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Do you already own a ghd hair styler, but only use it for special occasions? Or are you yet to invest in one?

My ghd is one of my favourite hair styling tools, but I’ll admit, it’s easy to let it languish in the drawer until the baby-sitter rocks up and I’ve got more time to get all fancy with my hair.

So to make sure we all make the most of our ghd’s here’s 3 super-fast hairstyles that’ll take less than 3 minutes. And if you’ve not already got a ghd, or are simply keen to get your hands on the latest, sleekest, glossiest hair styling apparatus around, you’re gonna love this:


We’ve got a ghd Black Gloss IV Styler valued at $239 to giveaway!


3 hairstyles to create with your ghd in less than 3 minutes

1. The quick slick ponytail trick

This is a brilliant short-cut to looking polished, fast.

  • Pull your hair back into a tight pony, and straighten the ponytail with your ghd.
  • Tame the flyways that can gather around your hairline by spritzing a toothbrush with hairspray and smoothing away from your face.
  • For extra polish, finish with a metallic hair cuff.


2. The Gossip Girl

A great quick hairstyle for the day after you’ve straightened your hair.

  • Dust the roots with mattifying powder to soak up any oil.
  • Create a deep side part and smooth the front section of your hair down toward your nose.
  • Smooth and straighten with the ghd, then comb gently toward your ear.
  • Position an alice band in the center of your head.
  • Smooth out the ends of your hair with the ghd.
  • Grab your iPhone and start texting.


3. A little bit kinky

2 minutes of curling with your ghd will deliver a ‘do that’d make Alexa Chung envious. And it’s a great way to make a masterpiece out of 2nd day or I’m-in-a-hurry air-dried hair.

  • Centre part your hair, combing the crown forward, but leaving space so you can see.
  • Grab handfuls of hair – about 1 inch worth – and by starting just above your ears, twist your hair around the ghd, moving away from your face.
  • Repeat for all of your hair.
  • When cool, finger comb into messy waves, and mist with light hairspray.
  • Crank up the tunes when you get into the family wagon and work your inner rock chick.


And for all of these quick ghd hairstyles, always, always apply a heat protecting product before you use the styler. Fried is only good if you’re a potato and you’re French 😉


How to enter to win a WIN a ghd Black Gloss IV Styler valued at $239.

Step 1. Click here to subscribe to the Fox in Flats newsletter – you’ll need to be a subscriber to be eligible to enter.

Step 2. Hop over to the ghd site, check out the latest hair trends for Spring, and in the Comments section below, tell us which hairstyle you like the most, and why.

The legal stuff:

  • The prize is a ghd Black Gloss IV Styler valued at $239. 
  • The promotion period is from 24th June, 2012 – 14th July,  2012. 
  • Contest is open to subscribers of the Fox in Flats newsletter only. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, click here.
  • You can enter once via the method outlined in Step 2.
  • Entry is only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  • The entry deemed most entertaining will be selected as the winner by an employee of ghd. 
  • Be sure to check the newsletter! Winner’s name will be published in the Fox in Flats newsletter on Sunday15th July. You’ll have till midnight on Wednesday July 18th to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed, it will be awarded to another entrant of our choosing. 
  • Entrant must abide by the contest entry conditions listed above. 
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Good luck!

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  • Narelle Rock

    I could audition for a role in the next Star Wars movie with the David Koma style!

  • suzi c

    I rock the Wet Look more than twice a week so that’s a bit old for me lol but I love The woodland nymph one, very cute and warm. easily achieved!

  • Love the big blowout for a glam sexy look any time.  

  • Vanessa

    I would like to try the Molly King Style as I am a busy work at home Mum to 5 children and would love to feel a little more glamourous (:

  • The New Braid is my fvourite as the look is femine and flexible to suit any occassion, fun to play around with.

    [email protected]

  • I’d definitely be going for one of the wet looks! As someone who has more hair volume than anyone could ever want (trust me), that would definitely be the way to go. However, I’d be happy to say ANY of the styles that would be deemed to be more entertaining a response and land the GHD in my hot little hands.

  • Lisa Marie Craye

    Christina hendricks is always a favorite of mine with her BIG BOUNCY blow dry look, because let’s face it, a girls mayne asset can never be too big or bouncy in my opinion 😉

  • I love the colour of Christina Hendricks – If only I could pull that off!

  • Yvette Bowyer

    I’d love to be able to do the big blowout. I have the length and the thickness – but no idea how to do the style!! 

  • I’m a big fan of the big blow out, Glam CaBang Sexy and Wow , I want one now!

  • tilly&otto

    I just cannot stop my ‘BIG BLOWOUT” love….just seems to be so womanly, lush and sexy. Divine!

  • I love the New Braid. Its so trendy and traditional at the same time. I wear the milk maid braid all the time but it doesn’t quite look like the models!! 

