How to look awesome after the big delivery

By Andrea Michelle

You know child-birth is gonna hurt…right?

You know there is a high possibility that you may say, or do, things in the middle of labour that you never thought you were capable of…ok??

And all this means there is high likelihood that you’ll look exhausted and maybe even kinda crap in that first photo of you with your new baby – despite that inevitable maternal glow.

So here are some tips from other mums to help you look your best right after the big delivery – regardless of whether you had a sweaty 40 hour marathon birth, or a neat scheduled caesar.


Narelle, a mother of 2 girls from Melbourne, suggests:

Have a manicure for all those close-ups of you holding the baby.”


Kylie, a stylish yet very sensible mother to a boy and a girl, offers:

Get your hair cut and freshly coloured a week or so before you are due.”


Treat yourself to a pedicure and bikini line wax, advises Rosie, a mother of 4 boys:

You may not be able to see past your belly button right now, but soon you will. And while a deflated belly ain’t pretty, at least your other bits can be!”


Rebecca, a mother of 2 from Sydney, suggests:

On the day – if possible, and depending on your type of birth – get a blow-dry, and apply a little foundation, waterproof mascara and lip-gloss. Your hair may end up drenched, and your face doused in wash cloths, but it may not… Because let’s face it, those first pics of you and your baby are going to be around a long, long time.”


And my all time favourite tip, from my stunning friend Kate who has had three children, and looked absolutely AMAZE-BALLS in the photos taken of her first holding her babies:

If your husband or the nurse want to take a photo of you, and you are lying down – look over your shoulder and up at them. You don’t seem to see all those pregnancy chins…”


Finally, my big tip, which is less to do with how you look, and more about how others see you, is this:

Stock up on black, high-waisted cotton granny knickers. Black, as there will be blood, and high-waisted in case you end up having a caesar.

Hipsters will just end up sitting on your caesar scar, and your obstetrician will look at you like you’re a moron – like mine did.”


And for an exhaustive, helpful, and fun list on what to pack for your hospital stay, check out this article: Operation Style. The context is slightly different, but the list is fab.


What tips do you have for preparing for the maternity ward?

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  • FoodMuster – Courtney

    Is this post meant to be funny?Really, I find this on the annoying side! I have had 4 kids and not once did I consider how I looked after I had the baby. I had 1 natural and 3 c-sections (not planned) and after you deliver you want to chill out. Don’t freak out mums thinking that have to look amazing after such an ordeal! Be kind to mums! Looking like you just had a baby is the natural way to look, you can only achieve that look the naturally!!  That’s ma 2 cents worth!!

    • Jo

      Hey Courtney…chill! I didn’t get that at all from the article. Shes not saying you NEED to do these things, they are just suggestions. I found it useful and not insulting.

      I hardly think this would freak women out. I have always looked after myself and my appearance, and I didnt just park this because I was having a kid. 

      And how is this unkind to mums?? Shes not bagging anyone. 

      I think you are being a little bit too sensitive. Just sayin.

      • Andrea

        Hi Jo, 
        Glad you found the article useful. 
        And if I was planning to freak anyone out I would have included a photo of my son and I straight after I had him. That blue surgical cap they made me wear would freak anyone out!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah yeah – people who look good all the time ARE annoying, aren’t they?!?!?! Tee hee

      Personally, my post-baby pics after DD#1 were so horrendous (think blood, giant boobs, dazed expressions) that they put all my friends off having babies for at least another decade! Bahaha… 

      Still – if looking good helps you feel in control and confident then what’s the harm? I think there are lots of ways ‘to do’ motherhood and that’s OK!

      • Andrea

        Yes my love. I saw these photos. You are always beautiful to me, but it did take me another decade to have kids of my own…

        Love that comment “there are lots of ways ‘to do’ motherhood” . 

    • Anonymous

      I love this post! I’ve had 2 babies and after each birth, and as thrilled as I was to have my beautiful girls, I really struggled because I just didn’t feel like myself in the days afterwards. Tips like these are fantastic because they remind you that you are allowed to still look after yourself when you have babies, because Mum is important too :)

    • Anonymous

      I love this post! I’ve had 2 babies and after each birth, and as thrilled as I was to have my beautiful girls, I really struggled because I just didn’t feel like myself in the days afterwards. Tips like these are fantastic because they remind you that you are allowed to still look after yourself when you have babies, because Mum is important too :)

      • Andrea

        Hi Marissa,
        Nice one. 
        Sometimes as mums we get so caught up in the kids that we leave ourselves last. For most of us, we feel better about ourselves when we are happy about how we look. 
        Happy mum = happy kids. x

    • Andrea

      Hey Courtney, thanks for taking the time to comment. Whoopsie, didn’t mean to upset, or annoy you 😉

      Just sharing tips and ideas from other mums to make it easier to look good while we are muddling through motherhood. 
      I only wish I had these tips the first time around – especially the one about the photo. My friend Kate looked beautiful and natural, yet the angle of the shot was amazingly flattering. 

