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When you’re a mum, there are a lot of things ready to come between you and a rockin’ outfit:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • A wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit your changed body shape
  • A drop in confidence because of your body shape
  • Less time to get ready
  • Less time to shop
  • Less money to shop with
  • The practicality you need when wrangling kids.

Any one of them are challenging enough. But put them all together and you’re looking at one mother of a fashion dilemma.

Yet, as we’ve discovered, by sharing our tips and ideas with one another on Fox in Flats, it becomes that much easier to navigate motherhood in style.

And for me, it all starts with shoes.

When I became a mum, my biggest challenge was adjusting to a world where I didn’t wear heels on a daily basis.

“It’s hard to swing high in heels!”


Yup, I was one of those women who wore heels to work every day. Higher heels out at night. And at either a weekend BBQ with friends or a trip to the grocery store, I’d be wearing heels.

I did also have a pair of flip-flops that I saved for the beach, a pair of slippers for home, and a pair of trainers, but that was it.

Nowadays I’m hitting the beach with piles of supplies, and these ECCO thongs $169.

I insisted on wearing my heels throughout my first pregnancy. I finally stopped at 8 1/2 months when I couldn’t get out of bed after traversing the steps of the Sydney Opera House the day before, in heels to attend a farewell lunch with my work colleagues.

So it was with a wry smile and a sheepish nod that I gratefully accepted the farewell gift these work friends gave me just before I stepped into the world of motherhood: a gift card for a shoe store that mostly sold flats.

Since then, I’ve become a convert – and advocate – for wearing comfortable shoes on a daily basis.


Relaxing on the balcony of my bestie’s pad after a blogging conference last year in Melbourne in my ECCO Kenna Loafers – they’re on sale now for $129.
Click here for 7 more ways to wear loafers when you’re with your kids.


Last year, I discovered ECCO shoes, and was thrilled to find a brand that crafts shoes which are comfortable and practical enough for me to wear all day when I’m mucking in with the kids, yet are also stylish. So I feel like there’s a touch of polish to my outfit whenever I wear them – even if that outfit is just some denim cut-offs and an old shirt.

Awkward photo taken by my son when we were at the local pet store getting a replacement goldfish for Mr Guppy Gup – RIP.
Wearing ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012.


My work colleagues were thrilled to present me with that gift voucher just before I embarked on this crazy little thing called Motherhood. Now, I’m thrilled to be offering a similar opportunity to the readers of Fox in Flats (albeit, the value of this gift card is much, much higher):


WIN a $500 gift card from ECCO shoes

Sorry this promotion is now closed. Entries will be announced on 24/2/12 in the Fox in Flats Newsletter. Good Luck!


ECCO – one of the world’s leading shoemakers – is giving away a $500 gift card to one lucky Fox in Flats subscriber to be redeemed at any ECCO store in Australia.

“Will it be you who’s soon walking into an ECCO shoe store and taking your pick from their gorgeous range?”

Taking my pick from the fresh flowers wearing ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259 available March, 2012.
Sorry about my bottom poking into you Mr Green Grocer! If you’re screwing up your nose thinking “nah uh, I don’t like anke boots!” (like I was) you might find the tips in this article helpful.



How to enter to win the $500 gift card from ECCO shoes – it’s easy!

Step 1. Click here to subscribe to the Fox in Flats newsletter – you’ll need to be a subscriber to be eligible to enter.

Step 2. In the comments section below, answer this question: What’s the name of one of the ECCO shoes that are coming out in March, 2012. Clue: I’m wearing some in the photos at the pet store, and at the green grocer.

Step 3. For extra entries:

If you’d like to get more entries to WIN, share the competition with your friends!

Cut and paste this into your Facebook or Twitter status updates:

WIN a $500 shoe wardrobe from @FoxInFlats and @ECCOShoes #WIN #SHOES

Then, in the comments section below, state where you shared it, and your Facebook name or Twitter handle. You can enter by this method as many times as you like.