  • Mellie T

    Big Blow-Out….Can I get a ‘Hale’ yeah!? Lucy Hale that is!! LOVING The Big Blow-Out & Lucy totally rocks this look!

  • Runners Dial Zero

    I absolutely adore the Woodland Nymph look- secretly you could roll straight out of bed and rock the trend, too easy! x

  • Gavtrac4

    I always loved wearing a braid when I was younger, so I’m loving that “The New Braid” is back. Loving all the alternate ways the braid is styled, not like the usual 2 braids.

  • Karly

    The big blow-out
    You always want what you don’t have…my hair is pretty much dead straight so for special occasions I love volume and bounce. (though in 1988 I got sucked into the perm trend, *shudder* waaay too much volume and bounce!)

  • Diana

    Definitely the New Braid! That exact Ashish hair style has saved me many a late morning!

  • quixychick

    Gotta be the big hair blow-out… you know what they say in Texas?  “The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven”.

  • It would have to be the big blow out. The V part looks interesting though!

  • Has to be Christina Hendricks with the big blowout! Everyone loves a cheeky redhead with porcelain skin and you’ve gotta love a girl with a chest you could park your bike in. 

  • I love braids. Especially soft braids. They are my quick, fix emergency back-up. So, naturally, I choose Kaley Cuoco.

  • Elle Formica

    I love the Woodland Nymph! So carefree and flowing. Looks like hair out of a fairytale! 

  • Kat E

    The big blowout is amazing, and Mollie King rocks it! I would love to master it instead of just having the big mow-out that I currently have! Nobody wants to have their hair look like an unloved lawn 😉

  • Inna

    I really like the versatility of a slick pony tail. certainly the style you can wear casually or wear out! Love the look!

  • Inna

    Big Blow Out Hair would be a Must for me! You can wear nothing but look absolutely stunning with this hair style!

  • Mick Gillies

    THE WOODLAND NYMPH covers most situations and yet would suit cavorting through the forest gathering mushrooms and squashing elves to a tee

  • Ange ~ Yes, Dear

    The new braid is totally my favourite!  And I am determined to teach myself how to get that look going on!!  

  • Jo

    Christina Hendricks! (Or maybe it is just the wonderful colour of her hair!)

  • Jkzehunter

    I love the big blow out. It adds a bit of life and fullness to ordinary straightened hair. Makes you stand out in the crowd.

  • Mandachic84

    THE WOODLAND NYMPH – appeals to my wild side yet it is both practical and daring!
    Easy to create and looks adaptable to most hair types and lengths!

  • Tracy

    I love the big blow out, gorgeous and never out of style.

  • Lel05

    It is probably quite ironic that I, she of the most dead straight hair imaginable, is wanting to win a straightener. HOWEVER, with the curse of the MDSH I have also been afflicted with hair that also doesn’t hold style nor product. OH SWEET JOY.
    For my wedding it took umpteen times to find somethng that work work-the only thing? A GHD.
    With all that said, clearly my choice is the big blow out. With a slightly large head and protruding nose I need something, ANYTHING that will draw attention away from my less desirable features & I’m pretty sure my limp noodles (and we aren’t talking the 2 minute variety) aren’t doing it.

  • I LOVE The New Braid, especially the Moschino example. It is so dramatic, yet cool, and would some glam to the laid back mummy uniform on the school run! 

  • Sian elizabeth

    Wow. I’ve been wearing “the wet look” all winter and not even realised how fashionable I was! But the chunky “new braid” is the look I will be trying out this spring!i love the messy but organized look 🙂

  • Peta McIntyre

    The Big Blow-out ! Loooove it. I have sooooo much hair, this would be a great new look. Now for somewhere to go, oh and a babysitter for the 4 kids !

  • Trish

    The New Braid is THE hottest look for Spring/Summer 2012….lucky us  Aussies have an extra 6 months to practise it!

  • Danya

    I would have to go with the woodland nymph as there is no way I could do the others lol.  Although with that new ghd styler, I bet I could do all those do’s in no time 🙂  Thank you x

  • Kim Miller

    Definitely the Big Blow-Out because I have so much hair, I could really rock that look.

  • Jennifer B.

    For my chance to emulate a grand Hollywood celebrity, it has to be the glamorous BIG BLOW-OUT for me!

  • karina w

    The Big Blow Out. I need as much body in my flat Asian hair as possible!

  • Crystal B

    The new braid is my pick as I’m pretty sure I could do that one myself!

  • Woodland Nymph is my kind of style – perfect excuse to leave the house with a bed head

  • Jodzneich

    I love the braid
    It just looks great and gives bub less hair to pull :-).

  • Sam

    I love the Big Blowout. My hair needs the oomff like fish need water. It’s flat, fine, thin and unresponsive to any product but I haven’t tried a GHD yet. Maybe if I win it’ll save me from my last resort…. a perm – GASP!

