THE TRUTH? My sneaky style secret is…

We all do our best to look presentable, if not fabulous. Yet given the extra challenges we face as mothers, we may not always have the time, money or inclination to make as much effort with our looks as we used to before we had children.

But we’re nothing if not resourceful – and I’ll bet we’ve all got a number of sneaky style shortcuts up our sleeves.

Recently on Fox in Flats we’ve been running a few dares. The dares have been all about taking us out of the monotony of our day-to-day ‘mummy uniforms‘ and challenging us to think differently about what we wear, and how we wear it.

Those who’ve taken up the style challenges have said it’s made them reassess their wardrobes and given them a bit more of a spring in their step. You can browse through some of the style dares we’ve run so far, here.

But this week, dares are being put aside. Instead, we want to hear the truth.

Like the games of Truth or Dare we played as kids, we challenge you to come clean. We challenge you to tell The Truth:

What’s your sneakiest shortcut to style?

What are your beauty secrets and your best time savers? Have you discovered the ‘perfect’ easy-to-do hairstyle, or have you had a ‘lightbulb moment’ where you discovered a product, service or new approach to getting ready or maintaining your looks that has made everything oh-so-much easier?

It’s time to spill the beauty beans!

What’s the most surprisingly awesome trick you’ve discovered that gets you looking jazzy in a jiffy? 

And what’s the style secret that you’ve been keeping to yourself?

Go on, confess. I dare you…

baby hanger1 Dare of the week: Wear something on your head


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  • Anon

    Ohhh, Foxy, this is an interesting one. I’ll go first. My secret is, I get Botox. My friends comment on how good my skin in all the time and I’ve never told them. I do not think I ever will…

    • You sound like my friend…! She kept turning up to my place when I had an infant looking younger and fresher each time. I begged her to tell me what she was using on her skin and she listed off a bunch of creams & potions. $600, and a couple of months later my skin didn’t look any better…and then I realised she’d been getting botox. grrrr. 

      • Anne At Home

        Hahaha – like Nicole Kidman’s secret is sunscreen. I’m all for botox – just be honest about it. Surely there is no shame in it? Good on anyone who cares enough about how they look I say.

  • Annieb25

    Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil) for my hair. I have long wavy hair and for the first time in years I no longer straighten it every day.   Argan Oil gives me the curls I wanted without the frizz or mess I used to get.  Saves me over an hour each time I wash my hair!  Love it.  Thanks to Kerri Sackville for introducing me to this amazing product!! 

    • Annieb25

      oh my – I sound like I stepped right off the set of an infomercial! 

      • That sounds awesome (and would be even more awesome with a cheesy infomercial voice) he hehe. I’ve heard it is amazing. 

        • Would it be OTT to say Argan oil has changed my life?  It’s definitely changed my hair! 🙂

          • Jess

            Can I ask where you get your Argan Oil and what brand you use? Do you use pure Argan Oil or Morrocan Oil? I am always looking for the perfect product to give shape to my very wavy/curly hair and get rid of frizz. Thanks 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I’ve used MoroccanOil, bought from hairdressers and Also like Kerastase Elixir.

  • NoPJsforme

    I’ve got 3 kids (including 8 month old twins). I often go to sleep in my clothes on and just keep wearing them the next day. I make sure they are not dirty and I wear deoderant and top it all with a smart trench and good shoes when I go out. SO far no-one is any the wiser…

    • Well, I’m sure you are getting up a bunch of times anyway through the night, right?
      Makes me wonder…if you’re up loads of the night with a baby, is it still worth putting on night cream 😉 

    • Hehehe, I’ve done that numerous times too! And so far no-one’s noticed… Or at least if they did, they didn’t say anything…

  • Two words: Dry Shampoo!

    • Whoever invented this is a genius.

      • I couldn’t live without dry shampoo.  I even use it sometimes on clean hair days, when it’s just too meh to do anything.  I like Batiste and James Brown London.