      • FoodMuster – Courtney

         I wouldn’t say I’m upset, or that I’m being too sensitive, its just my opinion that’s all. I  found the article a bit on the superficial side and I suppose I was concerned that some mums who hadn’t even considered this type of thing would then think they should schedule getting their hair done or getting a bikini wax should be part of their priority list. I think Thegenuinebron has said it well, there are many ways ‘to do’ motherhood. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty and whatever takes your fancy, I just feel that it shouldn’t be a concern when you are delivering a baby, there’s a time and a place. Its a day about your baby and your family, not really about what you look like. Some women aren’t in hospital long enough to worry about this sort of thing anyway.  We women get a lot of pressure from  society about our appearance and  I would hope that delivering a baby is the one time in a mum’s life that she can feel good about, just being natural. Why would a doctor or midwife care if you are bushy or not??  Just be natural, this  would be the tip I would like to share.

        • Andrea

          Thanks for sharing your tip Courtney. Being natural is beautiful. x

    • Lou79hotmail

      My thoughts exactly. 

  • Jen

    I had my hair cut and coloured the day before (my boy came a wk early) I also bought a beautiful  black night dress to put on after my baby was born. (I didn’t want pics of blood and of my boobs out to be emailed to everyone)  

    I felt good about myself in hospital with a new haircut and new pjs. Of course that happy loving look you have when you see your child is priceless and it’s beautiful to be natural.

    I didn’t get my toe nails painted and spent two hours pushing looking at them!

    • Andrea

      Wow…that feeling when you first see your child is just thrilling isnt it????! 
      That’s a good tip about the nightdress, thanks for sharing.

  • Jo

    Oh how I wish I had these tips before I had my children! 
    Getting your hair done before birth is such a sensible thing to do anyway given how exhausting it can be in those first couple of months. having a mani & pedi is a nice treat, and I feel a bit gross i I’m not waxed. Then again I’m pretty hairy 😉 .
    LOVE the tip about the photo – wish I knew. I look like I have a gazillion chins in my pics. Glowing, happy, shel-shocked..yes. But OMG those chins!!!

    • Andrea

      Ba ha ha ha, sounds like your photo looks similar to mine. Seriously, this photo tip from Kate is GOLD, I tell you, GOLD. She looked so, so good! 

  • Mum of 5

    I reckon its a good idea to have a general tidy up before hnd and I guarantee its not something everyone thinks about. After 5 kids and a gazillion photos I got the gist after baby number 3 that  I would feel better about the pics if my nails were done and i did not have a giant GT strip down the middle of my head. Thank god those up and coming yummy mummys have Garnier Caffiene under eye concealer…bahahahaha  wish I did, I always look like John English afterwards… A great light hearted look at the reality of how we feel about how we look after child birth. Great work Foxy!

    • Andrea

      Thanks Mum of 5, little things can make a big difference. Thanks for the feedback x

  • bronnie marquardt

    I actually wish I’d had more photos taken after each of my kids were born. Such a precious time. And yeah, I wish I’d taken time to get a haircut and a few other kind treats to myself before the births but I was too busy working as I was self-employed. I didn’t think the post was being mean to Mums, just giving some tips that you may not think of. They are precious memories.

    • Andrea

      Hi Bronnie, Oh me too. I’ve got so many of the boys, and the boys with all of the visitors, but only a couple with me. But then again, I think I was too shell-shocked the  first time around for it to occur to me to have more photos taken (had an emergency c-section). 
      Thanks for the feedback x

  • Kimba

    My baby arrived on the day I was scheduled for my bikini wax, so my eminent obstetrician shaved me himself, in prep for my emergency caesar. Noice.

    He did, however, comment on my lovely toes! :)

    I’d recently had a cut and colour too. I had pink foils, for some reason. Um, pregnancy is my excuse?