Conditions and Deadlines:

  • The prize is a gift card valued at $500 redeemable at any ECCO shoe store in Australia.
  • The promotion period is from 26th January, 2012 – 22nd of February, 2012. 
  • Contest is open to subscribers of the Fox in Flats newsletter only. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, click here.
  • You can enter once via the method outlined in Step 1, and unlimited times by the sharing method outlined in Step 3. 
  • The winner will be selected by an employee of ECCO shoes. To be eligible to win, you must have correctly answered the question in Step 2. 
  • Be sure to check the newsletter! Winners’ names will be published in the Fox in Flats newsletter on Friday February 24th, 2012, and you will have till midnight on Wednesday February 29th to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed, it will be re-drawn and awarded to another entrant. 
  • You can live anywhere to enter, but the prize is only redeemable at ECCO stores in Australia.
  • Entrant must abide by the contest entry conditions listed above. 

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ENTER NOW: What’s the name of one of the ECCO shoes that are coming out in March, 2012? 

Sorry this promotion is now closed. Entries will be announced on 24/2/12 in the Fox in Flats Newsletter. Good Luck!

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  • Elise Ellabban

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    Meanwhile I’m thinking I should have been a fashion blogger now, awesome score!! 🙂

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  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

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    wears like a  marshmallow… but with oodles of culture.

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    PERFECT for girls who are 6 feet tall!

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    Answer: ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

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    sculptured mary janes

  • Gemmaxxx

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012. In my favourite colour too! :DHow exciting!

  • Lucianal

    I do adore those perfect ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes that you are wearing all over the shop..

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane, Shared on Facebook

  • ashleigh golding

    Sculptured Mary Janes would make me feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I can go anywere I want.

  • Samy_savva

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Samy_savva

    Shared on Facebook – Samantha Savva

  • Mandy

    The new shoes are  ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot.  They’re pretty funky.

  • Jane

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot ♥

  • Jane

    And just to add…  Liked & shared on facebook (Jane Darbyshire) and tweeted on twitter (missjane73) 

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • Princess CJ

    <3 the ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes. Would like a goldfish too, but don't imagine you can help with that! 🙂

  • nicole larsen

    Love love the sculptured mary janes

  • Sally

    The Sculptured mary janes are so cute, but LURRRRVE the sculptured ankle boot even more.
    Shared on facebook I’m Sally  Windsor.

  • mariep200381

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot 🙂

  • bertcolombi

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Mandachic84

    shared on twitter @mandachic:twitter 

  • Sue

    Sculptured ankle boot – love it. Is that Vince the green grocer at North Balgowlah shops in your photo??

  • tweeted @JesseBelles

  • Averil

    I think I NEED the sculptured Mary Janes for Autumn!

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • MJ

    Love Ecco shoes. The 
    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane would help my wardrobe and my aim to dress stylishly this year even for the school run!

  • Theona_d

    I’m in love with the sculptured mary janes and can’t wait for march!

  • The Sculptured Mary Janes are coming out in March, and I just happen to LOVE the colour!

  • Love your sculptured Mary Janes – I so need this prize as Ecco are the only closed shoes I can wear really – love them!

  • tweeted as well – my handle is @findyoursimple:twitter 

  • Bartlett Donna

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot.Bravo!

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:twitter 

  • The Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane will be available in March. 

  • Shared on twitter under @norlinm:twitter 

  • Shared on facebook under Norlin Mustapha

  • Virginia Mason

    The ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s $229 are available in March 2012. I really love the look of the ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots too – they look pretty slick and comfortable.

  • Virginia Mason

    Shared on facebook under Virginia Mason

  • Virginia Mason

    Shared on Twitter too – twitter name VirginiaKMason.

  • Anonymous

    Sculptured Mary Jane Joined newsletter and shared all over Face book     

  • Penny

    Ooh, ECCO Scupltured Mary Janes!

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • Suze

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot is one shoe coming out this March & they look fabulous! The ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s are gorgeous too! V keen to try some ECCO shoes – everyone always raves about them!

  • It’s
    Sculptured Ankle Boot!

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:twitter 

  • Virginia Mason

    Tweeted again – because sharing is caring!

  • ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • Deborah Clift

    Sculptured Ankle Boot 🙂

  • MishyC

    The very cute sculptured mary janes 🙂

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Karen Thomas

    Sculptured Mary Janes…which for the record i love, love love and need, need, need 😉

  • lilpippa

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • lilpippa

    Shared on Facebook
    by Philippa Clapham

  • Virginia Mason

    I have tweeted again – name VirginiaKMason. Thanks for another chance xx

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • Sue Blum

    I would love to win the voucher…the first thing I would buy is a pair of the ECCO sculptured ankle boots….look great for work.
    I have shared on FB – as Sue Blum

  • Anspun

    Oh…how cute are the Sculptured Mary Janes?  Lovely.  I love Ecco shoes, they’re deliciously good.

  • Anspun

    Oh…how cute are the Sculptured Mary Janes?  Lovely.  I love Ecco shoes, they’re deliciously good.

  • Joyce @ TOT: HOT OR NOT

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot!

  • Lee Cochrane

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012 and ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259 available March, 2012.

  • Kelly.

    Hellooooo! The name of one style from Ecco shoes coming out in March 2012 is:  Sculptured Ankle Boot. Fingers, toes & eyes crossed!

  • Findingfi

    They are the ecco ankle boot and they are just fabulous! 

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Emjay57

    ecco sculptured mary janes are absolutely gorgeous. cant wait to either win them or buy them

  • ShoesForMyWifePlease

    Ecco Mary Janes for me please

  • Shana

    Sculptured heel boots

  • Sanyahmed00

    Lovly i love the Ecco Mary Janes.this is really  gorgeous,fabulous!.its deliciously good. The very cute sculptured mary janes.need need need.thanks

  • Kaya

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • sonia niko

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes – so adorable!!love them

  • Renee W

    Oh yummo, ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots for me please!  Shared on Facebook (Renee Wilkinson) and Twitter (pr_in_trackies)

  • AM

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes – simply gorgeous and perfect for any outfit.

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Shared on my facebook page (Amy Shambrook)

  •  ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s are due in March 2012 and are super cute and would be perfect to wear when I ride my bike to work

  • Lisa Buchanan

    Simply LOVE ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s : )     

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • What great photos of you. It’s the Ecco lifestyle I believe. 

    I am currently lusting after the Sculptured Mary Janes, they are gorgeous! xx

  • Gemmie alliston

    the gorgeous ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Heather

    Sculptured Mary Jane – love, love, love my Ecco shoes!

    Thanks for the competition

  • Just entered again on Twitter & Facebook. 🙂

  • Virginia Mason

    Tweeted this giveaway again – twitter username: VirginiaKMason

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane:)

  • Cstephenson

    Wow I had no idea Ecco had such groovy shoes! ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot for me!

  • Gaspard

    Just shared on FACEBOOK see Angela Crimes

    Also love the Sculptured Mary Janes.

  • ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot OMG! Reading your blog you were talking about MY life – both pre bub and post. I hardly wear heels now, in fact I only have 2 pairs and look a bit awkward in them for the first 5 minutes. 

  • These ugg sparkle boots are made from Australian luxurious Double Face Sheepskin. Once you have experienced this wondrous material, you’ll understand why you have to feel it to believe it.The sheepskin upper with rounded toe design and soft fleece sock liner offer comfort and warmth to your is worth owning for us.Now on-line sales,sparkle ugg boots discount 40%-55%.Oh, free shipping worldwide!

  • Louise

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes!

  • Virginia Mason

    Tweeted this giveaway again. Twitter name: VirginiaKMason.

  • Penny

    Sculptured Mary Jane shoes

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes

  • lilpippa

    Shared on FB again

    Sculptured Mary Janes are taking the Art of Sculpture to new heights. Don’t know if you’d find such “Sculptures” in a Modern Art Museum, but you’d certainly catch me wearing them to one!! Gorgeous!

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s are going to be me and my dodgy knee replacement needing knees new best friends – sexy and sensible – what a beautiful change!

  • Trish

     ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259 available March, 2012 are absolutely divine, love them!!

  • Anonymous

    ECCO Sculptered Mary Jane

  • Charlotte

    Ecco scultpured Mary Jane & Ankle Boot, I have to share you, but I was trying to keep you my awesom little style secret to inspire jealousy!

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Virginia Mason

    Shared on twitter. User name: VirginiaKMason.

  • Elizabeth Karpiel

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane are coming out – they’ll be something I won’t do Winter without!

