Check out Aussie mum style

Hands up if you like to check out what other women are wearing?

If you’re waving your hands in the air right now, you’re not alone. The Fox in Flats survey showed that 74% of us look to other women for style inspiration. Which isn’t surprising , considering the way fashion magazines continue to feature 20-year-old giraffes wearing achingly beautiful outfits that, alas, aren’t functional enough for the world of a mum.

But no-one wants to be caught checking out someone’s outfit.

So while we’re out and about with our own kids, we keep an eye out for women who look fantastic (they’re not hard to find!) and take a few snaps to share on Fox in Flats. We file all the shots in a section called Playground Style, so grab a cup of coffee (or a vino depending on the time of the day!) and flick through the albums, and stare away to your heart’s content, filling up with style inspiration and ideas as you go.


Here’s just a sample of the women we’ve seen rockin’ the suburbs, but hop over to here to see Playground Style on file.



Cheers ladies, and thanks for the foxy fashion inspiration!

baby hanger1 Jumpin Jumpsuits!

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  • Tarsh

    I LOVE these photos. Have already stolen the boots and coat look earlier this winter…am planning on buying the hat in the first image…perfect with the addition of the scarf. And will be rocking the maxi skirt look now that I was brave enough to buy one after your post on maxis for shorties 🙂

    • Thanks Tarsh, glad you like them. Love sharing these pics, everyone looks so awesome. x

  • I have just included you and your wonderful blog in my Versatile Bloggers awards. Well deserved. You’re doing a great job. 

  • Rachel3

    I love these shots. Beautiful Aussie women looking relaxed and happy in the real world. I’m tired of the ‘street style’ photos that look like models pretending to do their shopping and riding bikes..>! ha ha ha ! As if!

    • Thanks Rachel. They are all so beautiful! x

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  • Mummy of 2

    would love some updates to this section!