  • Kelly

    If I am heading out in a massive hurry, I slap on a bit of tinted moisturiser / sunblock combo. It’s light so not too “make-uppy” but evens out my skin a bit, and I use an eyelash curler and slap on a bit of mascara. takes about 2 mintes, but I feel a lot better, even if I haven’t had time to have a shower and my hair is a bit random.

    • Good tips there Kelly. I know I’ll sound like a bit of an idiot, but an eyelash curler would probably be one of those ‘desert island’ things for me. Essential. 😉

  • Melinda

     a long scarf to hide bad tummy days

    • Oh yes, scarfs. Thankyou scarfs!

  • Alex

    After avoiding them for years – just discovered that dresses hide a multitude of sins!

    • Alex, me too – the Dress Dare pushed me over the edge. How can I be pushing 40 and only just worked this out? Duh! 

  • Pene

    On the style front I think my biggest trick is not sticking with ‘fashion’ (you’ve got me thinking Fox!!)  The majority of my wardrobe is plain so I guess my trick is to make a $12 Target tshirt look cool with accessories (scarves, necklaces, hats, etc)…  My hair is long and can get SO out of control so my sneaky quick saves the day ‘do’ it a pile up top that is messy- I figure if you put it up messy it doesn’t look like it has ‘got that way’!!  Other than that a good hand cream (I SWEAR by Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream) a good foundation, and an attitude that shows I am happy in my own style! xx

    • Nimity

      Pene are we twins?! 😉

      • Oh yes, another Pene! Yay!

      • Pene

        Really??  You too?!!  It’s always more fun when you know there is someone out there who is like you!! 

    • Oh and I can see from the awesome pics you have been sending in for the dares you are ‘ruling the school’ (to steal from Grease). Good skills babe! x

  • 1. Vaseline is THE best night eye cream.
    2. Lip gloss. Always.

    • 1. Really? I’ve never tried that. Gotta dig out a pot and give it a try.
      2. Yup, I agree. 😉

    • element

      1. Agreed 🙂 As a single mum the budget can be limited… however- vaseline works a treat! (Discovered this trick when I read an article about African native tribes and how they use oil as a beauty product) It plumps up the skin and stops them from drying out.  Also brilliant smothered all over feet, then pop on cotton socks overnight.
      2. Agreed 🙂 Found an amazing pinky-orangey  by Rimmel. Or the sheer pink from ModelCo. Love.

  • Wear a dress.  If you get the right one for your shape, it will be the most flattering item you’ve ever worn.  Emphasises the best bits, skims over the bits you don’t love so much.  No worries about matching tops and bottoms.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    Makeup in a hurry – skip the eye makeup (which can be fiddly and always goes wrong if you’re in a hurry) in favour of just curling your lashes and wearing a bright red, orange or pink lipstick, over a tinted moisturiser and a dash of the same lipstick patted into your cheeks.

    Spanx make tights and stockings – and I love them!  Footless, sheer, opaque, even fishnets, and in a variety of colours.

    Nude fishnets – I just don’t feel right wearing bare legs to the office (when I first started work as a legal office junior in 1992, trousers were frowned upon and tights compulsory!) so I wear nude fishnets.  They’re fab on hot days, disguise blotchy legs and just look polished.  

    Use a bag liner so you can easily and quickly change bags and not leave anything important behind.

    • Oh that shiz is gold Kim-Marie, gold. Take notes ladies! 

