The scarf dare

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got piles of scarves snaking around in the closet. But just how often do you wear them?

This week, we’re continuing our series of style challenges by daring you to accessorise with the one simple, classic item that all of us will undoubtedly have in our wardrobes:  the scarf.

Whether it’s with a wisp of silk, a drape of cotton, or a wrap of wool, the challenge is simple:

Wear a scarf every day, in a different way, for 7 days straight.


6 reasons to try the scarf dare:

1. It’ll be a great way to bust out of an accessory rut.

2. You’ll probably discover a bunch of new, easy ways to wear your scarves that you’ve not considered before.

3. You’ll cheer up your scarves. They’ve been really lonely shoved away in your closet, and would love an outing with you to prove their worth.

4. You probably won’t have to buy anything new to participate.

5. We’ve got loads of tips, ideas and inspiration to get you going.

6. We’ll call you “chicken” if you don’t join in. “Burk, Burk, Burk!


The rules:
  • Join in whenever you like, but to complete the Dare you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Each way you wear your scarf must be distinctly different from another.
  • Choose any type of scarf you like, but challenge yourself to wear your scarf in a way you’ve not done before.


Tips & ideas:

Click here for 3 ways to wear a headscarf without looking like Captain Feathersword.


More cute ideas on how to wear a silk scarf – click through the image for step-by-step guides.


And just because every-time I see this photo I swoon:


For more scarf-speration, check out our file of scarf ideas on Pinterest. It’s a catalogue of awesome photos of women wearing scarves in different ways, and includes links to loads of scarf tying how-to’s from around the net.


What’s a dare without proof that you’ve done it?

We wanna see how you’ve accessorised with your scarves this week, so upload your photos in the comments section below, or share them on Facebook or Twitter, using #scarfdare. If you have an  iPhone, try the Instagram app for a quick way to share your shots – you can edit then post them straight away, and it’s free!

And if you’re technologically challenged or simply too shy to showcase your scarf-action, why not just tell us the different ways you’ve worn your scarfs this week as you complete the dare?

We’ll then showcase some of our favourite reader photos and scarf-tying ideas on site over the next month or so.


So… are you in? Or are you ‘Chicken’?

baby hanger1 The Hair Dare

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x Andrea

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  • Rachel

    Don’t ever call me chicken!!  Count me in

    • Anonymous

      LOL! It’s when my wings start to flap that it gets REALLY worrying! 

  • Love it! I was going to wear a turban today but think I’ll take a scarf and turn it into one instead.

    • Anonymous

      Only you could know how to turn a scarf into a turban! Actually, maybe this is the week for me to work out how to do. Do you have a tutorial on this? x

  • Oh i love it.  Only i’m on holidays & scarf free (as it’s an exercise holiday, not an accessorise holiday) but will part take when i resume normal programming at home.  Will keep the tips as i’m a big scarf wearing, they hide all sins on your tops (from children, i’m immaculate) & i’m between hair cuts, should i stay short or grow it out a bit??  Anything i style, my children replicate & look a billion times cooler too.  Lucky them, love Posie

    • Anonymous

      Oh lucky you to be on an exercise holiday. I need one of them 😉 Keep us posted! 

  • I need more scarves!! I’ll wait for the 35 degree days to pass then I’ll start 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Whoosh that’s a hot one! You could always tie one on a bag, like I did this morning?

  • You’ve been reading my mind, haven’t you?  Just this morning, in the shower, I was musing about scarves.  I have a few, except it’s a hot week.  Still, I could do it just for you…. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yay! Can still wear if it’s hot, just need to unleash all that creativity Dorothy! x

  • Anonymous

    Day 1 Scarf Dare. Part 1. Meeting. Too rushed to be fancy. Tied onto laptop bag. 

  • Anonymous

    Day 1 Scarf Dare. Part2. Back home for fun with the boys. Into my fav. cut-offs with the same scarf looped through as a belt.

  • Cheryl from BusinessChic

    Genius post lady and great minds must think alike as this week I’ve already scheduled posts showing THREE different ways I wear a scarf and in one of those ways it’s the key for taking me from office to drinks! Cx

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Cheryl! Be sure to copy me on Twitter & I’ll share around. Keen to see your tips! x

  • Must do this… 

  • Anonymous

    Tried the scarf in my hair, with some big loops: JLo eat your heart out! 

  • Kitty

    This awesome video shows 25 ideas in 4.5 minutes: 

  • Oh my god, I’m doing this one! I have beautiful scarves that only see the light of day occasionally… usually when I have dirty hair!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! It’s a fun way to get some use of those baskets of scarves! 

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  • Michelle Barraclough

    Well aren’t you clever Andrea! Arranging a cold wet dating Sydney – perfect for this scarfs first outing of the season x

    • FoxInFlats

      I’m magic like that 😉

  • Chelsea Rempel

    I can’t get the tutorials!

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