Could you wear black eyeliner all week? I DARE YOU!

Rock star. Princess. Sex-bomb. These are the words that spring to my mind when I think of black eyeliner. And I’m kinda keen to get me some of that. So this week, I’m breaking out of my day-to-day makeup routine. Instead, I’m going to wear black eyeliner every day – regardless of what’s on. Wanna join me?


Whether it’s a grungy, kohl-smudged ‘Kobain-esque’ eye…


…a seductive liquid line that sweeps with a sigh and a wink…


…or the perfectly pristine peepers prerequisite for marrying a prince…


…a black-rimmed eye exudes confidence, strength, and a heck of a lot of sexy.

I certainly found that to be true last Thursday morning when, as part of last week’s Dare (which was to wear things that made you feel sensual and sexy), I wore my favourite black kohl liner smokily lined around my eyes, in a way similar to how I’d wear it if I was going on a saucy date somewhere dark and promising.

Rockin’ the suburbs!

Yet it was 7.25am on a blindingly bright morning, I’d just changed into yet another set of fresh clothes after the little one had splashed me in vomit – again – and Mr Fox had already shimmied off onto the E69 bus to work. The only thing saucy was the Heinz tomato ketchup I was squeezing onto the devon sandwiches for school lunches, and the most promising thing on the horizon was a double-shot flat white.

Despite all that, I couldn’t help noticing that I felt just a little cooler and sexier, in a rock-chick-mama kind of way.

We’ve talked before about how easy it is to fall into a fashion rut once we become mums, as we acquiesce into the monotony of our ‘mummy uniforms‘. In the same way, it’s just as easy to fall into a makeup rut. So this week’s Dare is just a little something to perhaps take us out of our make-up comfort zones, and maybe spice things up a bit too.

The Dare: Wear black eyeliner all week.

The rules:

Wear black eyeliner everyday for a week, from when you get dressed in the morning till you brush your teeth before bed at night.

It doesn’t matter what type of liner you use: kohl, gel, liquid. Or how you choose to wear it: smudged, winged, cats-eye, lined above, lined below, or in your inner rim. You just have to have black liner of some description touching your peepers every day for a week.

Tips & Ideas:

1. If you don’t have a black eyeliner, now’s the time to buy one. You can pick up a simple kohl liner from your local chemist or supermarket for as little as $3.99 (I checked today as I was doing the groceries), yet there are an amazing array of formulations and application apparatus around if you are keen to explore the options.

2. Why not use this challenge as a way to experiment with a different type of liner, such as a gel or liquid? Let’s face it, it’ll probably never happen otherwise. I’m a real novice when it comes to liquid eyeliner, so I’ll try that a few times for sure.

3. Different lines will give you a different look.

4. Too lazy to apply black eyeliner yourself? Why not try these new adhesive liners from Dior?

5. Have no idea how to apply liquid eyeliner? Me neither, till I watched this video tutorial by Super Kawaii Mama.

6. Still find it impossible to get a smooth line when applying liquid eyeliner? The technique demonstrated in this video involves 4 pieces of scotch tape (and a fair bit of guts!).

7. Clean up mistakes and smudges by dipping a Q-tip in eye cream, and gently swiping it off.

8. To prevent your eyeliner from crumbling when you sharpen it, store it in the freezer.

9. Smudged kohl is quick, easy, and forgiving.

10. Check out Fox in Flats on Pinterest, where we’ve collected a bunch of pics as inspiration.

Share the Dare!

Share the Dare with your buddies, and share back with us to tell us what it was like.

Is it a hassle or easier than you think? How does it make you feel: Vamp-ish? Camp-ish? Tramp-ish? And did it make you wanna rock out?

If you’re up for the Dare, share your experiences in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter, and feel free to showcase your saucy black-lined eyes by attaching a photo.


Are you in? Or are you ‘chicken’?

baby hanger1 Dare of the week: Red Lipstick



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  • Cherie Gates

    This could be interesting after a session at the gym! I’m in!  Might try and get a few on board.

    • Yay! Let me know how you go with the gym! I tried it today & it felt strange with eyeliner on. I used my NARS smudge-proof and it did the job. 

      • Cherie Gates

        I just did the bottom inner rim on day 1 and a little on the top outer rim just the corners. Day 2 and I chickened out. I did  smokey eyes- only i wore them in the morning for the school run and washed them off when i got home…… I had only had about 4 hours sleep and i don’t think smoky eyes are very flattering on a tired mum! Maybe I should have gone for red lips instead I would say that i felt Tramp-ish or Trash-ish 😉

        Call me chicken!