      • Pene

        Just took notes….  xx

        • Pene

          The nude fishnets… do you wear them just on their own or over the top of a sheer pair??  Love your easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy dress concept – but then I do love a nice dress!!  And bag liner… Oh why have I never heard this before??  I love to hate to love to hate to change my bags for this very reason!!!  I have done the lippy as blush thing and I have used eye-shadow with lip gloss over for the lips too!!!   Too cool K-M!!  Thank you xx

          • I wear the fishnets on their own.  They’re really great for hot days when the last thing you feel like wearing is pantyhose as they’re often made of cotton and don’t have that hideous gusset thing! 🙂  I just bought a ballet pink pair, but haven’t road tested them yet.  Will resist the temptation to wear with a chiffon skirt and ballet bun! 😉  I worn the maxinet tights over coloured tights before, which is cute in the winter but a bit uncomfortable with all that waistband action going on!

            I have a VIPP (fabric with inner and outer pockets) and a Borne Naked liner (clear plastic, inner pockets only, zipped up top).  (Nikki from Styling You got me onto the Borne Naked ones.)  Perfect for travelling as you can stow your bag in the overhead locker and keep your essentials in your bag liner.  Chuck in the beach bag and you’re good to go!  They would make the perfect nappy wallet too, but those days are long gone for me!

            I also keep a packet of tissues in every bag I regularly use.  With a squirt of water, these turn into instant baby wipes, which I still use regularly as my 7 year old is  a dirt magnet.  That way, I’m never without them!

            The thing I love most about dresses is that you look like you have made much more of an effort than you really have.  I almost wear a dress every day, and often wear them over jeans too. It’s just like wearing a t-shirt but so much more flattering. 

            I have just been diagnosed with a form of oedema, which means I can literally put on 2-3 kgs of fluid in one day.  Dresses are perfect for disguising that.  Fingers crossed my new specialist can sort it out.  Now just waiting for my appointment in November.  Great excuse to buy more empire line frocks though! 🙂

             (Here’s my guilty secret – I found fab $10 denim jeggings at KMart and bought them in grey and blue.  They look like skinny jeans because they are made from denim – but the waist is elasticised.  I would never suggest wearing those hideous nylon printed jeggings, but these ones are fab.  Actually cheaper than a pair of black cotton leggings too!  The perfect thing under short dresses or tunics, but never, ever to be worn without!!!)

            And never underestimate the power of a good haircut for saving time.  I had my shoulder blade length hair (always went in a pony) chopped to jaw length and now wear a curly bob every day.  Barely needs anything doing to it.  Just chuck the product in damp hair, leave it to dry, and then piece it out a bit.  Bingo.  Easiest hair ever!

          • Pene

            Have just cut and pasted all of this!!!  Woman you are brilliant!!  You work a lot of the same way I do – cheap clothes CAN look fantastic as long as you go about it the right way!!! 

            Oedema is a nasty one…  I know a few with Lymphoedema from Mastectomies and it is difficult thing to manage at times – thankfully there is so  SO much more available to you now that can make great inroads so hang in there with that one honey – mean while keep loving those dresses!!

            Thank you for all of these wonderful tips!!
            Love it! xxxx

          • Anonymous

            Mwah! You’ve made my day! 🙂

          • Ximena

            Thanks for the nude fishnets tip! The only thing stopping me from wearing dresses are my pale legs – no time for exfoliating and bronzing creams….

  • Pagan

    Dry shampoo for me too!!  But not any old brand…  Toni & Guy is WAAAY better than any others I’ve tried.  Can be hard to find but Priceline and Big W sometimes stock it.  Also dresses!   No coordinating required (except for accessories), wear with thongs or sandals in summer and leggings and cardi and/or jacket in winter – done!!

    • Really?! Must try. I wonder if you can get it online? 
      Dresses – the dress dare opened my eyes to this as an option. 

      • I like the Batiste and James Brown London ones, although Priceline recently stopped stocking the JB one.

  • Under eye concealer..Bobbi Brown is the best I’ve found so far.  It’s a bit pricey but you slap it on, power it in and voila, you look good to go.   A bit of mascara and lip gloss and that’s about 5 minutes of getting ready.  Not brave enough to do this for work but it’s great for weekends

    • Bobbi Brown?! Gotta try that, my bags need help!