  • I love braids and I’m so glad they are back in style with added twists. Now I won’t feel like I wasted my youth learning to braid my hair and others in preparation for the daughter I thought I would have. Five boys later – no one to braid except myself.

  • kerry santillo

    I am in love with the dishevelled look , carefree and full of flyaways. This is my hair and easy styling for day wear is me!!!

  • Pauline

    I love the Woodland Nymph look. With very fine hair flyaways are a fact of life for me but this look actually manages to make them fashionable!

  • The big blow out would have to be the one I love the most. It feminine and sexy I think.

    Oh please let me win this. My hair straightener is sick. While transporting it in the car (read threw it in the back of the car) the cord was left hanging out the door, and now the plug is mangled… sigh.

  • Tutsambro

    Love the Big Blowout. Its everyday wear and can be worn with any outfit on any occassion

  • Love the big blow out.  Big hair,  Skinny waist.  what more can I say

  • I love the Woodland Nymph. Especially Alexa Chung, thats the way my hair looks alot of the time.

  • Emma Ernst

    Loving The New Braid for something different, better start practicing!!

  • Jess

    This has come at such a great time! My GHD is 4 years old and was still in perfect condition until George (the lorikeet) decided to have at it by eating the entire cord. It is now a mangled mess!

    I like the new braid but my hair isnt long enough for that, damn! But I often use the woodland nymph. Nice easy and relaxed. Means I can get away with not actually do it properly and just say Im trying the nymph out!

  • meganannhooper

    SIGH! I would love to own a GHD – after my daughter was born my hair changed – way less curly and a whole lot fizz. I love the woodland nymph style as it is not as high maintance  and easy to do which is a must for mums xoxox Good Luck Ladies xoxox

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I would love to try the big blow out ,I have really fine hair so that style wold be a must for my fine locks,i would love a braid but I don’t think my hair is long enough,plus it’s layered,so I would love a new GHD,Thank you very much…

  • Helga

     I am loving the Big Blow-Out. I prefer the more natural style (Mollie King).

  • Toni Crawford

    The Big Blowout is my favourite style, a versatile style that can be dressed up or down no matter the occasion and very flattering.  Fine flyaway hair would be a thing of the past for me should I be  lucky to win this Black Gloss GHD.

  • lynndilou

    The Big Blowout, a powerful hairstyle that says Ive arrived. Shows I am a confident woman who is big and bold.

  • Sue

    1. The quick slick ponytail trick

  • Dee

    I love the Woodland Nymph – great with shorter (second day) hair… which is why I’d love a GHD straightener

  • I LOVE the ‘new braid’ one as it’s so versatile! Fat ones, skinny ones, short ones, tall ones, the ‘I haven’t tried very hard at all’ ones! There’s a braid to match every outfit. In fact I think Im going to try your 7 day braid challenge. Im feeling inspired… starting with the ‘i haven’t tried hard’ one of course ;o)

  • Chloe

    I loooove The Woodland Nymph. Neatly groomed has never been my forte so this look suits me to a tee. x

  • Bbeingcool

    I love The Parting styles, I have medium/short hair, so even I can jazz up my look with some parts!

  • Kelly_ModelCo

    I love the New Braid – adds an edge to any hairstyle and is super easy to do!

  • Go the V-parting! Most original of the looks. It is striking, and not too tricky. It’s a look perfect for die hard sci-fi fans (eg V!) or anyone with widows peak envy (you can have your own mini one!). LOL. But seriously, I like the concept but would probably alter the idea for personal use as it is very bold. Perhaps an off – centred V? I am going to try it on my daughters hair too. I have to give her a lot of up styles for school so changing the part will be fun.

  • Sherry

    I love The Big Blow Out,
    Naturally healthy looking hair,
    Lots of volume looks fabulous,
    Styled with lots of love & care!

  • Di Port

    The Big Blowout is me all over. The higher the hair the closer to God I say!

  • Bushbelles

    Can’t go past a big blowout as I blow in to whatever the day holds.

  • CathF

    The woodland nymph for me.  Particularly Alexa Chungs style.  Perfect for a busy mum who has just chopped her hair that little bit shorter and is struggling to produce the sleek look.  So now l’m thinking  why not relax and emphasize the mussy, fly away look that   my hair seems intent on being.

  • Anna Broadbent

    The big blow out is gorgeous! If only I had the time to do it in between comforting my teething bub! 

  • I like the Big Blow Out as it brings more body and bounce to hair…..with gentle curls!

  • A combination of The Woodland Nymph and The New Braid. I’ve always dreamed of having pointy elfin ears . . . the Woodland Nymph would cover these perfectly to conceal my true magical identity, but I’d also be a fashion conscious elf and that’s where the New Braid will shine. This might all be happening in my interesting(weird) dreams but I can at least take the hairstyles into the real world with me!

  • I love ‘The Big Blow Out’ a la Christina Hendricks!

  • Stephanie

    The Big Blow Out, is sexy and sassy, elegant and classy. 