        • Good on you for giving it a go!!! I’ll admit my eyes felt really scratchy this morning after yesterdays effort and obviously didnt clean it off well enough, duh! That, and yet another fitful night sleep. 
          Hope you get more sleep tonight x

  • I’m not a fan of black on my eyelids (I only use it to tightline) but I regularly wear purple, charcoal, chocolate, even emerald green.

    I use an eyelining brush and a quality powder shadow most often, but I love my Nars long wear pencil too.

    I got this tip from Zoe Foster – easiest way to get a winged eye evah! Put some undereye concealer on a brush – I use my flat foundation brush – and brush at an angle next to the eye. Voila! Perfectly defined wing!

    I’m in, but I don’t do black! 🙂

    • Great tips there – as usual. Alright, may have to double dare you, to go BRIGHT eyeliner all week…. 😉

      • I did a charcoal winged eyeliner today.  I used a Bobbi Brown powder with a wet MAC angled liner brush, and it is the easiest thing ever.  I press the end of the brush with my fingertips to get a precise line, then press it along my  lash line.  Then angle the brush and work from the outside in for the actual wing, tidied up with a swipe of concealer on my foundation brush.  I also lined my inner rim with a gold-khaki pencil, which is not something I usually do as it can close up your eyes, but it looked really pretty.

        I think I’ll do purple tomorrow! 🙂

  • designermamas

    I’m in!!  Not sure how my face will look after my PT sessions on Tuesday & Thursday though 🙂

  • Pagan

    Ha ha too easy, I wear eyeliner every day anyway (though not walways black), with smallish eyes and blonde lashes (unfair when my hair is brown(ish)!), it’s necessary if I don’t want to give myself a fright every time I catch a glimpse of a mirror…  No challenge for me!!

    • Got some good tips for us novices? 

  • I’m chicken, but only because I’d have to go out shopping. I have NO black eyeliner any more at all!

    • C’mon Cath. You can pick up a kohl pencil from any chemist or grocery store…. it’ll be fun x

  • Great dare only I wear black eyeliner every single day – one of my desert-island products! 
    I tightline my top lashes so that I look awake! I’ve also started lining the bottom rim of my eyes with a colourful eyeliner, currently using a waterproof violet pencil one from Chanel.

    I’ve used a bunch of eyeliners on the market from Chanel to Laura Mercier’s Cake eyeliner (I do love this one) Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner but am currently loving Face of Australia’s liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use and easy on the wallet – winner!

    Look forward to seeing the images your readers send in!

    • Oh wow Cheryl you’re a pro. Would love to see your handi-work, for those of us who are less savvy at this. I’d forgotten about tightlining and did so today – love it!!!!! x
      Oh, and love the product tips, thanks x

  • My effort Day 1: Just a lined the inner rim of my upper lids, a little on upper lid edges and inner bottom rims. This was after the gym…a bit worn off but didn’t smudge (NARS Longer than Life – lives up to its claim of being smudge-proof!). Have never worn eyeliner to the gym before, but now I’m thinking, why not?! 

    • I adore the NARS liner!  I have Bourbon Street, which is a fabulous purple for making my green eyes appear more green, and the black one for tightlining.

  • Love these shots from Melinda shared on Facebook! Go girl! 

  • Shaggy

    Sorry for being dense but what is tightlining?

    • Not dense at all.  It’s where you line your upper eyelid under the lashes.  It takes a bit of getting used to but the difference it makes to how thick and defined your lashes look is amazing!  I use the new Nars Long Life liner in black for this.

      • Shaggy

        I have to dye mine because they are so fair.   Maybe I should give this a go!

        • I dye mine too. My lashes are long but fair. I still put mascara on the top lashes, but when they’re tinted, can skip the bottom ones. Interested to hear how you go. Great tips for this (and everything else!) in Zoe Foster Amazing Face book. 🙂

    • No dense questions here my friend! Kim-Marie’s got the answer x

  • Some cool pics from Twitter yesterday. Gorgeous! 

  • Day 2 Eyeliner Dare: Only had a sec, tried a quick-drying liquid liner from SAX Cosmetics which I picked up from the local chemist for around $15. A bit wonky, but I’m feeling fab. Who’d doing the Black Eyeliner Dare today?