      • Sarah

        I’m the biggest Bobbi Brown fan on the planet but after one of your recent posts I’ve switched to YSL Radiant Touch and am a convert! Perhaps I’ve been applying the BB concealer wrong for the last 10 years but loving YSL concealer pen for hiding nights when I’m up and down to the kids.

        • I like YSL Touche Eclat too. It’s not actually a concealer, but an under eye illuminator, but most days it does both for me.  I recently bought one for $35 from Chemist Warehouse.  Definitely worth having a look if there’s one in your area!

  • BeeGee

    I am a mum of four and we have had Johnson’s no tears shampoo in the house since bub no.1 arrived.  I use it followed by a Pantene conditioner and my hair is always super healthy and I only have to wash it twice a week!

  • Anon

    Ok I’ve got to go Anon on this as I’m a little embarrassed, but it works for me.. If I find an outfit I like,  I’ll probably wear it a couple of days in a row, or that week, making sure I won’t see the same people. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…!

    • Detachable Princess

      I figure, if I only wear an outfit for a couple of hours while we’re out, and then I get changed when we get home, why can’t I wear it again the next day? Shower and clean underwear, of course, but the outerwear – as long as it’s not stained/vomited on/drawn on – is fair game.

    • Anon

      i also do this if it works why change it 

    • Adrienne Jansen-Howard

      Babe, you so aren’t the only one!!!!

    • I don’t have children and I do this!

    • Chiara

      I don’t have children, but I can’t count the times I have worn my SUnday’s outfit on Monday at work. Who cares?

  • My secret? Bright lippy – detracts the focus from tired eyes. And a good concealer. Plus a BB Cream – no need for primer, foundation, moisturiser or sunscreen as it’s an all in one. And unlike tinted moisturisers, I don’t need to apply setting powder either. 😉 

    • Oh I so agree about bright lippy. But, excuse me for being dumb..what’s a ‘BB cream”? 

      • Garnier have just released a BB cream – an all in one Blemish Balm with SPF, moisturiser and mineral colour.  It’s quite good (and another grocery item!) but I’m too pale for the Light colour.  At $14 though, it’s definitely worth a go. 

  • Sarah

    Scala high wasted slimming pants and tights…big fan! Really suck you in and make you feel 2 sizes smaller. Great for the days you’re feeling bloated and not so ‘foxy’…for me it’s generally after a day of emotional eating to combat mummy-stress. Oh and apparently they fight cellulite too…bonus!

    • Oooh, sound fab. Can you buy online? 

      • I don’t leave the house without my magic knickers!  I’ve recently discovered Clio (from Woolworths so they count as groceries!) and Ambra from DJs.  Cheap and cheerful and good.  I don’t want them to create a waist (although, that would be nice), just to smooth everything out.

  • Natalie

    My fashion thing that I turn to constantly is a scarf, summer or winter. They’re fab all year round and can turn an outfit from blergh to fab in no time at all. As for the beauty side of things, every morning I put bio-oil across my cheeks and it looks like I’m glowing from a fab night sleep… it’s been so long since I had one that I’ve forgotten what it feels like but I at least look the part!

    • Awesome tips here! Bio-oil..great idea. Thanks for sharing! x

  • I keep an alice band and makeup in the car. I have 3 kids, 5 and under, so rarely look in the mirror before rushing out the door. I usually do finishing touches once the boys are strapped into their car seats, and I’m sitting at the driver’s seat. Quick eye liner, put on the alice band, smooth my wild bob. Presto!

    • Nice tips! And thank goodness for that natural light in the car… 😉

  • Susan Whelan

    2011 has been my Year To Get Rid of the Frumpy Mum Uniform (tried to come up with something a little catchier or with a better acronym, but sadly no luck). It has surprised me just how little effort is required to deal with all those issues that used to be such a big deal.