    I would add get your eyebrows done and your lashes tinted. You won’t have time, nor the inclination, to put on mascara, let alone take it off!

    Our post birth photo was taken after my caesar, as the anaethetist stood at my head. I look like I have a jawline – and my eyebrows look fab! Great angle, with my head lifted over my shoulder. 😉

  • Kimba

    My baby arrived on the day I was scheduled for my bikini wax, so my eminent obstetrician shaved me himself, in prep for my emergency caesar. Noice.

    He did, however, comment on my lovely toes! :)

    I’d recently had a cut and colour too. I had pink foils, for some reason. Um, pregnancy is my excuse?

    I would add get your eyebrows done and your lashes tinted. You won’t have time, nor the inclination, to put on mascara, let alone take it off!

    Our post birth photo was taken after my caesar, as the anaethetist stood at my head. I look like I have a jawline – and my eyebrows look fab! Great angle, with my head lifted over my shoulder. 😉

    • Kimba

      Oops, pressed the button too soon!

      Of course, all I see when I look at that photo is my gorgeous baby (and his tonsils!) and one very proud husband and Daddy! <3

      • Andrea

        Great tips here Kimba! How I wish I knew these before I gave birth (I look like Jabba the Hutt in one of the photos…)

        • Kimbalikes

          That photo angle was a complete fluke!

          Whilst I wish I’d managed to get that last bikini wax in (was very embarrassing being shaved by my ob prior to my emergency caesar!), my main reason for my pedicure, haircut and colour, lash tint and eyebrow tidy was when was I going to get it done AFTER my baby was born?

          Looking nice in my photo was a complete fluke for one photo only. The rest make me look like someone who discovered they had drug allergies in their emergency operation and had been vomiting for 12 hours straight since onset of labour.

          Call me vain if you will, but having pretty toenails and lashes that didn’t need mascara really did make me feel better in those early days and weeks of no sleep. I own my shallowness!

  • Designermamas

    I think your post is fabulous!

    I’m currently sitting in hospital after the c/section delivery of my 4th baby and I have to say I think I look and feel the best I have after all of my children.  Looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good and to feel good after you give birth only makes the experience that much better.It is an amazing time in life when you bring a child into the world and to enhance that can only be positive.I wore my designer hospital gowns right through out my stay in hospital and not only did I feel good the midwives and nurses loved seeing which gown I would be wearing that day.  They all commented how stylish I was & that felt good.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Andrea

      Thanks Designermamas for such lovely feedback! 

      And wowee – you’re writing from hospital! Snaps to you girlfriend. 

      Would love to know more about these designer hospital gowns – I’ve always struggled a bit to find hospital wear that makes me feel really fab. And… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!X

      • Designermamas

        Thanks for the congrats, I feel very blessed and lucky!

        We have 4 modern prints in 3 sizes so something to suit everyone.  They are perfect for labour, delivery & recovery and like I said I wore mine for my whole recovery time in hospital and they were so very comfy.

        They are available to purchase online – 


  • Courtney Ireland

    Great Post. Not that i’m planning on having any more kids but my first came 3 weeks early and I hadn’t had a hair cut, but the time I was ready to go out into the world for an hour or two without needing to breastfeed I wasn’t looking my best! So I made sure with my second that I’d had my hair cut & coloured before he was due (he ended up being a week early), I felt much better in myself and knowing that I had 6 weeks at least before needing a touch up I had plenty of time to recover. Great tips.

    • Andrea

      Thanks Courtney, I think it’s lovely when we can band together and share tips that have worked for us. Wish I had these when I had my boys! x

  • Rachel

    After reading that total rubbish above I can’t remove myself quickly enough from this site – I thought giving birth was about having your baby, not worrying about your hair or make up or god forbid a double chin.  

    • Lisa

      I think you missed the point. 

      • Andrea

        Rachel, I’m sorry you feel that this is ‘rubbish’. 
        Nothing here alludes to taking the focus off the safe delivery of a child, which of course is paramount. 

  • Heather

    Those first photos with your newborn can’t be re-done, they capture the elation, relief & joy pulsing through you at that moment. They are an image of your journey through pregnancy & the first touch of your life as a family – of course the moment is worth capturing so you can reflect back & relive those feelings each time you see the photo. I really wish I had such a photo of myself and my 1st child when he was born but I don’t. During the birth I pushed so hard I burst the blood vessels in my face, leaving it covered in small bruises. At the time I was so uncomfortable with my altered complexion that I did not want any photos, my appearance did not match the joy I felt & I didn’t want that to be the first image of my son & I.