  • I was given the most fabulous 20s-esque Vincent Longo mulberry lipstick in the weekend (I really do love and appreciate my Gorgeous Girls!), so I had to try it today, but that meant dialing back the eyes.  I’m wearing a subtle neutral lid with Bobbi Brown charcoal shadow pressed along the upper lashline with a MAC angled brush and this absolutely knockout lipstick! 🙂  I’m having device-talking-to-each-other issues today so here’s a link to my Tumblr x

    • Whoa thats some lippy – love it! 

      • I never would have bought it but it’s amazing. I did feel like it was wearing me though!

  • Yesterday, I did a lavender shaded lid with purple winged eyeliner and smudged under my bottom lashes with purple pencil.  I felt so glam, I even wore a cocktail hat and a black silk shirt and fishnets.  But, it was a bit much with my comfy harem pants/striped T combo when I got home!

    • OMG I love your outfits! Awesome! 

  • Eyeliner dare Day 3. Chantecaille gel eyeliner (this ones got a great angled brush at the opposite end). Buy here: …Ray Martin clearly digs it……check out what he inscribed in my book when I met him today!!! “Andrea, Lots of love, and keep the bright, interesting eyes flashing!!” PS: The man is a total silver fox 

  • Its’ day 4 and I’m still going strong.  I’m blogging about the challenge tonight and will link back here, Andrea.

    SSG xxx

    • Oh fab, cant wait to see! 

  • Day 4 of eyeliner dare. Getting darker and thicker as the week goes on. Today, BADgal liner from benefit. Did feel a bit of a ‘bad gal’ when I picked the kids up – lots of makeup for an average Thursday! (I must say though, I like feelin’ a bit bad!) 😉

  • Katie Morton

    All right all right, Ive worn it every day, and every time I try to take a pic it looks horrid. Here is today’s effort, self conscious shot of myself.

    • “What you talkin’ about Willis???!” You’re eyeliner looks fab. And man alive I LOVE those specs. x

      • Here you go, right side up 😉

      • Katie Morton

        Thanks! Specs are from ClearlyContacts on Facebook. Every now and then they do free specs giveaways, so these ones were freeeeeeeeee……..

  • Katie Morton

    Oh, it’s upside down, sorry.

  • Rmneilson

    Lovely.  Will you ever use photos featuring women of colour?  We like gorgeous too!  C’mon, represent diversity…. I DARE you!

    • Fair call & duly noted.
      I either take my own shots or source them from the net, and am limited by what I find – might you have any suggestions or links of where I could find some great ones? Email me at foxinflats (at) hotmail (dot) com
      Cheers! Andrea

      • Rmneislon, Thankyou for your email – it’s awesome! xxx

  • Plummerhouse

    Oh I am IN! I’ve been mixing up my make up this week with coloured shadow (currently sporting a lovely shade of navy metallic with plum liner) but I very very rarely wear black liner, so let’s see what happens!

    • Anonymous

      Go girl!

  • Day 5 of the EYELINER DARE. Tried some ‘fancy liquid lines’. End result. I feel more ‘Mrs Robinson’ than anything else (but I reckon she’s hot!) Even did hair to match! Used RIMMEL Exaggerate Eyeliner that I picked up at the supermarket for around $10. 

  • Today was hand-in-homework day, so eyeliner was the last thing on the list! I used one eyeshadow as base, liner and underneath smudge, plus a smear of Benefit High Brow on my inner rims. MAC Satin Taupe is my go to colour. The only MAC eyeshadow I’ve ever rebought!

  • I’m wearing jade green Napoleon Perdis gel liner this morning.  Oh, it’s so much fun!

  • I love wearing black eyeliner. Being a contact lense wearer, I prefer to enhance my eyes with eyeliner more than …yes, I know… how can I go without mascara, but I do!

    • Anonymous

      Really! Actually,  had to stop wearing contacts, maybe due to the mascara.. mmm youve got me thinking… 

  • I’m an everyday eyeliner type of girl. I figure I may have to reapply lip stick or gloss throughout the day to maintain nice lips but with ‘done’ eyes it doesn’t matter if my lips are bare. I also use the tight line technique, which involves lining the underside of your upper lashes, rather than the top. The look is subtler but still adds definition to the eyes and face.

    • Anonymous

      Right on! great tip there , thanks x

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  • penny

    Um, I’m so in! Have never done one of your dares before but as a newbie youtuber, I say “Challenge accepted!” xx