  • Margaret

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots
    Tweeted here:!/Jupiter707/status/168509889889566720
    and facebook as well.

  • Alicia

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Bmds2011

     ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot  

  • Tracy Boulter

    tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Virginia Mason

    Tweeted again – these shoes are too lovely to miss out on! Twitter name: VirginiaKMason

  • measle

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Rei_gurl

    ECCO sculptured mary janes
    Clever mix of beauty and brains
    Can’t wait for them to adorn my feet
    ECCO’s comfort can’t be beat.

  • @alicial1999

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane!Subscribed, tweeted and facebooked 🙂

  •  ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Krishna

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots. (Your picture wearing them has me sold. Adorable boots!)

  • Nicole M

    The gorgeous Sculptured Ankle Boots!

  • Lizardchilli

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Jasmel05

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes are coming out in March!  I personally love the Chloes the most though….

  • Jasmel05

    Shared on facebook – a little something me by me; and on twitter jasmel05

  • Virginia Mason

    Tweeted again – twitter name: VirginiaKMason

  • Josie

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Kim Miller

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Tracy Boulter

    tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • :)

    Sculptured Mary Janes!!

  • Melissa Okimoto

    Such cute shoes!!!! 
    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229

  • Anita J K

    Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Kieren

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259

  • Chinda

    Adore the Ecco Sculptured Mary Janes – very stylish!

  • Lorna

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229

  • Bourke1

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Tracy Boulter

    tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Julie Whelan

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

    • Julie Whelan

      Joined, liked & shared

  • natasha

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • suz

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot ( You have really nice ankles!)

  • Doreen Riopel
  • Doreen Riopel
  • Sandra Gosden

    At the green Grocer, I saw you shopping,
    as I got closer, I saw you were rocking,
    a gorgeous look for your foot,
    cars stop to give you toots,
    because your wearing Ecco Sculptured Ankle Boots.

  • Heather

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • My feet are made for walking thats walking into you-ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots

  • Cherie

    How cute are the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 shoes – love!

  • wendyhatton

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot are coming in March

  • Carrie D

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Maz

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259 available March, 2012.

  • Mary Jane is the perfect shoe
    Purple my favourite colour too!!
    Wearing heels with bub on my hip
    Is dangerous as I may slip!

    I would love some sexy, savvy shoes
    Some in purple and some in blue
    Please come help me stat!!
    I need some shoes from Fox in Flats.

  • joe

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot 

  • Doreen Riopel

    Please take out my entries….  I am not elligible.  Sorry about this. 🙁

  • Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Sculptured Mary Jane…….have shared 🙂

  • Heather Coutts

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

    Shared on Facebook by Heather Coutts

  • Susan McNamara

    I love the Sculptured Mary Jane shoes and so sorry to hear about Mr Guppy Gup.
    The gorgeous Sculptured Ankle Boots are so great I would wear them more to just the green grocers.

  • Eliza McLauchlan

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane … thanks 🙂

  • lindz

    ECCO sculptured mary janes

  • Brettclarky

    Sculptured Mary Janes

  • Sophie Martin – Facebook

  • Ecc0 Sculptured Mary Janes look great! BTW, I am a senior citizen, and although I entered this comp on behalf of my grandaughter Ali (1st great grandson Oliver, woot woot) I think these shoes would be very comfortable for us oldies,too.
    Shared on Facebook.

  • Tracy Boulter

    tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • Maz

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Kerryn Elizabeth

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s they are absolutely gorgeous. 

  • Kristina

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s

  • Kristina

    Tweeted (popeyes_girl_22)

  • Linda Tan

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot rocks my world!

  • Sifimele

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane shoes, a great addition to the Ecco range xx

  • An ECCO Sculptured MARY JANE Mum still here, still tweeting!!/JBMarigold/status/170666783412469760

  • Megan Daff

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

    Shared on facebook- Megan Checker

  • Alex

    Ecco Sculptured 

  • Ellen

    Ecco Sculptured Ankle Boots (still not sold on ankle boots though!)

    Love wearing flats! Especially now my daughter has started school and we are walking there and back:)

  • Sharonmarkwell

    Would love some of those ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots and wouldn’t mind having a rear end like that either.  Mine has seen better days.