    Many of my fave discoveries this year have already been mentioned. I’ve rediscovered dresses – dresses over tights in winter, maxi dresses in summer. Both hide a multitude of sins. Scarves are WONDERFUL. I have a lovely collection now and rarely leave the house without one.

    The best thing I did for myself was fine a fantastic make-up consultant at the local David Jones store (my make-up guru is Tania from Napoleon Perdis). I told her I wanted a simple, easy to manage look that made me feel good and she introduced me to the wonders of red lipstick (I now wear it almost everyday) and china doll eye eyeliner in dark brown (earth) colour, which I brush along my top eyelid just above the lashes. A little foundation and I’m ready to face the world looking bright and alert no matter what the previous 24 hours has thrown at me. Having someone show me how to apply a small amount of make-up well has made a huge difference.

    • I did that a few years ago.  My simple “de-uniform” was to take a basic outfit like jeans, t-shirt and hoodie and switch it.  I switched the t-shirt for a tunic or dress and switched the hoodie for a fitted cardigan or, my favourite, a cropped cotton swing jacket (with a 60s vibe).  Add a scarf or a necklace or a hairbow (or all three!) and you’re basically wearing the same outfit, just “de-Mumsied”.

  • KKt2

    I always make an effort with my hair, and then I tend to get away with the rest.

  • Linds

    I buy loads of costume jewellery at markets and op shops, and mix up my plain outfits with these. 

  • Jacey

    To help me keep the weight off I snack on almonds. They are full of protein and keep me feeling full so I’m not tempted by other things. Does this count?
    Oh, and moisturiser, loads of it!

  • Anon

    I’ve had eyebrows tattooed on permanently. Has made a huge difference to my face (i had almost invisible eyebrows before). No one can tell.

    • I’ve got gaps in mine and have looked into this, but I’m too scared!  A girlfriend of mine gets hers tinted.  Amazing brows, just invisible.  I also taught her how to use brow powder.

  • Pene

    …thought of another time saving sneaky I use!!  I have long hair and never have enough time in the mornings…  so if I know I am heading out and need my hair ‘done’, the night before I will tie it up high on my head, roll 4 or 5 velcro rollers into it, damp it down a little and then (oh my goodness for all you visual people hang on!!…) I get a knee high stocking and wrap it over to hold it all in place.  I look atrocious and I promise you I never ‘get it’ (wonder why looking like that!!!!) but in the morning all I have to do is remove them, shake my hair up-side-down and spray!!  A little oil on the hands to calm any frizzles that have flown away and DA-NAHHHH – gorgeous hair!!  🙂

    • That’s O for Awesome, Pene.

      I’ve got another sleep-hair related one.  A silk pillowslip is a great investment as it not only keeps your blowdry lasting a little longer, it prevents face creases in the morning from when you’ve smooshed up against your pillow all night!

    • AJ

      Pene, I’m so inspired by this one I’m giving it a go – tonight in fact – stocking and all…. Despite having straightened my hair recently!! I hope it works… All the same I’m going to pass it on to a few mums I know!

      • Pene

        How did it go with the straight hair AJ?? 

        • AJ

          Didn’t work at all!!! That straightening kit certainly does it’s job – I had hair up on head and rollers in all night – not so much as a kink or a wave! I’ll have to wait until this treatment wears off. xx

  • Sarah

    After concealing those pesky under eye bags, I sweep the concealer over my whole eyelid- it really makes your eyes pop & makes me feel a little less tired!

    • That’s a great tip.  Your eyelids are often blue or red tinged and concealing them with whatever product is left on your fingertip or brush is an instant eye brightener.  If you then choose to pop on some eyeshadow, the concealer doubles as a lid primer so your shadow lasts longer.

    • AJ

      I also do this – works wonders!