  • Inkpaperpen

    The Woodland Nymph. I’d like to emphasize my own natural style and as my fine, shoulder length hair does its own version of this everyday, I reckon the ghd could take me from low maintenance mum to Natural nymph. Beanies at school drop off do the trick but I’d much rather a good hair day…

  • Begen

    The Big Blow Out  — Lucy Hale’s look is totally doable for a hairstyling-klutz like me and would certainly look good on a round face like mine!

  • G~ot to be The v(eronica)-parting for me it’s very eye-catching too
    H~eavenly complimenting style and looks pretty easy to do
    D~inner date,shopping, dancing, down the beach I can wear it anywhere!!

  • Kirsty

    Love the New Braid –  I plan to milk(maid) it for all it’s worth this season! 🙂

  • Jillirubin

    I currently don a zig-zag part so for a change in season I’d love to try the  V-parting.  Very original, I’ve never seen it before.

  • Kylie_aa

    Ooh I love a big blow out. I have flat daggy Mum hair which aspires to be big sexy movie star hair!

  • Alyra Shaw

    Love the new braids – different styles. Now just have to learn to braid myself!

  • AshMmisforMe

    I’m dying to get my hair to do the Big Blowout thing. I reckon a ghd could persuade my hair to cooperate!

  • Jodeezcouch

    The Big Blowout for sure! I need something to turn this limp hair into something fantastic.

  • Hollie Spain

    Loving the new braid style the best,
    a way to look ahead of the rest…
    Spring is about freshness, flowers, and fun
    let the GHD styler do the rest and be done.

  • I am loving The New Braid. Why? Because I am a mother, with long hair and little children and in my experience wearing my hair out whilst playing with my kids is not a good idea. Also, during winter I end up wind swept in about 9.5 seconds, so wearing it out is useless before I am resembling a birds nest.
    What I also love about this look is how interchangable it is. I can wear some braids to the gym, and then alter them slightly afterwards and have a cute or sophisticated look. Run my GHD over my braids, take them out and I’ve got some long sexy waves.
    What’s not to love? 

  • The Fat Lady

    The New Braid – until 2 days ago, my hair was roughly butt length. I tried so many times to do this kinda braid, but was doomed to failure because I don’t have  GHD. If only I had one, I could put my hair up nicely and not worry about accidentally wiping my own butt with it, or sitting on it, or getting it caught on doorknobs!

  • Courtney

    The Woodland Nymph, I’m a sucker for fairy tales, they take you out of this world into a magical place you never want to leave.

  • Teeko

    I love the big blow out styles as they look so classic and simple and that suits me best.

  • Alannah Shore (luvbooks)

    the V parting styles caught my eye
    a look I could achieve
    just need a black gloss styler at my house
    thanks to ghd!

  • Annabelle Nicolas


    Foster mummy to seven,

    It’s time my raggedy hair epitomises ravishing heaven!

    My hair is always tied up in a bun!

    It’s time to let my hair out and have refreshing fun!

    Always an excuse that I have minimal time,

    Not taking time to style is truly a crime!

    The GHD website brought inspiration!

    Yearning “The Woodland NUMPH” creation!

    The care-free and relaxed look has appeal,

    Minimal time seals the deal!

    Almost a decade since I’ve felt comfortable in my own hair,

    Alexa Chung ‘s style I’ll be delighted to wear!

    A practical and manageable hair style I can confidently do!

    To own a GHD would be a dream come true!

    Flyaways I’ll be proud to embrace,

    Guaranteed to bring a permanent and confident smile on my

  • Amy

    The big blowout would have to be the best – Bombshell beauty and can be dressed up or down. Chuck in in a ponytail for a big bouncy Jessica Simpson style look. I would love a GHD to create this look I can be confident it won’t blow UP during my big blow OUT.

  • Snozzlewort

    I love the Braid – it can look elegant and classy or a casual get my hair out of my face so my son doesn’t pull on it

  • Hannahvesinger

    The Big Blow Out- LOVE LOVE LOVE big, voluminous, bouncy hairstyles. Always a classic look that is guaranteed to turn heads

  • Srobbo1

    THE NEW BRAID you can make it fat or thin,  rough or chunky with my new GHD I will be looking spunky!

  • JunglePants

    After a post breakup, knee jerk, lop off locks reaction my hair has just grown back enough to ROCK the Big Blow Out! Running into the ex with all of that sexy going on? GHD is giving us back the POWER!

  • Dicarp

    I’m loving the new braid. So many new and creative looks

  • Charlotte

    There are a whole lot of great styles, but I’d have to say the Big Blow-Out is my absolute fave – loving the gorgeous, thick look it creates, giving luscious locks, and the equally luscious women shown touting it there!

  • Nicourt

    Hi I love the  THE NEW BRAID look!

