The Denim Dare

87% of the women we surveyed said that they wore a ‘uniform’ of sorts on a day-to-day basis: a reliable and functional combo of wearables that don’t need much thought – or effort. And for a huge proportion of the women we spoke to, that uniform includes jeans.

It isn’t really all that surprising, is it? Denim is just so damn versatile, it makes almost anything else you’re wearing look good. But the survey results are showing that, instead of making the most of denim’s potential, loads of us are taking it for granted, playing it a little too safe, and dressing on autopilot.

That’s why this week’s Dare is such a good one to try: challenge yourself to come up with some rockin’ outfits using denim – the all-time-classic wardrobe essential.

Over to our guest editors, Melinda and Sonia from Shop Me Chic, who’ve grabbed the steering wheel of this week’s Style Dare and are driving it all the way to Bluesville, Mississippi!

We dare you to become a jean genie, an indigo ingénue, or a denim diva – by challenging you to do the Denim Dare.

From morning till night. All week. Regardless of the occasion, company, or mood you’re in.”

This Denim Dare is the continuation of ten months of style dares on Fox in Flats, where we challenge ourselves to step out of our fashion comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of our style ruts, shake off our day-to-day mummy uniforms, and spice things up a little. And this week we’re getting all Lana Del Rey and rocking our “Blue Jeans…”


The Rules for the Denim Dare:

  • Wear something made from denim, from when you get dressed in the morning till you brush your teeth before bed at night.
  • Dark, light, coloured, distressed – whichever denim you choose is up to you. And yes, chambray counts.
  • Join in whenever you like, but to fully complete the Denim Dare you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Tell us all about it as you go.


7 reasons to denim up this week:

  1. Denim is a timeless classic fabric that has stood the test of time.
  2. All the coolest kids that have ever lived have worn denim and made it look hot. Think James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Brooke Shields, and Kate Moss.
  3. It’s a wardrobe staple that looks great on everyone!
  4. As Lana Del Ray sings in ‘Blue Jeans’: “…you fit me better than my favourite sweater.”…sure, she’s really talking about some tall, dark, handsome guy, but the same sentiment can also be applied to your favourite pair of jeans.
  5. It’ll force you to be creative with your denim and wear it in ways you’ve never thought of before: coloured, patterned, and double points for double denim!
  6. It’s Jeans for Genes Day in Australian on Friday August 3rd, so this is another fun way to show your support for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.
  7. And of course, as always, we’ll call you “chicken” if you don’t join in. “Burk, Burk, Burk!


Denim Dare style tips, ideas, and inspiration



The key to working denim into your daytime look is to keep it simple and classic – for example, a crisp white shirt with jeans and ballet flats.


And for night, dress up your denim with heels and something sparkly, like a statement necklace or cocktail ring.


Combining favourite basics – like denim jeans and a blazer – creates an instantly chic outfit. But don’t stop there; take your look up a notch by adding a statement necklace or a coloured scarf. The other great thing about this combo is that it can be dressed down for day with ballet flats, or dressed up at night with a killer pair of heels. Some great coloured blazer buys here.


You have to be careful, but Denim-on-Denim/Double Denim doesn’t have to mean ‘fashion disaster’. To make it work, it’s best to pair denim in different washes (repeat after me: “matchy-matchy is not catchy!”). Even better, pair the latest trends: coloured and printed denim.


To get more wear out of your favourite spring dresses, turn them into wintery outfits by adding a denim jacket or vest. Layering is the key here. Just like a Masterchef recipe, take your dress and denim jacket or vest, add leggings, boots and a scarf to create the perfect cold weather ensemble – some more great ideas on how to add layers to a maxi dress here. A denim jacket or vest is also a great addition to a basic top + pants combo, giving it a cool and casual edge.



Belted jeans are eternally chic, and it’s hard to go past a luxe tan leather belt with a polished buckle. But don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured belts – especially in a glossy patent – or wind your favourite scarf or a ‘borrowed’ necktie through your belt loops.


Not quite sure how to wear your denim jeans with different types of shoes? This post has some easy-to-follow- tips.


Love the idea of coloured jeans, but lacking inspiration on how to style them up?  Check out how to use the internet to style yourself (using my zippy red jeans as a case study).


Think your days of white jeans are over now you’ve got kids? Think again, and check out how to wear white jeans when you’re surrounded by little people with Vegemite fingers.


Sparkles and denim go together like chocolate mud cake and thick, creamy icing. Glittery inspiration here.


For more outfit inspiration, pop over to Pinterest and check the Fox in Flats Jean-ius board and the Shop Me Chic Denim Duty board. They are both full of fabulous outfit ideas.


And for great shopping ideas and jeans-piration for you and your little ones, stop by Shop Me Chic this week ‘cos we’re celebrating all things denim!



What’s the point of being such a jean-ious if you don’t brag share your efforts around?

It’s so fun and inspiring to see how everyone interprets a Style Dare, and you’ll get some great ideas on how to rock your own denims too.

Tweet us @FoxinFlats, post pics on our Facebook page, add to the Comments section below, or Instagram it using @FoxinFlats#DenimDare

If you’re blogging about your week doing the Denim Dare, let us know so we can share it around. Who knows, you might even make our next Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers list!


Here’s to a week of being daring in denim! 

baby hanger1 Could you BRAID for 7 days in a row? I DARE you!

Subscribe Could you BRAID for 7 days in a row? I DARE you!

Missed out on the fabulous Style Dares we’ve run in the past? It’s not too late to try them. Click here, browse away and select a challenge that’ll take you out of your style comfort zone. Five bucks says you’ll be happy you did!

x Andrea






Sharing is Foxy!


  • Carli

    Ooo ooo I can do this one!  Might be my favourite challenge yet x

    • FoxInFlats

      Fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you come up with, and I always enjoy your gorgeous photos so much x

  • Jules

    I really, really want to do this but from sun up to sun down!  Can I have a daily pass during fitness training?

    • FoxInFlats

      Mmm, good point. Fitness training exemption granted. 😉

  • Melinda

     I think this dare is the perfect excuse for me to add a few more denim pieces to my wardrobe!

    Thank you for ‘having’ Sonia and I over to guest edit. xx

    • FoxInFlats

      Any time!

  • Here I Am LouLou

    Hi Andrea,

    Oh thank gwaaard.
    You are singing my song – I think I live in denim. Well kind of anyway.
    I need some red denim jeans – that is next on my must have list. Being the nautical gal that I am :)

    have a great day

    x Loulou

    • FoxInFlats

      Aye Aye Capitan, I’m a nautical girl too 😉 x

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  • Poppy

    I was doing really well on this challenge until my faux black leather pants arrived from asos and I had to wear them on wednesday.  I just had to.

    • FoxInFlats

      I think that deserves an exception 😉 

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  • Celina

    Cool challenge!
    Is it still on? I’ll start tomorrow!
    BTW,  I wrote an article on the jeans trend…
    Hope it’s ok sharing the link 

    • FoxInFlats

      Hi Celina,
      Yes, join in whenever you like! x

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  • Francesca Flaminio

    Cool, I’ve just recreated Olivia Palermo’s outfit, she’s so stylish!! Good job! :)

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