    • firefish

       I do this too (without even realising it was “something” to do)!! As a fairly new fox in flats follower, I’m sitting here on my first day off in what seems like FOREVER (no work, almost-two-year-old in day care) reading through all the posts, writing down tips I think I could realistically implement to give my wardrobe/style/life a bit of a lift, and realising I already do one thing has made my day! HOORAY! Now, back to my list… :>

      • FoxInFlats

        Wow a whole day off, what a relief!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, and here’s to many more. Thanks for the lovely feedback, I’m so happy there are some workable tips here for you x

  • Jacqui

    I have Keratin treatments every 6 months they help me control my frizzy thick hair plus it only takes 10 mins to dry versus about 50 mins without! Also I invested in eyelash extensions $100 then $20 per fortnight for touch ups – I put on a tinted moisturizer and gloss in the morning and whamo I’m ready to roll. Don’t know what I would do without my eyelashes now lol 😉

    • Ok so we NEED to know more about eyelash extensions! Where do you get this done? Sounds great (but a bit exxy..)

      • I had it done once but didn’t really like it, just at the local beauty salon.  I didn’t like that my eyeshadow fell on them and it was hard to tidy up.  I also had them done before I went overseas and then couldn’t wear an eye mask on the plane or at night time.  They do look absolutely fabulous though, but my technician did mine a little too drag queen for my liking, with exaggerated length at the outer corners.

        I prefer to get my lashes tinted, curl my lashes and use a lengthening mascara for a fluttery lash.  I’ve also started tight lining my eyes (where you line the inside waterline of the eye, under the lashes), which makes the lashes look really thick.

      • Pene

        WASP false eyelashes are really good too for a bit of extra eye power if you need it.  A little trick that I have done is to chop the lashes into three sections – it makes it SO much easier to manage putting on..  Also it means you can put a small section to the outside of your eye only to get an eye-widening effect. ..  Cheaper option for occasions 🙂

  • The holy trinity of makeup – bronzer, concealer and a cream blush. Never fails to fake awake (and look a little put together!)

  • I check the weather the night before and then decide on an outfit.  If I have time (especially when I have early starts – some days I leave home for work at 7am)  I put the clothes out the night before, as well as any accessories I want to wear.  It saves me a heap of time.  
    If I have an event coming up big or small I always decide on an outfit early on, then I keep an eye on the weather and change the outfit to suit the weather, so when the day and time come I am all ready to get dressed and go. 

  • Eloise Verlaque

    A while ago while I was net surfing I came across a website that talked about this ‘perfect outfit’ that you always see celebrities wearing… was basically heels (you could go for wedges or stillettos), jeans, a cami and a blazer.  You can wear that outfit ANYWHERE – lunch, dinner, school concert, going to the races, shopping, movies, etc. and always look like you have it together.  And then accessorize it with a great scarf or funky necklace.  That outfit is my number style secret.  (That and buying 5 white tshirts – short and long sleeved from Target twice a year 🙂

    • That outfit gets a regular workout in my house.  I’m just currently searching for the perfect boyfriend blazer!

  • I got a divorce. Now I care what I look like and feel all kinds of sexy.

    • Notmyrealname

      …I’ll admit, I have wondered if / how I would change my look if I were to get divorced. I’d probably bother to wear matching underwear again for a start. 

      • Anne At Home

        I have  a friend (truly, really, not a euphemism for me) who, post-divorce, lost 10 kgs, straightened her frizzy hair and started getting brazilians. She hasn’t looked back once, the blokes are fighting each other to get to her. She looks Amaaaazing.

    • element

      I hear you 🙂 I have actually alienated people that I used to hang out with… because I no longer wear tracksuit pants outside the house, and I choose to wear a bit of makeup, dresses occasionally and heels for fun. Apparently I was “trying too hard”. I now have new friends.

      • The old ones clearly sucked 😉

  • JenniferP

    Botox. I love it. Why don’t people fess up about this? 