  • I love the Big Blow Out the most because it’s classic, sexy and uber-glam. 🙂

  • ‘Blooming’ THE NEW BRAID look,
    SPROUTING up with some new floral tones and getting rid of winter woe’s!

  • Jodie Conduit

    Love the big blow out

  • Richardnmelnnoah

    Slick Ponyrail Trick…who ever said that ponytails were boring!

  • Maggie Westbrook

    I think the wet look would suit me. It may just be one that I can pull off myself with my limited hair styling abilities!

  • Charisse

    I’m loving the V-part,
    Better than the bum part,
    If I’m wanting a job in movies the style could open doors,
    If I want a role in Star Wars,
    I rate it so high, it’s off the chart!

  • Nicole White

    Mirror, mirror on the wall…

    Which is my most favorite GHD hairstyle of all?

    Why it’s definitely THE BIG BLOW-OUT,

    Thank You mirror – it’s the sexiest without a doubt!

  • Lisa

    The big blow out is what I need instead of a limp washed out tail look which looks like its been dragged behind a field ploughed. LOL

  • Adela

    I like The New Braid best. So many  options to play around with this style. Far from boring. Fun to do.

  • Judi Adams

    the Big Blow Out is the do for me
    So stylish and classy
    And if I owned a GHD
    No languishing in a drawer no sirree

  • Ke

    I love the Woodland Nymph, as it can look either cute or sexy. On the GHD website it worked with curly red hair as well as the messy Alexa ‘do!

  • Dannielle

    Loving the Big Blow Out Style all the way
    The waves and volume come out to play
    With a GHD my dreams could come true
    In no time at all I’d have a new ‘do’!

  • Brooke

    The New Braid is my favourite for sure! What’s not to love about getting all dolled up and pretending I’m a 5 year old girl again, only this time I can rock the look and wear make up!!

  • Ellen

    Christina Hendricks hair is supreme – love the “Big Blow Out”.  And the fact that Americans call it a blow out rather than a blow wave is all kinds of hilarious to me in a school yard humour sort of way:)

  • Luz

    The Big blow out is my favourite!it reminds me of me when I first moved to London (I am from Argentina) and I asked a friend where I could have my hair blown up.

  • VandaB

    Loving the David Koma “V-Part”.  Very slick!  🙂

  • Bin

    I love the big blow out, looks fresh and natural, something i might be able to pull off!

  • Michelle

    The big blow out for sure, soft, feminine and pretty!

  • Claudine55

    The new braid is lovely. Looks like the not so young could wear it, and look stylih, but the young could wear it beautifully, and not look at all like a grandma.

  • Ellen Griffin

    I really love the elegant clean look of Moschino S/S12 ‘new braid’.  Everything a mum of 3 and one in the oven wishes she could be!  Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Fleurchan

    I’m loving the new braid, it can be either casual or glamourous and is a great new alternative to the updo.

  • Kimsauer68

    The Big Blow-Out is the look for me! No more straight from the shower, towel drying and hoping for the best!!!

  • Robyn Stevenson

    The woodland nymph because it is definately me, even at 52!  Maybe I am a woodland crone

  • I love the Gossip Girl look – it’s classy and chic, and would look great with a casual outfit, or all dressed up. The perfect go-to hair do! 

  • barbara scaff

    I like the new braid style!!!! I signed up for the newsletter. 
    Barbara Scaff 
    lobsterpudding (@) yahoo (DOT) com

  • Lorraine Cannata

    Love the Big Blow-Out. I have crazy-big curly 80’s hair and the flat-ironed look just doesn’t work. So glad you sent me over to the ghd site; a ton of inspiration. Just spent ages learning about new do’s!

  • Really loved Mollie King’s her colour is amazing and the style looked so classy. Would love to try and achieve this with a GHD, such a versatile style can be dressed up or down for day or night love it!

  • Juanita Thorn

    I love the braids, especially the fishtail braid. It is so textured and interesting.

  • Jessica J

    I love the gossip girl look, it’s so simple and easy to achieve even if you only have 5 minutes. It’s very versatile and can look completely different depending on the accessories you use. So for me, it’s a great style to use during the day for work and then a simple change of accessories means I am ready for a night out.
    On the GHD site, I am huge fan of the big blow out look. It’s a take a bit longer than the gossip girl look, but the results are amazing. Perfect volume and shine, basically showing why GHD’s are awesome.  

  • My favourite look is the big blow out, especially for when I need to head out. It’s so versatile, casual or sophistication, I can pretend I actually have a decent hairstyle.

  • K Moir

    The big blow out is my dream head of hair. My tresses are lank and I always despair

  • Desireebonck

    I am not good at hair, and I want to do my hair and my daughters hair so we have good hairstyles. I love the ideas, and want to try the Braid on 
    Kaley Cuoco, as that would make us look ultra fabulous!

  • Ms Myst

    Like GHD I love simply stylish locks. Mollie King’s glam blow dry: makes me a little giddy. Oh GHD I love you.. be mine!