  • Annie
  • Mandachic84

    shared on twitter @mandachic:twitter 

  • Annie

    There’ll be an ECCOing refrain,
    Of compliments galore.
    Will “MARCH” right out the door!

  • Shellyto4kids

    love love love the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane’s that are coming out. they would be gorgeous with so many different outfits 🙂

    have shared on facebook – shelly anne
    have shared on twitter – shellyto4kids

  • Maria_dana2003

     ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots: perfect even for not quite sculptured ankles!

  • Virginia Mason

    Pressed the tweet button! Twitter name: VirginiaKMason

  • Leah Staker

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot perfect for shopping, chasing kids or out for dinner!

  • Leah Staker

    Shared on Facebook (Leah Staker)

  • Leah Staker

    Shared on Facebook (Leah Staker)

  • Alirai001

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot
    Shared on Facebook – Kim Brekelmans
    Shared on Twitter – kimbo058

  • Lara

    I’m loving Ecco’s tweak on the Sculptured Mary Jane shoes!

  • TinDrum

    One of the new arrivals is the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.Offering rich sculpted leather and beauty without pain.Gone are the days, when we had to suffer for fashion,Melding form and function: this is ECCO’s passion.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Agota Molnar

    One of the new arrivals will be the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.
    Offering rich sculpted leather and beauty without pain.
    Gone are the days, when we had to suffer for fashion,
    Melding form and function: this is ECCO’s passion.

  • Di-coleman

    Rockin’ your sox off in the Grocers sporting the  Ecco Sculptured ankle boot 
    Looking good..

  • Sculptured ankle boots – they look rather nice as an addition to my shoe collection, not that my collection is very large right now!

  • Annie
  • Ally Gardiner

    loving the 
    Sculptured Mary Janes

  • Indra Arifin

    Shared at!/scrypton/status/171063445335187456 🙂

  • Allison

    baby janes

  • Honeysweetie

    Ecco Sculptured Ankle Boots – foxy flats indeed

  • Honeysweetie

    Shared on FB

  • Sarah Cowling

    To: ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes,

    I’m nothing without you. 
    Be mine?

    From: M.T. Feet. 

  • Sarah Cowling

    To: ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes,

    I’m nothing without you. 
    Be mine?

    From: M.T. Feet. 

  • s_gock

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.

    Shared on Twitter (sgock)

  • Mumma2boys

    Oh My Goodness me get me some of those ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot but lets see for $259 I might just have to wait until next eternity . 

  • Arcticdusk

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane–beautiful.

  • Kiesha

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes!

    Shared Facebook: Kiesha Van der Heide

  • Nicola

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Janes – gorgeous style and colour!

  • Bee

    Scupltured Mary Janes. 

    Joined and shared on Twitter (@fumbles_bumbles) and fb (Bethwyn Boyt-Cullis)

  • Daina

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

    • Daina

      Shared on Facebook & liked – Daina Mickus
      Shared on Twitter – @dainamickus

  • Bigredtracy

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot – gorgeous!

  • chegan59

    The ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot, sort of stylish sort of cute
    Certainly looks comfortable and easy to where
    An aesetic substitute – for those who dare!

  • chegan59


  • Compsdunne

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots – Shared on FB

  • Sonya Stevenson

    Those Mary Janes are made for walking…and swinging/playing/laundering/fetching/vacuuming….

  •  ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Phillip Cunningham

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Phillip Cunningham
  • Nicrogla

    echo sucuplered mary jabe

  • Zoe Ingram

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane are coming March 2012 – Love them 🙂

  • Themuntsbunch

    wow wow wow I LOVE the ECCO brand! The Sculptured Mary Jane’s are rather swish I must say..running around after 3 kids all day (one with a disability) I rely on good boots that are not only made for walking but trotting too! Do we have a stockist here in Toowoomba, Queensland? blessings, Jen

  • justme

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane shoes available in March 2012- only nine sleepless nights away!

  • Alana Ashford

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – Whatever the Occasion even if it’s a Emergency to Replace a Goldfish you will look Confident, Calm , Comfortable and Stylish in a pair of ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes!