    Perhaps I was being vain, though I wouldn’t carachterise myself as such, my look is usually more ‘pulled though a hedge backwards’ or ‘refined scruffiness’.

    For the recent birth of my daughter I took more care, I wore my favourite simple earrings, wore foundation &
    Mascara. This urge to prepare was part of my body telling me it was getting close & partly like putting on war paint for the battle of labour ahead. I felt like the preparation was worth it, through the sweat on my brow, the tears on my cheeks, I smiled at the camera knowing I held another precious person & I’d done what I could feel happy with how I looked. I’d taken control (as much as you can during child birth!).

    Since then I’ve discovered this blog which I really enjoy for it’s light-hearted look at style though the lens of motherhood. I know I’ve taken more care & pride in how I look & am enjoying it!

    Sorry this post is so long, it was quite cathartic actually.

    • Andrea

      What a honest and beautiful story and thankyou so much for sharing it. It bought tears to my eyes. And thankyou for the lovely feedback about Fox in Flats ‘a light-hearted look at style through the lens of motherhood’ – yes…yes…just what I am hoping for it to be. 
      Am thrilled you enjoy it. Am thrilled to have you here. 
      x Andrea

  • Pene

    Can I add a little funny of my own – I did look down at around 8 months into my last pregnancy and saw a forrest of epic proportions (probably due to NOT being able to see my toes -much less anything else – for the months before then) and with a level of horror decided that I needed to remedy this and create an area for re-growth (and in turn enable a few houses to be constructed…)… The only issue was that I couldn’t SEE and refused to let anyone else go near me with a pot of hot wax or a whipper snipper or a chainsaw… So there I was with a monster belly crouching down on my bathroom floor with a massive mirror below my forrest of epic proportions, trying to wax myself!! Its a wonder I didn’t go into labour right there and then!! It is still a memory that brings tears to my eyes from both the pain and effort involved, and the simple fact that it makes me laugh so hard still to this day!!
    Call me superficial  but I did go to the beautican and have a facial the week before I was due, I did go to the hairdressers and have my hair done, I did think about all the things I could have done that would make me feel good, because I knew that once that little bundle of joy was placed in my arms I would not have the time or the thought process of looking after myself – I knew that this new life would both demand my time and remove me of any thought for myself because of how obsessed I would become for them.  I have had three of these life changes place in my arms and am thankful for having put that little effort into myself knowing how long it is before it happens again.  Thank you Fox in Flats for a wonderfully light hearted article – I wish someone had told me about big black grannie knickers before I had to have my last delivery end in a C-zer – how funny is it that for al that waxing I ended up having a C-zer!!!

    • Andrea

      Oh Pen, that story is hilarious!! Love it.
      I felt it my public duty to share the knickers tip – especially as after my OB told me off for the hipsters my husband bought me some horrible purple itchy bloomers from Woolies! x

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  • Amanda-dossantos

    I am waiting for the arrival of my second right now and although I too believe that the safe arrival of your babe is the most important thing, I do also believe a little spoiling of ourselves before the babe arrives is wonderful. I have been having more pedicures and manicures in the last few months then I have had in my life. Fruity greens and peach nails look so much better wiping poop off a toddler’s bum bum. And I am just about to book into the hairdresser too (mistake last time not doing that). Re growth below the belly which I cant see, I am just going to apologise to the midwife like I did last time. I remember saying to them in a haze of pethadine, “Did I just poo. I am so sorry I didnt wax.” Like they cared…but still!!! heheeh

    • Andrea

      “Did I just poo. I am so sorry I didnt wax.”  ba ha ha ha. That’s gold x

  • Lou79hotmail

    This is so extremely vain

  • Alyce

    Lol, yes, my fancy pedicure got scrubbed off before being rushed off for an emergency C/S with #1! And badly scrubbed off too. And you don’t want to know how long it was left to look so scruffy afterwards!

    • FoxInFlats

      They could at least use a decent nail-polish remover 😉 or offer free pedis to all new mums… Just sayin’

      PS: I had an emergency c-section too, but no-one messed with my pedi. Is this rule a bit suss or what?!

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  • Tracy Brown

    Love the article. These r all things I felt I wanted to do too. Glad to see other people think the way I do. Thanx!

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