  • Chicaroonie

    The Big Blow Out,
    Blows my Mind,
    and hopefully my flat, lifeless hair.

  • Having fine hair, the Big Blow-out is a style that I lust after. The volume, bounce and styling is soft and feminine.  Yes, please.

  • Mant

    GHD’s Gloss Styler, would suit me!
    Love the outdoors! ~Hair flowing free!
    Casually dressed! Never overdone!
    A little bit “kinky”! ~Mys tyle for fun!!

  • madz

    The Big Blow Out is so feminine.  Its sexy, but classy.
    Its sophisticated, yet simple.
    It’s the style of a strong, confident woman.
    If you look great, you feel great, and for women our hair says alot about who we are.

    I recently volunteered as a hair model and got my (very curly/frizzy) hair permanently straightened with Keaune Keratin straightening treatment. 
    I am so happy, it’s such a big difference and got rid of alot of the frizz. 
    Now I just need a GHD to get it super straight and shiny like it was when I left the salon.
    Every girl I know owns a GHD – except me!  Please help me out! 

  • Katie Hill

    The Big Blow Out is indeed stylish and chic.  The Wet Look is of course sexy and intriguing.  The V-Parting is perfect for those of us without scalp annoyances and The New Braid is a great statement piece. 

    By far the most appealing though is the Woodland Nymph, perfect for the non-conformists of us, it covers them all: chic, intriguing, makes a statement and provides coverage. 

  • Girlieaccountant

     I already wake up having Alexa Chung’s hairstyle naturally. I’ll let my colleagues know that I’m rocking the “Woodland Nymph’ style when they ask why I didn’t comb my hair that morning… Same with the wet style, doesn’t everyone look like that stepping out of the shower, minus the makeup? The V-Parting looks a bit like ‘I had stitches after the glassing incident at the pub and the doc asked me to keep my hair off them for a while’. I do love the Big Blowout though – time to marry a hairdresser, maybe?

  • The Big Blow Out is timeless, stylish and sophisticated. It’s versatile, and I could wear it for any occasion. It’s a beautiful hairstyle.

  • Abeck54

    Love love love the braid look.

    I have long unruly hair – if left to it’s own devices it goes frizzy and is quite ordinary.  Braiding is perfect for me – but to straighten it first with some beautiful GHD’s would make me look fab.

    What a dream it would be to win some GHD’s.  I would just love  to use them to get my hair into perfection, then style it from the straightened base.

    Fingers crossed.  Thanks for running such a great promotion.  Every girls dream.


  • The woodland nymph is beautifully carefree
    I decree, it’s the style for me!
    Trying to grow my hair out and I lack inspiration
    A new GHD would fix that situation.
    With upcoming job interviews after 3 years at home
    I need a style that requires more than a comb!
    My poor red locks, deprived that they are
    Have only lusted after a GHD from afar.
    For a new GHD I would be eternally grateful
    I would ensure my calendar would be date-fulled
    So I can show how much my hair rocks
    When a GHD has been applied to my locks.
    The money for a straightener right now I just cannot spare,
    Please Fox In Flats, help my hair!

  • Jamie Bond

    The Big Blow-Out is my favourite style.
    High with bounce, takes me a while.
    GHD’s Black Gloss Styler does it all!
    So easy to use, boring looks – old news. 
    Time saving and super fast,
    my big style that will surely last.
    Bring on sexy, bring on bounce,
    my hair will make all the guys pounce!
    And when I flick my hair, 
    the shine and gloss will make em stare!

  • Sampollett

    Woodland Nymph all the way! Love the messy look, perfect for us mums still in sleepless nights land! X

  • Laura Jilka

    The Gossip Girl can have bad spots,
    Which happens to me lots.
    Hair that doesn’t quite go right,
    But worn like that it looks alright!

  • Schmidty

    The big blow out is my favorite …elegant and robust, it defines my overall look.

  • Melissa

    the big blowout is the hairstyle I like, I would feel like Ana from 50 shades of grey – being able to sexily swish my hair and demand attention from the entire room… a hairstyle that i could go any where with and last the day and night.

  • Fleurieucurios

    Big blow out has to be a winner for “friday hair” so youare ready to party after  work

  • I really like the Wet look, always have really since the 80s. Always love the ringlets and the way it flows. Love the long hair and the natural waves

  • Carrie Duncan

    I had a baby three and a half months ago and, well you know how it is. The newborn fog has slowly lifted and I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought “OMG what happened?” Regrowth. Greys. In dire need of a cut. So for me right now the Ashish S/S12 hairdo looks like a great option – especially the part that requires popping a hat on top to cover up the regrowth! (I will book that hair appointment, I will!)

  • Hi Andrea,

    I am an Audrey Hepburn and an Audrey Tatou hair fan so I adore their hair of course.

