Tucked in the trolley: Rosehip Oil

I started using Rose Hip Oil a few years ago to tackle some pesky scars, and it really helped. It’s deeply moisturising, with all kinds of anti-aging benefits you can get a full run-down on here.

Then after reading that Helena Christensen would “wake up, slather my face in Rosehip Oil, and let it sink in while I check my emails,” I figured I’d been short-changing myself and started using it as part of my daily face-care regime.

Thanks to Helena, I now spend part of most mornings tap-tap-tapping away on the laptop imagining myself as an ex-supermodel with perfect skin, and being blissfully deluded.

I wake up, slather my face in Rosehip Oil, and let it sink in while I check my emails

Helena Christensen

Now I could just be kidding myself, but I really think that my face looks younger and feels softer since I’ve started using it. Sometimes, people even comment that I’ve got “lovely skin.” Pity there’s not a miracle product that gets rid of the bags under my eyes, though. For them I’ve taken a leaf out of Gaga’s book and simply hide my peepers behind sunglasses. 

I’ve tried a bunch of different Rose Hip Oil brands, and they’ve all provided the same results, so it’s not worth getting hung up about the name on the label. And at about $25-$30 per bottle it’s relatively cheap, considering it lasts a couple of months even if you apply morning and night.

For quick tips on how to incorporate Rose Hip Oil into your morning make up routine, see this article: 4 minute face for when you’re fighting for time.

Add to the grocery list, stat. 

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Subscribe 8 maternity items every aspiring pregnant princess should start buying now   Kate Middleton were looking at you (no pressure!)

  • Miasmum2000

    I LOVE Rosehip Oil too.  Have been using an Organic one from Lily Loves Pearl xo

    • FoxInFlats

      Oh I’ve not tried that one. Cute name!

  • CMB

    I bought trilogy on advice from Zoe Foster on the MamaMia site ….. But it has a rather un-rosy smell……

    • FoxInFlats

      Yes you’re right, there is nothing rosy about the smell. It takes some getting used to!

    • Ah, that’s because ROSE oil is derived from the petals of the rose, hence the rosy scent.  ROSEHIP oil is taken from the hip or haw of the rose, ie, the bulbous seeds that rose plants are grown from. x

      • FoxInFlats

        Hips never smell that great… 😉

  • Your trolley is so cute! I have used rosehip oil from Kora, Sukin, Akin and Trilogy and it is Trilogy’s I always revert back to. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose product and your skin will be so happy X

  • Will give it a try – I have some somewhere in my bathroom cabinet…. 

  • Gods, I love this stuff!  My favourite is Trilogy, just like Ingrid.  It’s the best ever décolletage treatment product, smooths down wayward brows, is an excellent eye product and really does enhance your skin and get rid of fine lines and reduce wrinkles.  You can emulsify it with water as an emergency cleanser, you can even pat a little through frizzy hair as an emergency hair serum, and it is fab for cuticles etc.  I really do it use morning and night! x

    • FoxInFlats

      See that’s why I need you to write more in the site! X

  • Love this post!!  I’ve been using Trilogy Rosehip oil for the past few months, it’s great for when my skin feels like it needs a ‘big drink’.  I do think it smells like rubbing O’Cedar oil all over my face though (you know, the oil used for wood!).  Love all of Kim’s additional usage tips too!!  Amy xx

    • FoxInFlats

      needs a ‘big drink’ yes, that’s what it feels like! 

  • KarinaXOXO

    I use 100% pure Argan oil in the same way. I already look like a 12 year old – but my skin feels more soft and dewy!

    • FoxInFlats

      Great tip Karina!

  • Love Rosehip oil too. It moisturizes my skin and lightens my
    acne scars too. I use it morning and night.  This makes my skin glowing
    and smooth.

  • Kelly_jocannane

    I love it too! A couple times a week I also run some through the lengths of my hair and it makes it feel super soft and silky