  • Jodie

    thank you all so much for ur tips i have used a lot of them and i have been feeling so much better about myself 

  • Pene

    White teeth – not Shane Warne holy crap put your sunglasses on white – just the white that you get when you brush your teeth well and get to the dentist for a regular clean!  I use a tooth whitening toothpaste and so far that seems to do the job of tea and coffee stains but I think a lovely white smile makes ANY outfit look good.

  • My sneaky style tip is that curls are better when they’re dirty! I used to try and wash my unruly hair every day for fear of it looking like a rat’s nest… but actually my curls sit better on day #2 and a curly messy updo is still ok on day #3!  But shhh, don’t tell anyone.

  • I shave my legs with my hubbies electric razor, put a scarf over my greasy hair and tell everyone I have a treatment in my hair, wear a chunky necklace to hide my lunch on my shirt, and I have had a shower on the go with baby wipes. I hate to admit I have even used a nose trimmer to trim my mono between eyebrow waxes. eeek

  • Heather

    As I have long hair & no time to dry it properly I often just wash the front section of my hair which gets the dirtiest. I divide a section from ear to ear from the rest of my hair (which gets twirled up in a bun), then wash the front bits in the shower. It means I look like I have clean hair, especially when it’s tied up & doesn’t take long to dry st all

  • Bakedbybelle

    I’m ditto’ing everyone who said bold accessories [jazzes up even a boring ensemble], YSL Touche Eclat [incredible for brightening tired eyes], lots of moisturiser all over and for fancy nights out [can vaguely recall those] ‘nana’ undies that suck in all the crap & hide it. I also have my curly chemically straightened twice a year and it is the best thing ever. Pale eyeshadow on brow bone opens up my eyes and always but always a dash of perfume to make me feel chic [even if feel like another four letter word].

  • JenK

    I love to shop for bargains on ebay – I search by brands I know I love, in a size I know that fits!  I also just took a bulk order (cheaper to take bulk items that you are not in a hurry for!) of items that didn’t quite fit to a tailor and had them altered. $80 later and I now  have 10 new items that were languishing in the back of my wardrobe because they were not quite right!!  Never underestimate the power of well fitted clothes- especially after having kids!!!

  • mums the word

    my sneakiest secret~ dry shampoo! I couldnt live without it, I can go 4 days without washing my hair just by using this stuff its fab!

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  • I had to add my two secrets to this, even though I have no kids I’m incredibly lazy.

    1. Leave your hair. If you have time, wash and blow dry your hair at night then leave it for a few days. Don’t wash, don’t brush, just leave it. It’ll look good for a couple of days and good hair makes your outfit look good, even when it isn’t.

    2. White t-shirt, jeans, blazer, ballet flats. Always looks stylish and in fashion, nobody notices if you wear it almost all the time and it requires no thinking!

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    Bobby Pins, great for knotting and twisting dirty hair back. Blush and lipstick. Sunglasses. My uniform. 🙂

    • FoxInFlats


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  • During winter my go to outfit is a dress, leggings, boots, and a long cardi. It is warm, super comfy, and looks great. You can quickly throw on necklace, belt or bangles to dress it up. It works for lunch, shopping, and even at night. 😀 
     For days that I want a to do make up quickly I just put on primer, powder, blush, mascara and red lippie. OR if my skin is looking great just the lippie and mascara!
    For my hair, if it is a bad hairday you can’t beat a crochet beret! Covers the oily roots but looks good and adds warmth!

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  • Pavi

    Well what I do, just a basic braid to finish off my long hair (and i’m not exaggerating, it actually comes down to my knees, but since its curly, it shortens a little) then put on a dress, which I love!

    A very important thing, apply tightlining on my upper eyelid and apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to my lashes, which makes them look like they have mascara on them, automatically making them look longer.

    I also sprintz some deodorant on if I haven’t bathed, Eek! I know!
    And finally, most important of all, Moisturized, luscious lips! And Bingo!

    • FoxInFlats

      I’ve never heard of the petroleum jelly trick – genuis!