    But on GHD’s site I love the long luscious lock and waves (probably because I have long luscious locks envy 🙂
    but with your gorgeous post I’d have to say the slick pony tail look (and that probably comes with the almost becoming a flight attendant in me 🙂 so I’m a sucker for a slick pony.

    wonderful competition and thank you for hosting.

    stay foxy!

    x Loulou

  • Kathryn Jenkins

    Um I feel so behind the times. I have not even heard of this before. But if it can make my hair look like any of the pictures I have just seen. Oh my gosh I so need and want one. I feel like I have been living under a rock not knowing about this. Good bye mummy ponytail.. Hello gorgeous hair.

  • Wow, was totally scared by those top ones, but as I got to the bottom I found some I like! Love the big blowout, and the new braid. I just to do ‘the new braid’ a lot in 2010 an 2011, until I got my hair cut shorter on one side. Might be almost long enough now to give it another shot!!

  • Deb Walkenhorst

    I have always wanted the shaggy bob like alexa chung.  I have the bob, just not the shaggy!!!

    Mine just gets kinky and my fringe gets the bum part by the end of the day!

  • JoJo

    Accidentally snapped my first pink GHD

    and then looked anything by stylish and trendy,

    So bought a new one but I think it’s a fake

    as I look like I straightened my hair with a rake!

    For Mother’s Day I shouted myself to a GHD Air

    I’m working on new styles but only halfway there,

    To create my favourite look – The Big Blow Out

    I’d love to win a GHD straightener, if I do, please give me a SHOUT!

    Can’t go past the look of hair with extra volume, bounce & shine

    To make you feel sexy and glamourous and ooze confidence all the time!

  • Taddros

    ‘The Wet Look’ is like my second skin.
    As a single mother of three; hair time eludes me.
    To be out the door in 15 minutes.
    I liken to survival of the fittest.

  • In a house full of cheeky imps, the Woodland Nymph has inspired me! Heck, if you can’t beat them, join them right?! It’s a fun and easy style that won’t make me look like I’m trying too hard.

  • Joanna

    My favourite is the big blow-out on Mollie King: it looks so natural, but anyone who knows anything about hair knows that you need a great GHD straightener to achieve the smooth look. I use mine everyday to get rid of the frizz and they’re worth every penny, but would love to upgrade to this new set.

  • Jessica

    I wake up in the morning with hair feeling like a birds nest

    Grab my glasses and before I can head to the door,

    I brush my hair with keratin and all the rest

    Cause I’m hoping that when I’m done, I’m hoping the nest ain’t
    coming back


    I’m talking conditioner on ends, ends, Trying on all my
    rollers, rollers, clothes, hair dryers blowing up my hair, hair,


    Then I find my GHD, and suddenly, I’m Pulling up to the
    parties looking a bit glam-y with my big blow out hair-doooo.


    Don’t stop, make it pop GHD, blow my hair out Tonight, and
    tomorrow  I don’t have to fight with hair
    all night, cause suddenly I see the sunlight, curls one night then shiny
    straight locks, the next.

    Tick tock on the clock a GHD means my hair party wont stop.


  • Vicki F

    The Big Blow-Out look, with long, shiny, lucious, curls that bounce when I walk and make people turn and look with envy.

  • Lisa

    The Braid. Even when you think your hair looks drab. The Braid revives it and makes you glow 🙂

  • Linda

     Alexa Chung this looks a bit like my bed hair, so when Im running late for work I can say I am  doing the Alexa woodland nymph look and start a new wave

  • Steph

    Mollie Kings Big Blowout .Its simple yet  elegant and her Hair looks so Shiny and Healthy That’s what Every Girl wants. Im sure my new GHD Will help me to feel as Beautiful as Mollie Does

  • Katie Morton

    Alexa Chung: I adore this.
    This is how I imagine I would look with a bob and a center part
    Sometimes, after a surf in the morning, I just imagine this is how my hair looks, and go with it.
    When people look at me oddly, I know my imagination is really a very strong force, one I shouldn’t play with too often.
    Katie Morton

  • V Parting makes a statement looking pure bliss,
    To have sculptural hair like this an experience I wouldn’t miss!
    I have GHD envy for David Korma hair!
    No longer have to google for ideas to wear.
    I’ll now walk into the salon with this picture or two!
    And kindly ask for the ‘V Parting’ hair do!!!!

  • WOW, what fantastic hair styles, my favourite would have to be the ‘
    Kaley Cuoco’. It’s classy with an edgy side. Would suit any occassion and there are not many styles that can get away with that!! Thanks for the comp and best of luck to all ☺

  • Belinda Hatton

    I love the Analeigh Tipton style. It takes me back to the 80s when I was a kid and my hair crimper was uber cool!

  • bertcolombi

    The big blow out – turns my awful Weak Ends into fantastic ‘Weekends’!

  • mariep2003

    The Wet Look – ‘Water’ great way to look as natural as possible!

  • The New Braid, especially the Milkmaid braid, with my long prone to frizz wavy hair it’s a great fun style to hide the unruliness of my mop.

