Tiger mamas

We’ve all read about Tiger Mothers in the media lately.

Women who practise strict and traditional child-rearing, spurred on by the release of the best-selling book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chau.


Me? I’ve been noticing lots of Tiger Mamas around.

Women who accessorise their otherwise basic day-to-day mummy uniform with a splash of animal print.

I am woman, hear me roar!

Tiger mother

Leopard trench

leopard flats

leopard ballet flats


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How do you bring out that Tiger Mama in you?



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  • MummaInHeels

    I’m definitely a Tiger Mama!
    Love me a bit of leopard print in life 🙂
    My latest is a leopard print scarf.

    • Me too! And a good friend of mine just bought one from Witchery last week. It’s an easy way to stay on trend without a big ticket purchase. 

  • Me ‘N my Monkeys

    Can’t say i’m one for leopard print, but it certainly looks good on others!

    • Not for everyone to be sure. But can be grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  • And a bit of Buzz Lightyear to boot!! Nice mix! hehe!! Glad to see you decidded to join in with WW too!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip Kellie. x

  • Mumma’s Mini Me’s – Kym

    Wish I could look half as good going out with the kids, it is an effort to just get out the door! I am a fan of yours on FB, my first WW 🙂

    • Hey Kim, you are not alone – I think it is hard for all of us! That’s why I started Fox in Flats, to share tips and ideas to make it easier for us 🙂

  • nellbe

    ah animal print is the new black? Personally I think they are brave, I don’t think I could carry it off.

    • Not even just a teeny tiny touch. Betcha there’s a wild cat in there somewhere….;)

  • I’ve never tried to pull off the leopard print look – but I’m loving that jacket!  Maybe it’s my inner tiger calling? 😉

    • I think it’s somewhere in all of us…;)

  • Tamara

    Great coat. 

    • It’s kinda like the one spotted on Kate Moss recently. Only she didn’t have the lunch box…

  • Trish

    I really want a cow print snuggie ( ok shoot me now).
    I had a leopard print dress I bought for $5 when pregnant, not maternity but a bigger size. Only wore it once or twice.

    • Bring it back Trish (the dress, not the snuggie babe!) x

  • Pago Pago

    I bought a leopard print scarf for $6 on ebay… and I LOVE it!  Goes with everything (especially red and denim) and keeps me warm in Melbourne (which is @#$%^ FREEZING right now).

    • Sounds awesome Pago Pago! 

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