10 ways to know you’re buying an awesome baby bag

When you’re looking for a baby bag the choices can be mind-boggling. But after consulting with over 150 mothers in our survey we’ve taken the guess-work out of the task by sharing the top 10 ways to know you’re buying an awesome baby bag.


1. It’s lightweight

You’ll be surprised how much stuff you will need to have on hand when you’re out with your little one, and it can get heavy. Avoid a bag with heavy metal frames or embellishments, they’ll just weigh you down.

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2. The exterior is hard-wearing.

No doubt, that cream suede tote you’re eyeing off is divine, but it just won’t cut it for the type of endurance required from a baby bag. Look for a bag made from heavy-duty materials like canvas, leather and nylon, and then, imagine it plonked on a dirty sidewalk, busy shopping centre floor, wet lawn, or wood-chipped playground. If you can picture the bag in that environment without cringing, then you’ve got yourself a winner.


3. The interior is waterproof

Babies can be leaky, and it’s the same for the things you carry in your baby bag. Ensure any spills, leaks and breakages don’t ruin your bag by looking for one lined in waterproof PVC or nylon.


4. It’s got a couple of zippered pockets and compartments

You don’t need to go overboard with compartments and crannies within your baby bag, this can just end up being confusing. One or two exterior pockets or zippered areas are handy for fast access, and internally, the standard zippered pocket, mobile phone pocket and interior divider are the only features you really need.  Then, compartmentalise your items with removable bags like  Bourne Naked bag liners from $24.95, or simply use zip-lock bags.

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5. It has a long strap

Keeping your hands free to attend to baby is paramount, so make sure your bag has a strap that’s long enough to be used a number of ways – over the shoulder, across the body, and slung across the back of your pram. Try the Stroller Bag from Stylish Little Me $199.


6. The strap is adjustable

Having the flexibility to adjust the strap means it can be adjusted to suit your height – and changed to suit your partner’s too.


7. It’s roomy

The perfect baby bag will have space for you to include the essentials, and room to throw in a bunch of extras ‘just in case’.


8. It’s not rigid

Once you get into the swing of things with baby, and as they get older, you won’t need to take so much with you. A great baby bag will have a rigid, flat bottom so you can easily find things, yet will have softer sides. This way, it’ll look great when it’s bursting at the seams, but when you’ve got less to carry, it can collapse into itself and still look stylish.


9. Your partner wouldn’t mind if his mates saw him carrying it

If your partner is around, it’s only fair to share the load – literally. When you select a baby bag, consider how he might look, and feel, when he’s carrying it. While those orange polka dots may seem cute and whimsical to you, he’ll look pretty naff carrying it. Look for a classic styled bag in a neutral hue like black, navy, taupe, or army green. Leather features add interest and an air of sophistication. Try the gr8x Jack Dad Bag $99.95.


10. You love it

You know you’ve bought a great baby bag when it suits your personal style, and you’d use it regardless of whether it was chock full of nappies or not.

 A practical bag that suits your style will become an all time favourite


I just loved this (fake) PRADA that I picked up in Shanghai. Perfect baby bag for my style at the time. Used it till it fell apart. Farewell old friend! 😉 Andrea


For more ways to shop savvy for baby bags – and more shopping links, click here.

Was your baby bag awesome? What did you love about it? And where did you get it? (Feel free to share a pic!)

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Parts of this article were originally written by
Fox in Flats editor, Andrea, for Birth.com.au

  • Ok. Mine was a STEAL! I am going to make some of your readers barf up a lung probably when I tell you, I got it from good ol’ KMart. It was the best-made, nicest looking stylish small but roomy black backpack. It had exterior zip pockets, a thermal lined bottle compartment (external), easy access to inside and somehow, although it was so roomy, it wasn’t cavernous. I never lost anything in it. Space for EVERYTHING. And it hooked over the pram handles easily. Oh how I loved my choice! AND it ticked all your top 10 tips!

    Because it was a backpack I could choose to carry it over one or both shoulders or sling it over the pram handles. It also had a loop strap at the top so I could hook it on things if needs be.

    Best thing was, it only cost me $20! I still use it today. It’s too handy not to. Trips to beach, city, parks, you name it 😀

    • “barf up a lung” ba ha ha. Neh, I reckon the readers here would high-five you. And so would I! Good skills! x

    • Blossom

      My niece had one similar to this except it it wasn’t a backpack, It held a lot of essentials yet wasn’t heavy to carry. I have also noticed that thermal lined bottle bags are making a comeback.. I have noticed on a lot of pram/strollers that they are labelled not to put bags etc on the handles – simple never let go of the stroller if baby is in it at all.

  • tutuames

    Oh we had a horrible, huge, cheap nappy bag so I just splurged on a Vanchi Dr bag (actually I just bought it from their seconds sale for almost half off).
    I’m so excited!

  • Okay…NEED TO KNOW….the giraffe bag pictured here, who is designer?? I have been looking for it online and I found one close by Oioi, but I don’t think it is the same…PLEASE let me know when you can eamakedonsky (at) yahoo.com

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  • Hi Fox in Flats – I came across your blog after hours of researching the ideal baby bag (new mumma to be due April 2013) – can I say, your blog is fantastic! I’m so clueless when it comes to motherhood so I will be definitely catching up on some reading here xo

    • FoxInFlats

      Hi Angela,
      Congratulations! And thanks for the kind feedback. I started Fox in Flats because I was TOTALLY clueless when I first had kids and wanted to share the tips & ideas that I learnt along the way. Enjoy! xA

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