Cole

  • Mandy

    My workout gear has a huge hole in the butt …. or maybe that should’ve been a reason TO exercise… hmmm

    • Mandy

      Shared on Twitter with my Twitter name @fryzfamily and I shared on facebook as Mandaly Fry

  • thscar

    I tell myself that summer vacation away from school is my vacation time too. 

  • thscar

    I shared on Twitter- @thscar

  • kathy decicco

    My dog broke his leg, and I hate to run alone!

  • Sandra Tindale

    The temp is 102 degrees here in Philadelphia – my sneakers will melt!!

  • Sandra Tindale

    The temp is 102 degrees here in Philadelphia – my sneakers will melt!!

  • I’m not fit enough. If i was fitter I would exercise.

  • Shared on Twitter (@Nobashake )
    Also Shared on Facebook –

  • Holley McLellan

    “I’m sunburnt.”
    “I’m sore from before”
    “My ankle hurts”

    most of my excuses involve aches and pains.

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  • Michelle-marat

    My best excuse for not excercing will be that I pulled my teltoritcus falange!

  • Ben

    My dog ate my program card…

  • Alyse Allen

    I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to endorphins…..

  • doggie

    well i havent excersised in ages i dont think i should exercise instead i’ll watch a movie and eat a bloock of chocolate

  • Sunnycoast123

    I can never understand why lying on the couch, drinking my favourite wine, watching a movie isn’t classified as exercise!

  • Sunnycoast123

    I can never understand why lying on the couch, drinking my favourite wine, watching a movie isn’t classified as exercise!

  • Durannepean

    kids dont have runers not ones you can run in

  • Amanda8607

    I have used many excuses but the one I use the most is “I slept in, so its to late to excercise now” . I dont excercise at night because I find it makes me wide awake and then it takes me forever to fall asleep.

  • cleopatra

    looks like it could rain

  • Countrygal

    I hate going to the gym because I’m embarrassed about the constant wedgie I have with fitted trackie pants.   They always put me at the front in aerobics and I cant stand the thought of bending over in front of others, who are, no doubt, checking out my wedgie.  So now thats my excuse not to go! 

  • I used to make excuses, like the air is too warm so it’s harder to breathe today. But now I’m addicted and love every moment at the gym!

  • Alison

    I hate the way I look in my trackies and use this as an excuse. I then walk to the fridge and grab the closest chocolate/bikkie in sight. ( shared on facebook)

  • Karlz87

    Today is my spluege day….come on even I need a break from exercise 🙂

  • Sue

    It’s raining outside

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  • Ashleyhubber

    Wheelchair had a flat tyre, well flatfish lol WE STILL WEAR SHOES

  • Fiona

    im gonna start mext week for sure 😉

    • Fiona


  • Kerm222

    I’m too busy, got a headache, it’s raining, kids aree giving me the sh#@s & blah blah blah I could go one but everyone knows them all.

  • Narelle Rock

    The tyre on my pusher exploded, literally, took it to the petrol station to put air in and ‘BANG’, destroyed the whole wheel….can’t get out for my walk until it’s fixed 🙁

  • Narelle Rock

    shared on Facebook as Narelle Rock!

  • Too many skinny girls in the gym, I don’t want to be the odd woman out.

  • Phil

    i am recovering from foot surgery

  • suzieblonde

    My horoscope said it would be dangerous to do any form of strenuous activity!!

  • Finlayson

    I was in Bali

  • Joanneprice1

    My boobs are too big and ill have to spend a fortune to get a decent bra that holds them up

  • Joanneprice1

    My boobs are too big and ill have to spend a fortune to get a decent bra that holds them up

  • Joanneprice1

    My boobs are too big and ill have to spend a fortune to get a decent bra that holds them up

  • Joanneprice1

    My boobs are too big and ill have to spend a fortune to get a decent bra that holds them up

  • Kristy

    We moved house and I actually sold my beloved (and comfy) sneakers at our garage sale! And now as a stay at home Mummy I feel somewhat guilty if we splurged to buy me a new pair! So that’s my excuse 😉

  • Robynne

    Why go to a gym when I can exercise at home!! but there’s so much house work to do, the dogs gotten out, its too hot today. I think i’ve said them all.

  • Bstandagewardle

    My dog is too fat to do proper exercise at the moment and without him I feel unsafe… well thats what I tell myself..

  • Kane

    facebook sux

  • Cheryl

    to many skinny people in the gym they make me look fatter than i am !

  • Pretty_princess_emzy

    There’s a McDonald’s ‘DRIVE Thru’ for a reason!

  • Lotusroselily

    Can’t go cause everyone can see my panty lines in my Adidas tights. Need seamless undies or the fashion police will catch me.

  • TV

    i dont want to waste petrol going to the gym

  • Have to get some proper walking shoes – “believe me, up until a few weeks ago, this is what I was using as an excuse”.

  • TrudyandMatt

    I haven’t waxed and I have winter feet..

  • Deeeeeeeeee

    Um, is it the end of the week already, well guess I’ll find some time next week to execrise

  • Ahar3

    Didn’t exercise because I was doing competition trying to win an Adidas gift voucher!

  • Kristy

    My bum wobbles when I walk and I dont want to be seen out in public with a jiggling bum.

  • Darya

    OK, I might be the weird one, but this week I didn’t exercise because I don’t want to lose any more weight! I know lots of people would think it’s strange, but it’s true for me. I love my post-pregnancy curves and hate losing them! I eat so much but keep losing weight and hate it with all my heart! Exercising would make me even skinnier. 🙁

  • Darya

    I shared the status on Facebook and my Facebook name is Darya Khomich.

  • Sasha

    I didn’t exercise this week because it is always impossible to find parking near the gym in the evenings and that is the only time I can do it, as my husband can look after the babyy after work!  Hate wasting time looking for parking!

  • Sasha

    I shared the status on Facebook under Sasha Teslenok name!

  • jules

    Let’s see…I’m too tired, I have too much ‘real’ work to do, it’s too cold, I’m not feeling well, it’s that time of the month…the list is endless…and I have a home gym.  I know, pathetic!

  • Oldmdgirl

    How about: It’s not fun anymore.  Exercise used to be fun when I was younger.  I met people, socialized.  It was a break.  Now that I exercise by myself it’s no longer fun, and has become a chore.  No amount of lecturing me about my health is going to change that.  Therefore I don’t do it.

  • adidas promo code

    This is really good list and lots of mommies will going to use some of this excuses for not doing exercise in gym. 

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  • Guest

    I did make it to the gym twice last week (admittedly for the first time in far too long!) but missed my third session because my husband had been away for work and left his keys at home – I had to be home to let him back into the house. After all, there’s only so many times we can break into our own home before someone calls the police on us!

  • I always have the wine excuse! But after how much we drank on Saturday night I am thinking of tossing that away for good!

    • FoxInFlats

      LOL am hearing you! Was fun though xxx

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