  • Shellie

    The braid looks lovely, now I just need to hack off someone’s plait, stick it onto a hair band and wulla 5 second braid on a daily basis. 

  • I LOVE the Woodland Nymph look. It suits me perfectly! With three kids, frizzy hair and limited styling ability I think I could rock this look effortlessly. I’d write a poem or something witty, but I’m simply exhausted, look crappy and need a lift. xx

  • Laney

    For me my favourite style would have to be Woodland Nymph because I am the antithesis of neatly groomed, especially since my 7 year old GHDs just died last week!

  • Annemarie

    I love The Woodland Nymph – AMINAKA WILMONT | S/S12 because I love that it is long, flowing and perfectly straight!

  • Adrienne

    The Big Blow Out is the style for me… I love the volume and the fact it can take you to work and beyond…

  • Lee Marsden

    I spent ages trying to curl my hair before going out one evening, and as we were about to leave my daughter said ‘mum you forget to do your hair!!” ….didn’t feel nearly as gorgeous  then.   Obviously I need a ghd.

  • I like the big blow out styles because they look so natural. Specifically the Molly King one. I have literally about 15 mins each morning to get ready and about 7 of those involve a 22 month old attached to my leg – so am desperate for anything that gets me looking the working world part in record time and GHD is the real deal…

  • The Big Blow Out! Love! Something a touch ‘old fashioned’ and romantic about it, completely elegant!

  • Arballantyne

    Big blowout wow is the best
    better than all the rest
    Sexy and sofisticated
    definitely not overrated

  • The new braid is just classy, classic and easily achievable

  • kaffa52


  • gagootzz

    The Wet Look – Helmut Lang. It looks pretty much how my hair looks after my morning shower. With this look, imagine the time I could save not having to style my hair any further. And we all know how precious time is in the morning – less time on hair means more sleep for me!

  • Judith perez bejar

    The big blow ou, because is. Easy pratice. So. Stylish and. For any ocassion

  • Sixfist

    The Woodland Nymph has me sold. Love the look and rationale
    behind ‘second day hair’. If GHD is looking for some 3rd day styles,
    I’ve got a beauty which I call the ‘Apocalyptic Maiden’!

  • The style I like the most is this one ( because it is the look I often try to obtain

    [email protected]

  • Sharyn

    I have Frizz that is Horrible whether I sleep or wake its there. The winter Weather just makes it worse. I would Love Hair Like 
    Kaley Cuoco, Shine, perfection and beauty is all I desire.. I wish I wish I wish 🙂

  • Linda Hynson

    The wet look appeals to me cos it looks easy!!!

  • Tara P

    Woodland Nymph- a classic way to wear your hair down for sex appeal but keep it sleek and undercontrol rather than the bird nest effect when the wind comes up at a pic nic!

  • justjo

    THE WOODLAND NYMPH for me, a reflection of a spirit who is free, with hair that’s a little wild, one who is likened to pan, a little bit crazy and gets lost in imagination and creativity!

  • Rachel T

    I love the blowout! You can’t get much better than big bouncy shiny silky hair!

  • I love the V-Parting, it’s a creative and unique way to make a stand-out statement with your hair and i would have never thought to part it that way before! I love how it’s easy and effortless, you can still keep your hairstyle and just change up the part to create a completely new look!

  • Cindy

    There is nothing like a big blow out! And I love the hairstyle also……

  • Mollie King’s hair style is my favourite because it’s feminine and has a natural look to it. Unfortunately my hair is too short to create this style, but I would love to try with a GHD once it grows a little longer.

  • Joretta Foster

    i love THE NEW BRAID. With this style you can wear it with anything.

  • Amy Kertesi

    I love the the big blow-out style. It is beautiful and I like hair with a lot of volume. A blow-wave suits most faces as it curved around your face  and opens up your features

  • Katy

    Just love the quick slick ponytail  trick – anything that looks great, polished, and reeks of simplicity is the style for me – will take me from the office to an evening out! Simply fabulous!

  • Simone Nelson

    Moschino S/S12

  • Simone Nelson

    Moschino S/S12 vivacious yet elegant and stylish aboslutely loving that updo, having long enough hair I have to try this out myself this winter

  • Jade

    i love Kaley Cuoco’s New Braid,
    It’s definitely “springy” it’s girly it’s up off the neck which can make a lot of girls sweaty it’s loose so you wont get headaches from it being too tight 🙂

  • I like Mollie King, it looks so easy to do..

  • Alexandra Roach

    I like the Moschino S/S12. My hair is a bird’s nest in the morning. I’d like to be able style it more easily!

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  • Katrina Grant

    Classic Glamour!
    For exactly the reasons that it’s title represents and describes. I don’t want to go out there turning heads and making people ‘talk’ but I would LOVE to feel that Classic Glamour feeling…….and maybe coated in a little confidence!