  • fairliekid

    sculptured mary jane

  • Jasmine

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot $259

  • Barbara

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229

  • Donna

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • krystal p

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane
    shared on FB  and shared on twitter (diamond0901)

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.
    wont suit me but the wife will love them.

  • tracy wedding

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.

  • Moneyspider

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Qldbirch

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – because I love boots but I hate difficult to put on ones!

  • Charmaine

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane, love the look of these, they are stunning!

  • Christopher

    The Ecco sculptured Mary Jane. Ideal for my wife given her less-than-sedentary job! 

  • Sayra6386

    Sculpted Mary Janes!!

  • Sayra6386

    I posted it on Facebook!!

  • Jaragabrielle

    Love the sculptured NEW mary janes! So cute!!
    Subscribed to the newsletter – 
    [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Quinkay

    Love the ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot you are wearing at the florist.

  • Jill

    The gorgeous SCULPTURED MARY JANE.

  • Kim Barney


    mary janes


  • Love the ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots that you’re sporting at the green grocer. 

    • Tweeted:!/kkbrough/status/171755322719997952

    • And posted on Facebook (Kelly Miller Brough)

  • Mel Turner

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Mel Turner

    Just tweeted about shoes for my feet! Mel_TurnerAU

  • Shannon Abraham

      ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane 🙂 

  • Michael Berg

      ECCO Sculptured – Mary Jane!!! 

  • Anne At Home

    Oh that ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane. T.D.F!

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane, would really help my feet keep sane, in these shoes i could walk  straight lines without looking like I have had to many wines.

  • Shannny88

    I have liked both pages, and shared the above link on my wall for my friends to see. My facebook name is Shannon Abraham 🙂

  • Michael Berg

    I have liked the pages and shared! Michael Berg. 

  • bbeee

    Ecco sculptured mary janes-  Twitter name – Thats_Aok Facebook-bern hizz

  • Nichol Monique Abraham

    Subscribed, liked & shared on Facebook! – Nichol Monique

  • Nathan reece Abraham

    ECCO, Sculptured by Mary Jane.

  • Jillian Davies


  • rosiebell

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • tanya hartwell

    ECCO- SCULPTURED, Mary Jane!

  • Simone Beaty

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane 🙂

  • Shannon Berg

    Mary Jane.

  • Tamara Young

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane 🙂 🙂 

  • CathyH

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane is available March, 2012

  • Kim

    Sculptured Mary Jane shoes are anything but plain Jane

  • Jilybeanz

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane! Love them

  • cazzen

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – very foxy!

  • T Henricks

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane and Sculptured Ankle Boots, both look divine!!

  • Debbie olliver

    Subscribed, liked & shared on Facebook! – Debbie Olliver

  • TGreen

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Natalie

    If only I could look that good in denim jeans…
    Anyway hopefully I look just as good in the  ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot, can’t wait till they come out in March

  • Maria


  • Mary Jane

  • Mary Jane

  • Mary Jane

  • tessa

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot look  very chic.  Can’t wait for winter!

  • Kate Y

    The ECCO Sculptured Ankle BootMakes the boys go “Woot, Woot”!

  • liz davey

    Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Ozstarlett

    ecco sculptured mary jane

  • Brenda

    Toot Toot, it’s the ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot, they’ll look awesome with my business suit!

  • Bern Stauce

    The beautiful ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane …

    Shared on Facebook – Bern Stauce

  • At the pet store you are wearing ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane 

  • tara

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012.

  • Izzy

    At the pet shop you’re wearing ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane! I think they look fantastic! Love them!

  • Ballyscullion11

    Ecco Sculptured Ankle Boot !

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – I’m crossing my fingers that I can have a pair too! 🙂

  • Cherie Gates

     Wearing ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012.
                                   Shared link on Facebook today! Cheers 🙂

  • Michelle McKlaren


  • Carly Findlay

    The shoes out in March are Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane

    I’d love to win this voucher – even though I’m not a Mum I love your site and it’s all so relevant to me. As a teen I just wanted to wear heels but now when I wear them I can’t wait to put on my flats at the end of the day 🙂

  • Petrie46

    Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Petrie46

    commented on fb and twitter

  • Rachel

    Sculptured Mary janes and the look lovely! I’m also a flats girl due to injuries and love these stylish shoes! What a great comp!

