I want to ride my bicycle

We load them into the boots of our cars. We teach our children to ride them. But they’re not just for kids. The humble bicycle can also inspire our style.


Check out this stunning gallery of women around the world riding their 2-wheelers – it’s a busy, bustling intersection where practicality and style collide – and play this song LOUD while you’re at it!


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So get on your bikes and ride! 


baby hanger
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  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    Bianca of Goodnightlittlespoon has great Bike style!

  • Poppy

    I would ride my bike more, locally, if I didn’t have to wear a helmet.

    • FoxInFlats

      Hat head. A hearing you. But most things that are really fun these days cause hat head, huh?!

  • I wish I looked that stylish riding my bike!

    • FoxInFlats

      They are gorgeous photos, but I’m sure you look fab!

  • I have ridden my Electra Amsterdam classic every day without a helmet for 5 years. Many more women would ride to the corner store, bakery, florist if helmets weren’t compulsory. It’s a ridiculous law for adults. I’m a HUGE believer that this country’s obesity epidemic is a much bigger problem than the ZERO lives that were saved by making it illegal for adults to ride bikes without helmets, even on a bike path, even on Rottnest Island where there are NO cars! A little common sense here please governments. Please refer to The Netherlands statistics!!

  • Confession: I’ve never learned to ride a bike.

    • FoxInFlats

      Dude! Come over to my place. I’ve got a lovely Transformers bike with training wheels that seems to work a treat for learner riders 😉