What’s your ‘mummy uniform’?

78% of mothers claim to have a uniform of sorts that they wear day in and day out when they are with their kids.


And of the 150 women who completed the survey for Fox in Flats, most claimed to wear jeans and a t-shirt with their hair in a pony tail as their daily go-to outfit.


We then dug a bit deeper and asked:

Happily, half of the mothers in the survey were feeling pretty good with themselves. On the flip side, everyone else confessed they could do better.


My ‘mummy uniform’ that I wear variations of day-to-day usually consists of black jeans, black boots, black top.

OMG...got any blacker?

I think I could do better…perhaps by injecting some colour for a start!


How about you?

What is your current ‘mummy uniform’, and how do you feel about it?

Feel free to share pics too. Just click on the image button and upload.




  • Kristy S

    Black top (long or short sleeve t shirt basically depending on weather), black tights, ballet flats or black boots depending on weather, and one of my coloured/flairy/skirts. 

    • Ohhh a flairy skirt! Sounds cute. 

  • Danniibeauty

    Mine is jeans a top and a cardigan/jacket . And these days with the cold weather – my scarf is a must wear!

    • Good tip. Scarves are such an easy way to update an outfit. 

  • kate

    At the moment it’s jeans or skinny pants, loafers, a stretchy cami/singlet under a looser mum-tum-camouflage top, a cardigan and a scarf. This is almost always the same, whether I’m going to school, work, shopping or out…

    • mmm, loving a loafer at the moment.

  • Staki

    Somedays I feel like a Playschool presenter, jeans & bright coloured tops. I do try to make an effort to do a quick makeup job & hair. I try to stay away from my trakidaks! Too easy to fall into the noone sees me but my kids so why bother. That said today I was in my pj’s till 2 then showered & got into my traki’s, but I was cleaning.

    • For sure! When you are cleaning what’s the point. I rule out public tracksuit wearing these days myself – but 1 in 5 own a ‘special’ tracksuit just for this purpose…

      • Luzalganaraz

        Me too!
        I threw away all tracksuits a few years ago and got myself a velvet black one from Peter Alexander when I was pregnant with n2.i thought it would be comfy for when people come to see the baby,I would look “dressed” but could pass out as soon as they left!
        Have not worn them so much after and now pregnant with n3, it’s the same plan. I love dresses for every day, add leggings in winter and my trustywalnut ballet flats.

    • Angela Stacey

      I’m glad I’m not the only one still in their pj’s at 2pm and they are not even nice jammies as I haven’t had time to shop for spring jammies yet as am mother of 5. 11 down to 10months.  Most mornings I get 3 of the kids off to school on the bus then start cleaning and just get stuck in my pj’s as I look after my 3year old and 10month old who by the way seems to always be grizzly.

  • Something clean and comfy is what I need, oh and since my mummy tummy seems to want to hang around forever, something that fits is also good.

    That leaves me with little choice. Tracky pants.

    • Right-o Clairey am hearing you. Mummy Tummies like to hang around huh? 53% of mums say it’s their least favourite body part, and I’m in that camp for sure. x

  • Anne At Home

    Still breastfeeding so breast feeding cami (loose over jellybelly), longline cardi, jeans, skinny black pants or leggings, ballet flats and scarf. BTW, any tips for jeans (style, brand)? I’m still in my maternity ones 6 months down the track because I can’t find a good fit for what is essentially a size 14 waist and a size 8 bum. Help!?

    • Hi Anne,
      Don’t worry too much about still being in your maternity jeans just 6 months after birth 🙂 They say it takes 9 months to get back into shape if you are eating sensibly and exercising regularly. 
      For jeans, I think best to pop into a store with a broad range of jean brands and good staff like Glue store or General Pants, they should be able to help. 
      Also, there are jeans on the  market that hold mummy tummies in. Miracle Body claims their jeans will make you look 10lb lighter in 10 minutes.  http://www.miraclebody.com/category.cfm?cat=Jeans . 
      Another alternative to a jean at this stage is a Ponte pant. Really just a posh name for a more sturdy legging. I recently bought a pair at Witchery that are made out of a very thick but stretchy fabric, with a high waist. Feels like you are putting on a full length SPANXs as you struggle into it, but then super comfy and holds your jiggly bits in place. I’ve been wearing mine with this top:  https://www.foxinflats.com.au/2011/05/jelly-belly-top/

      Hope that helps! xAndrea

  • Jeans and shirt. And thongs… because who has time to do up shoes?! Though with the colder weather, I fished out my winter boots this morning. Felt so la-di-da in actual heels! And was also warm… bliss.

    • Oh, LOVE warm tootsies! 

  • Teegstar

    as far as mummy uniforms go, i have to say your all-black outfit is pretty rad! 

    i’m pregnant at the moment so it’s all skinny maternity jeans, long tops and ballet flats. and i’m not even running around after a baby yet!

    • Thanks Teegstar, what a lovely compliment. I was in love with those boots and jeans for a while, but then when you have worn them, like, 1,000,000 times it’s not feeling so rad. Must admit, my personal motivation behind this site is so I can get more ideas  what to wear for myself (shhhhhhh!) x

  • I’m a jeans, runners and hoody Mama. Always. And when I had loooong hair it was always in a ponytail too. At least now it’s short I have to do ‘something’ with it!

    I’m branching out into leggings and cardies now it’s getting colder, how terribly exciting!

    Oh and last week I wore a denim skirt with leggings and my beloved bogan boots (see attached), that was a break out day for me 😉

    • Ohhh, they look snug! You could team this with your leggings, a long oversized jumper, and a thick scarf and be THE BOMB! 😉

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  • Dresses are my secret weapon.  Easy, comfy, one piece – I add tights & boots in the winter and I’m good to go.  (I do try to keep my shoes & accessories on the casual or edgier side of things so I don’t look too done up.)

    • Dresses….I just wish I was better at dresses. Interested in sharing some of your dress inspiration with the Foxes here Stacie? If so, drop me a line at [email protected] x

  • ssjamartin

    Similar to you Andrea: black skinny’s, black (flat) boots, black singlet, but then I add a cardi and accessories in colour to brighten up the black.

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  • Now that we are moving into warmer weather (sometimes!), I go for cut-off jeans, a T-shirt and some sandals. Definitely more stylish than trackie dacks but not much! I don’t mind me some black either 🙂 Thanks for Rewinding x

    • Can’t wait to get back into denim cut offs. Love them! 

  • melfuller80

    Ooh mine varies with the seasons! Always feel better in summer, so its jean shorts or khaki shorts and a nice t-shirt that I do feel great in, and whatever shoes feel comfy (I have 2 or 3 slip on pairs that go anywhere).

    Winter is a different story – I’m in trackie pants and one of my Hubby’s jumpers that is too small for him but too big for me – oh so comfy though! Would swap the trackie pants for jeans if I went out though. Possibly the jumper for a jacket if it was a nice enough place we were going. But yeah, winter tends to be an ‘I know I can do better’ occasion most of the time.

    • Comfort is the key! I’m guilty of slipping into trackies at home too – although personally, draw the line at wearing them in public… 😉

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