  • Nothing I love more than the chance to win shoe money!

    One of the ECCO styles coming out in March is the Sculptured Mary Jane (which you look cute as in!).

    Hope Mr Guppy Gups replacement is still alive and kicking (swimming?).

    Oh and Twitter handle – @MummaInHeels:twitter 

  • I have wanted some of these shoes, since, like…forever. FOREVER. Pick me pick me!! :p I think the sculptured ankle boots are super funky and clearly you rock them with enviable ease (does sucking up help gain any extra points? No? Oh well 😉 )

    Seriously you look great, and they are awesome shoes. Shared on Twitter (@@ArieleMoonfire:disqus  ) and Facebook Jayne Garrod.

  • Donna Trickey

    Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Ooh forgot to put “ECCO Sculptured ankle boot”. In case it wasnt obvious 😉

  • Debbie Gridley

    Love the look of the Sculptured Ankle Boot. RIP Mr Guppy Gup.

  • Fit4ever

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane. I’m a nurse & these cute shoes will be a pretty & practical substitute for the boring shoes I normally wear!

  • Rachel

    Sculptured ankle boots and the look lovely! I’m also a flats girl due to injuries and love these stylish shoes! What a great comp! I’m entering as many times as possible!

  • T Goodwin92

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane, I love the pet Store!

  • Anonymous

    One of the shoes being released in March 2012 is the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane (which I LOVE and WANT!!!), and I shared this on Facebook (user name Sif Dal) and Twitter (username SifDal) 🙂

  • Ecco Sculptered Ankle Boot….(love the loafers too in the first pic).  Have also shared on Twitter:  themodernparent

  • Kylie Devlin

    I really love the ECCO Kenna Loafers, they could be a handy addition to my Autumn wardrobe…. but I digress. I know that you really want to know the name of one of the styles ECCO are releasing in March this year, so just between you and I, keep your eye out for the very cute ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane!

  • susan

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane not only look classy but are extremely versatile for day wear turned to evening with my purple satin skirt and chic black top

  • Ally

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Ally

    Shared on my Facebook page (Facebook name is Mara Book)

  • Rachel

    I tweeted about the comp, my twitter name is @MMOAGFL. I hope fingers n toes crossed I win! My injuries to my hip, back n neck n spinal cord after a car accident! To have trendy comfortable n flat shoes would b such a positive!

  • The sculptured Ankle Boots will get me through Fashion Week & School Runs!

  • Cherie Gates

      ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane $229 available March, 2012.
                                          Shared link via Facebook today 😉

    • Cherie Gates

       Oh and I subscribed!

  • Lindasteabben

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane(Subscribed)Bring on March! 🙂  

  • Danelle

    LOVE! Ecco Sculptured Ankle Boot is my pick for the new season. Thanks for inspiring me FIF 🙂

  • In March 2012, the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane,
    Should be parachuted to me from a plane,
    I would climb on to the roof,
    To get that shoe upon my hoof,
    I could wear that shoe with pride,
    And with motherhood fashion will not have died.

    • Shared on Twitter as @daisyrooandtwo:twitter 

  • Rachel

    I left a tweet under @MMOAGFL I so need these shoes! My workers comp wage allows me only to get cheaper shoes! I’d love some good quality shoes to help with my hip, back n neck injuries. Please, let it be me!

  • Donna @ NappyDaze

    Oh my, 
    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane  shoes, I covet thee!! (coincidentally also the name of one of the March styles coming out!) Too cute!

  • Donna @ NappyDaze

    Have also tweeted for good luck 😉

  • mogy37

     Answer – ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – I have shared on my facebook page Michelle Gray. Thanks

  • Shannc

    I’d love a pair of the ECCO sculptured ankle boots!

  • Fehmel

    Sex, and sensible, “Fox in flats” are delectable.

  • Fehmel

    Sexy and sensible, “Fox in flats” are delectable.

  • Gillian

    It’s the ECCO scultured Mary Jane.  So cute!
    Shared on FB and already a newsletter reader 🙂 
    erm…  sorry I didn’t get all rhymin’…I’m too sleepy to rhyme today.

  • Kathy

    Fantastic comp!  I just love the SCULPTURED MARY JANE shoes you are wearing at the pet shop…..can’t wait to see the colour range when they come out in March 🙂

    • Kathy

      Ie the ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane shoes …left off the best bit… ECCO shoes….great for comfort & fashion…

  • catie

    ecco mary jane’s

  • Flossyfewclothes

    I’ll surely look more scuptured, in these ECCO Sculptured Mary Janes’ 😎

  • Sculptured Mary Jane shoes!

  • Have shared this competition on FB! FB name: Darya Khomich. 🙂

  • bobbyemariehill

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot in March and they are ~~~CCCCCUUUUTTTEEE~~~

  • ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Jtmorri

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Kirsty_meese

    I’ve just found your website and I love it almost as much as I love the ECCO scupltured Mary Janes

  • Kirsty_meese

    I’ve also just shared the link on Facebook, hopefully my other mums will get on board with your website, but hopefully not enter the competition, I want to win!!

    • Kirsty_meese

      ooo Facebook name Kirsty Meese

  • Danielle

    Sculptured Mary Jane – love

  • Jen

    Mary Janes, On my Status update on Facebook. Jenna Swift Looking good as always Mrs Fox! x

  • marie_magee

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Chris Pearce

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Chris Pearce

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Chris Pearce

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Chris Pearce

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane

  • Chris Pearce

    Shared on facebook as chris pearce

  • Chris Pearce

    Shared on facebook as chris pearce

  • LisaT

    Sculptured ankle boots…ooh la la!!

  • Carol

     ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane – Love them!!

  • Belinda

    Sculptured Mary Jane – they’re so gorgeous!

  • Nicole_agnew

    Coming March 2012
    ECCOs Sculptured Ankle Boot won’t be left on my shelve
    Top it off with Mary Janes ECCO Flats you got it made!

  • Alison

    Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane!  Wow they look like they might actually be comfy on my wide old feet! 
    Shared on facebook (Alison Wilson) and Twitter (ally_dione)

  • angela

    Ecco Mary Janes

  • Suef2011

    Sculptured Mary Jane – If only the rest of body look that good.  They are fantastic

  • ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot you sly fox.

  • ECCO SCULPTURED MARY JANE they are so cute too!

  • Danie197530

    Sculptured Mary jayne

  • Jennifer H

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot

  • Jennifer H

    Shared on Facebook – Jennifer Hurst

  • Jennifer H

    Tweeted – luludancer0112

  • Karen Turner

    ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boot
    Shared on twitter princess_nutnut

  • Nelle

    Sculptured Mary Jane. Comfortable fashion shoes. No more fashion pain. 

  • Jules Lawrence

    Love the Ecco Sculptured Mary Jane.  Just my style

  • Just subscribed.
    OMG I love those shoes – especially the Sculptured Mary Janes. Last pair of shoes I bought was 2 years ago! Off to drool over some possible new shoes


  • Katie Byron

    ooooooohhh, Sculptured mary janes……love them!!! hurry up March!!

  • Jodie Koeleman

    Wish I was brave enough to wear a pair of the ECCO Sculptured Ankle Boots!

    Shared on facebook – Jo Ko

  • Clarkett

    ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane.

  • Vicky

    $500 to spend on shoes!! Brilliant, wicked looking shoes. That would be bliss…. How to decide which to choose, Ecco sculptured Mary janes …or the

  • Sampollett

    LOVE the ECCO Sculptured Ankle boot. They look amazing & I can only imagine how comf they are! Oh I hope I win! I so can’t afford nice shoes! Keep up the good work, ur always adding things to my wish list 🙂 appreciate all the hard work u do for us mere mortals x

  • KellyHorne82

    Sculptured Mary Jane – very cute!

  • Sal

    Sculptured Ankle Boot – am looking forward to reading your article about how to wear them!

    Also shared on Twitter at BabyguruAUS and Facebook at Babyguru

  • Sculptured Ankle Boots are coming out in March.   Very cute!

  • tweeted @JesseBelles:disqus 

  • I so love the shoes.

  • ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane,May make my man insane,
    For my wardrobe may burst,
    If I spend and open my purse,
    My shoes look dated,
    Looking here you have the bait,
    Now how long should I wait.